10 Incredible natural home remedies for toothache we should know

Sweets are tastes of heaven. Chocolates, cakes, candies, and other pastries, people just love eating them. They give a sense of happiness as the sweetness melts in your mouth. When you just finish eating your lunch but you feel like you still want to eat something, or when you’re almost full and you just need a little bit more of something to satisfy you, sweets are the best for that. That’s why desserts are commonly sweets like ice cream or cakes, if not fruits. I mean, why not? When it gives a good feeling and can even give you energy because of their sugar content, then just go and eat it!

However, sweets are to eaten with limitations. There’s a reason why they are just desserts and not the main course. If you keep on eating sweets too much, you’ll definitely gain weight, your blood sugar may rise, and you can even have diabetes so you really need to eat sweets with regulations. Aside from these dangerous medical conditions that you can acquire if you’re not careful, you can also damage your teeth if you eat too much sweets. And the proof of that is having cavities, which causes toothache.

Toothaches can be such a pain to the point that you almost regret eating sweets. Your gums are in pain, your mouth is sore, your head is even pounding, having toothaches really is a painful battle. The cure for that is to go and visit your dentist so maybe your damaged teeth that is causing pain can be removed. But until then, there are different ways that you can try to ease the pain you’re feeling. Know these ways in the following:

  1. Salt Water. This is the oldest trick in the book. Maybe you have already seen your grandparents or parents gargling with salt water before. If you’re having a toothache, the best thing to do is to put salt in water to create a solution, then use it for gargling.
  2. Salt and Pepper. Aside from just using salt, you can also try adding it pepper and water. This is a very effective way to treat toothaches because both ingredients have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can kill the bacteria that’s causing pain. You can create a paste by mixing the same amount of salt and pepper, then add a few drops of water. Apply this paste to the damaged tooth directly to ease the pain.
  3. Cold Compress. When you’re having a toothache, the damaged teeth aren’t the only one causing it. There’s also the swelling gums that you have to take care of. To do this, it is recommended to press and ice pack on the cheek where you feel the pain. On the other hand, you can also use the ice to trick your brain a little by stopping the pain signals from travelling. To do that, hold the ice using the hand on the side where you feel the toothache, and rub it between your thumb and forefinger until it turns numb. That way, the nerves will not send any pain signals to your brain.
  4. Chewing Gum. If your toothache is caused by a damaged or cracked tooth waiting to be removed by the dentist, you can try keeping it in place and stop it from moving by using chewing gum in the meantime. This way, not only were you able to protect the teeth from being invaded by bacteria, but you also keep the nerves from being exposed.
  5. Spice Paste. Implied by its name, this method will be using spices to create a cure for toothache. All you’ll have to do is to mix water with a same amount of cayenne pepper and ginger to create a paste-like substance. This may hurt a little but you need to put a part of this paste to a cotton ball and press it on the aching tooth for as long as you can. But the pain is worth it because the content of the ingredients can make the pain go away, making them effective painkillers.
  6. Clove Oil. There are two ways to use clove oil for your toothache. First, you can crush a whole clove for the oil to be released, then press the clove on the aching tooth. Second, you can just directly apply the clove oil on the damaged tooth. This is very effective because researches suggest that clove oil can ease the pain by killing bacteria.
  7. Peppermint Tea. This tea is more than being just tasty and delicious, it can also help ease toothaches. All you need to do is to boil the fresh peppermint leaves, and gargle it a little on your mouth before drinking it entirely. This will cause a numbing effect that’s why you’ll no longer feel the pain.
  8. Onion. This is another spice with properties that can kill the bacteria in your mouth. To prepare, just cut the onion into smaller pieces, then chew at least 2 or 3 of them. This way, the germs and other bacteria in the oral cavity will be gone in an instant.
  9. Wheatgrass. This plant is very useful in treating toothaches because it has antibiotics that can guard the teeth and gums from being infected. Aside from that, wheatgrass also has antibacterial properties that prevent tooth decay, the one responsible for toothaches. You can either use it as a mouthwash to kill the bacteria in the mouth, or just chew it directly.
  10. Acupressure. The nerves throughout the body are connected to one another. That’s why when a certain part is in pain, you can put pressure on the nerves of other parts of the body to ease that pain. When you have a  toothache, you need to press the pressure point in the palm of your left hand, in line to your pinky finger.

These methods may ease your pain for a while, but it will surely come back. They can only provide you temporary relief, the way to totally get rid of the pain is to visit your dentist. He is the only medical professional that can help you in this matter so it’s best if you schedule your appointment immediately.

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