10 Sleeping positions that indicate our relationship with our partner

Being in a relationship means having to share your private moments with another person, you do almost everything together even sleeping. Sleeping beside your partner can be tremendously beneficial. Some experts believe that it gives you a relief from stress and a more peaceful sleep. In addition to building trust and intimacy, there is also meaning on what kind of sleeping position you do with your partner. Read the list to find out.

  1. The spoons

A very popular and common sleeping position. This might say a lot about how a partner desires to show protection to his or her partner at the same time signifies the big spoon’s urge for controlling the power in the relationship, Moreover, it is also very saucy as it’s a vulnerable position that’s highly sexual at the same time.

  1. The groper

Not getting enough of each other or being too dependent leads a couple to wrap themselves with each other. Although it might sound sweet as it might be a sleeping position that tends to happen in the presence of intense emotion like after lovemaking or when the romance is still new. Some couples can retain this sleeping position even after years, though very intimate and romantic it could also show the lack of individuality and being unable to stand to be apart.

  1. The cradle

The cradle or sweetheart’s cradle is when a partner rests his or her head on the other partner’s chest or arm with their legs intertwined with each other. This sweet position is more likely to happen to couples who are just new in a relationship or is rekindling their relationship. This position suggests a high level of trust and protection. It is very nurturing and strengthens the sense of comradeship between the two.

  1. The untangled

Having a bit more space while sleeping with someone is usually to partners who have been together for a long time. Aside from realizing the pleasure of sleeping next to someone, it also shows that both are independent individuals and that the couple feels a great sense of security in their relationship. At this point, they already prioritize comfort and is more assured and do not worry about holding things a new couple would like farts.

  1. The back kiss

The back kiss is when both partners are facing away from each other, yet some parts of their back like the butts could be touching each other. It shows that neither of the couples needs the urgency to cling to one another, They both feel equally secured and emotion wise, know their own value. It signifies that they both can be independent but still connected to each other.

  1. The awkward

If you are in a new romance and you feel as if your partner leaves you a lot of space but still touches your hand while asleep, you do not have to fret. It shows that there is enough trust for space but he or she would still want to express affection by touching, This acknowledges the connection you have between the two of you.

  1. The drunkards

This position might not exactly be great news, but don’t go fighting your partner over it, everyone might have a comfortable sleeping position of their own.However, the drunkard is when the couple sleeps face down, signifying the possible anxiety in the relationship and the desire to hide emotions.

  1. The pillow talk

Some couples prefer to chat deeply and heart to heart before going to bed, this also means that they like taking care of each other. This position is when you are sleeping face to face but no body part is touching.

  1. The Insomniacs

This sleeping position is when partners seem to not enjoy spending time talking to their partners as much as they want to do on their mobile phones. It is an unfortunate situation if it happens almost every night and might indicate the lack of communication in the relationship. Maybe it’s the best option to ban phones when it’s time to hit the sack.

  1. The body slam

It might look funny and shows how comfortable a partner is when he or she hogs the bed and even overlaps the other partner to gain more space. It is not exactly an ideal behavior you would want from your partner as it signifies selfishness. It’s best to work it out with him or her through communication. if not you might have to deal with someone who always puts himself or herself first.

It is indeed a pleasure and a blessing to have someone in your life and not have lonely nights. If you think these sleeping positions say a lot about your relationship, why won’t you go and share it to others?

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