10 Body languages to check if someone is interested in you

For many people, love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. It’s such a beauty that almost everyone, if not all, is wanting to experience love. People dream about holding hands with one he/she loves, going out on movie dates, having dinner together, and all those cute gestures that lovers do. People want to tell his/her beloved stories of how his/her day was, how nervous he/she was when meeting the partner’s parents, and even worries of the future. We want to tell the love of our life everything, even the smallest of things that doesn’t even make sense.

Oh, what a wonderful feeling to be in love. You have someone who will send you good morning texts, someone who will remind you to have your lunch, and someone who will kiss you good night. A person who will be behind us with joy when we achieved something great in life, someone who will be beside us when we’re down and out. Someone who gets mad at us for not taking care of ourselves. And someone who will be our number one motivator to strive harder for our dreams.

But not everyone is lucky enough to meet that one special person. Not all of us is fortunate to have found what our heart really desires. Maybe because you were too scared to make the first move and approach that cute guy you saw in the library. Or maybe you were too shy to say hi to that girl whom your heart fell for. It may also be because you didn’t read the signs well and you didn’t notice that the person you love is in love with you too, that’s why you just kept your feelings hidden until it was too late. And I think that’s just sad. You both like each other yet you never had the chance to be together because nobody attempted to crossed the line. So, in order for this circumstance not to happened again, we will be teaching you how to read those signs well. You’ll never know, maybe that’s what will make you cross the “friend zone”.

Without saying a single word, a person can express himself just by using body language. It is a non-verbal communication that is used when we just can’t seem to explain or say things verbally. Others use their facial expression to express their happiness or uneasiness, others have restless eyes and sweaty palms when they are extremely nervous. Often, this is the sign that most people do when they are interested in someone. And as promised, we will be showing you how to read these body languages so you will be able to know if that person also has his/her eyes set on you.

How can you know is someone is interested in you? All you have to do is to read his/her body language. For instance, a smile is the easiest way to express our delight over something. But do you know it also shows that a person is interested in you? News flash, not every person can smile and laugh openly with other people so if he/she does smile to/with you, that just means that you are special to that person because he/she can openly express her feelings to you. Also, if you want to know if a person is interested in someone, notice that he/she will just automatically smile just by hearing his/her beloved’s name.

Your distance and closeness to each other when you’re together also shows a lot about your relationship. Naturally, every person has a sense of individuality and even when in a group of friends, you still have that specific amount of “space” between other people. But, if a person is able to let you invade that little “privacy” he stored for himself, that just shows that he want you in your life. That he is letting you in and he wants you to stay. When sitting close to each other, that suggests that he is interested in you and would like to know more about yourself. But for the ladies, you should also notice how his closeness is like. If he is being careful and manly and a gentleman, and not being disrespectful, then that’s it.

A person’s behavior also reveals a lot about how a person feels about you. This is not very complicated, in contrary to what most of you would think. If a person acts like he is interested in you, then he is. If he acts like he don’t care, then he really doesn’t. Ladies, no need to make your head hurts trying to understand what that man’s attitude is all about. How he behaves towards you is how he really feels. There is a certain level of kindness that we tend to show to other people. So if how he act towards you exceeds that, then you are special to him. But if it goes below that, then don’t assume that he’s into you because he is not.

Aside from behavior, a person’s attitude is also a means of telling if a person is interested in you. This is where it gets a little complicated. You see, men and women have different attitudes when they find someone interesting. Often, a man who likes a girl would tend to act tough and dominant. But don’t worry, that’s just him showing his “manliness” and that he is capable of protecting the girl he likes. On the other hand, a woman who has her eyes on a guy would act so shy and fragile, not because she is but because she wants the guy to be curious of her.

In this next one, you need to be very observant because this is really hard to notice if you’re not paying attention. But if you do see this, there’s no mistaking that someone is really into you. You should check for the location of the thumb of a person. A girl interested in someone would likely to put her thumb behind the string of her bag. This just shows that your attention is what she needs. Whereas a man who likes a girl would put his thumb inside his pocket to try and catch your attention. It’s amazing, isn’t it? How you are able to tell a person’s feelings just by looking at this small gesture.

Another gesture that’s especially special is the slight head movements of a person. This is really interesting because sometimes, people who do this aren’t even aware that they are doing it, most especially girls. Without them even noticing it, they would turn their head towards that person they like. So if you are really observant, you’re likely to know if a girl is interested in you.

Lastly, and I think the most special body language that you could ever find, is a person’s eyes. They say you can see the feelings left unsaid in a person’s eyes. If a he/she looks at you with so much warmth, then he/she is in love with you. And I think that’s really wonderful. Having someone to look at you with so much love and tenderness like as if you put the stars in the sky, it must by one of the many reasons why people dream of love. So if ever you find someone looking at you with such feeling in their eyes, you’re very lucky.

You may not be very good with words but your actions speak for you. Body languages help a person to freely express himself, even without doing it verbally. So don’t lose hope, because you’ll never know. Maybe the person you like likes you too, but he/she is just in the same “being shy” pace that you are. If you can’t say it, then just do it.

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