10 Natural treatments for spinal wears and tears (Degenerative disc disease)

As we age, we may experience different kinds of things that come together with getting older. We may not be as strong as we used to be at our prime, our eyes may not be that clear anymore and we already have difficulty seeing things. Not only that, but our ears may also fail us sometimes, our skin may not be flawless, our posture may not be that straight anymore. These things are just possibilities, though. It may still differ on how we take care of ourselves when we were young, and how much effort are we putting to keep our body and mind in check when we grow older. But despite this, we can’t escape from the terror of having pain from our joints, especially on our spine.

This is because our spinal disc is deteriorating as we age. This part of our spinal column separates the bones comprising it, which also serves as the shock absorber when we bend or twist. It’s only natural that the spinal disc weakens as we grew older but it’s deterioration may also be because of doing too much physical work and unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking and obesity. This sickness is a kind which affects almost everyone in the population, and always seemed to target the neck and lower part of the back. When severe pain occurs in the neck, the nearby parts of the body, such as the shoulder and arms, may also feel pain due to it. In the worst case scenario, the deteriorating spinal disc may cause irreversible effect such as osteoarthritis.

Having yourself checked by the doctor is necessary in order to treat your condition. Prescriptions may be given to you in order to ease the pain you’re feeling. But, visiting a doctor is not the only option you have, specially when there are a lot of natural remedies that could help you a lot.

1. Exercise.

In the natural order of the internal parts of the body, the muscles come right after the bones. Hence, the former helps to support the latter. In this line of thought, we can conclude that it is important to have a regular exercise, not just to have healthy muscles, but also to have a great support for our spinal column.

2. Yoga.

Aside from doing exercise, it is also important to do yoga every now and then, which includes breathing exercises and meditation. Researches have found out that people who do yoga regularly have lesser chances of suffering from a deteriorating spinal disc than those who don’t. Thus, if you want to avoid having such condition when you grow old, one of the best way is to have a yoga practitioner teach you the ways of yoga.

3. Lose that weight.

We all know that being obese or having too much weight comes with a lot of difficulties, and on of those is the degeneration of the spiral disc. This is because you have too much fat that may weaken your muscles, the first one to give support to your spine.

4. Hot packs or Cold packs, whichever you need.

Hot or cold compress helps a person to ease the pain he’s feeling. When applied, a hot pack can relax the tension in your muscles whereas the cold packs can cure the numbing effect you’re experiencing and relieves pain. So when you feel pain on your back muscles, identify first what kind of pain it is then put a compress that suits that pain.

5. Turmeric.

Turmeric is known to be one of the spices which makes different dishes tastier. But because of its curcumin anti-inflammatory properties, it’s also helpful for curing different ailments with concerns to the bones. Conditions like osteoarthritis, and even the degeneration of the spinal disc can the treated if you’re going to add turmeric in your diet regime every now and then. You won’t have to worry about the results because this is backed up by many researches.

6. Ginger tea a day.

Another herb that is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties is ginger. Yes! Aside from adding exquisite taste to our mother’s cooking, ginger is also good for strengthening our bones and relieving pain. It was found out in many scientific studies that drinking ginger tea at least two (2) to three (3) times a day will help a person have stronger bones.

7. Fish oil.

Yet another one that is rich in anti-inflammatory properties is fish oil, which is full of omega-3 that’s why it’s effective as an alternative to treat bone-related conditions. In fact, instead of taking NSAIDs or Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs, you can just consume fish oil to take care of your back pain and other related diseases, and expect that the results will be just as good, if not even better. It was already justified in past researches that the omega-3 of fish oil can indeed relieve back pain so if ever your back makes you uncomfortable, just eat fishes that are rich with such compounds like salmon and tuna.

8. Boswellia.

This is another gift of nature that has many medical benefits. As a matter of fact, it was found out in recent studies that this tree can indeed be a cure for cancer. But that’s not the only good thing about it because it also has anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to its boswellic acid. This acid will slow down the degeneration process of the bones as we grow older. Aside from that, it can boswellia can also relieve pain and halt the progression of the deterioration of the spinal disc, hence limiting the possibility of having osteoarthritis.

9. Always maintain a good posture.

It’s a common knowledge that how we stand or sit, in other word our posture, matter when it comes to taking care of our spinal column. If a person slouch often and have a poor posture most of the times, the spinal disc may be damaged. When this happens, there will be too much strain on the spinal disc, causing its degeneration. In order for us to have a good posture, there are several ways that we could try, which we will also be discussing in this article.

  • For a good posture while standing, always stand with your feet in just the right distance between them, while keeping your center of gravity or you weight balanced on both of them.
  • If you’re sitting, straighten your back without putting much stress on your shoulders. This is especially so when there is nothing where you can lean your back on. You can also try putting a pillow or a cushion to maintain the natural curve of your back.
  • While you are sleeping, it’s difficult to maintain one’s posture because we are not mindful of anything as we are unconscious. But, lying on the bed before going to bed is a different thing. In these times, bend your knees then place a pillow between your legs then lie down on your side to have a good posture and to avoid having back pain. Also, make sure that you have a comfortable mattress because that is also a factor on having back pain.
  • Lastly, when lifting any object, especially those that you pick up form the floor, make sure that you hold those things close to you and lift them up as you straighten your legs. Doing so will not only maintain your posture, but will also help you lift things easier as you are using your leg power to do it.

10. Acupuncture.

This is an ancient method of healing originating from the Chinese that has been used for many centuries. Acupuncture uses needles in order to treat different sickness. The practitioner will put these big needles on the parts of the body that has an imbalance, which the Chinese believes as the source of your ailment, It’s no different when you are suffering from back pain, needles will be put on your back in order to release the tension you’re feeling.

It’s important to know that the things we do when we were young will have a huge effect on our health when we grow older. Thus, it is better to be mindful of our activities at an early age so we will not suffer the consequences when we’re older.

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