10 Herbs that can help fight cancer that we should all know

Nature has a lot to offer us. It provides us with many things that can help us with our daily lives. For example, there are the woods from the trees that we can make into shelters and other materials. There are also the different plants that are edible and can fill our stomach. Not to mention that these plants are also full of medical properties that we can use to treat many different ailments. In fact, back when modern medicine isn’t advanced yet, our ancestors used herbs to cure sickness and other health problems.

But maybe because our life today has been very dependent on technology and science, we have forgotten that such plants exist not just to fill our stomach but also to help us medically. These small but incredible herbs are called “super foods” because their worth has been proven since long before we were born. They can cure the lightest fevers, common colds, even extreme conditions like cardiovascular diseases and kidney detoxification. But that’s not all. Do you know that certain plants have nutrients great enough to treat even the most-feared cancer?

Know what these superb plants are as you continue reading the article. Here are the 10 plants that you didn’t know can cure cancer.

  1. Parsley. This plant is very popular as an ingredient that makes foods of different cuisines taste better. Having said that, most people still ignore parsley. However, parsley is full with anti-cancer properties so you shouldn’t be taking this plant lightly. It it proven to have a myristicin properties that can neutralize the cancer-causing compounds from processed meat and tobacco smoke like pyrene and benzo. By boosting glutathione trasferase, a enzyme of the body capable of detoxification, researchers suggest that parsley could prevent the formation of lung tumor by approximately 65% , and fore stomach tumor by 31%.
  2. Holy Basil. Tulsi or holy basil has a wide range of uses and one of those is treating cancer. It is one of the oldest tricks in the book, bring part of the Ancient Indian system of medicine called Ayurveda. With its rosmarinic acid, apigenin, carnosic acid, and eugenol content, tulsi is a great body defender from cancer, Aside from that, holy basil can also decrease the damage caused by radiation to the DNA by boosting the antioxidant activity in the body.
  3. Rosemary. With its nice scent and ability to add flavor to dishes, rosemary is a favorite of European culture such as French, Italian, and Spanish. But the main reason why this plant should be loved by all is its ability to counter cancer. Just like holy basil, rosemary also contains anti-cancer compounds such as carnosic acid, and rosmarinic acid which can prevent the formation of cancer cells and cancerous tumors in the lungs, liver, and prostate. It is also capable of decreasing the chances of having leukemia or the cancer of the blood, and even breast cancer.
  4. Thyme. Another gift from nature that is a natural body defender from cancer is thyme. All thanks to its anti-cancer compound, the cavacrol, thyme’s essential oil can kill cancer cells that can cause prostate carcinoma, lung carcinoma, and even breast cancer.
  5. Sage. Sage is a member of the mint family that has many bioactive compounds that is helpful in treating cancer. An example of this is ursolic acid that can kill cancer cells and promote growth of healthy cells to prevent colon cancer. Sage is not just about its scent and taste, it is also essential for its anti-cancer properties.
  6. Curry Leaves. Another plant from Indian medicine, curry leaves are believed to be able to degrade proteins which makes it a great proteasome inhibitor that can kill cancer cells. Researchers suggest that because of curry leaves, the abnormal cells in the body become more sensitive to chemotherapeutic agents, hence causing their death and preventing cancer.
  7. Brahmi. Going back to the ancient Indian system of medicine, Brahmi is also part of the Ayurveda. It was proven that this plant has different compounds that kill toxic cells in breast cancer and malignant glioma. These compounds, the bacopaside E and bacopaside VII, are also responsible for destroying cancer of connective tissues.
  8. Guduchi. Intially, guduchi was used in Ayurveda as memory-enhancing herb. However, it was proven that it also has anti-cancer properties, and can neutralize chemicals that can cause cancer. Particularly, it is a great help in protecting the liver from damaged cells, and boosting the antioxidant activity and detoxifying enzymes. Aside from that, it is also the medicine the doctor suggested in preventing skin tumors.
  9. Sanjeevani. By being a strong antioxidant and having flavonoids present in it, sanjeevani can halt the growth and formation of cancer cells before they can grow into tumors. Just like guduchi, it is also capable of preventing skin tumors, and protect the body from methyl isocyanate which can cause genetic damages.
  10. Ashwagandha. This Ayurvedic plants has compounds like withaferin, withanolide, withanoside, and withanone, which makes ashwagandha a very effective anti-cancer plant. Being an antioxidant herb, the withaferin A content of ashwagandha can prevent B-cell lymphoma, and breast cancer, and stop the formation of cancer cells in other parts of the body.

It may be true that these herbs can help treat cancer, but a patient shouldn’t rely on them alone. Remember that cancer is a very terrifying health condition that is very unpredictable and difficult to treat that’s why you should get any help that you can afford. With the advancement of medicine and technology, cures have been made to counter this disease and if you can afford to avail them, then that’s good. Couple those treatment with these herbal medicine and cancer has no way out. It will surely be cured.

Just remember to consult your doctor first before trying any of those alternative medicine. We’ll never know, maybe you’ll have a negative reaction to them so it’s better to have yourself checked first. DO NOT TRY ANYTHING WITHOUT YOUR DOCTOR’S CONSENT. That’s the most important part. Share this article to your family and friends so they too will be aware of this information.

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