12 Dangerous causes why you have pain under your left armpit

There are times  when out of nowhere, we’ll fell that small pain in the armpit and we have no idea why we are feeling that way. Often times, we tend to just tend to overlook this pain because it only happened for a brief moment and disappeared immediately. There are also people who gets scared and paranoid when they experience such sensation. There are a lot of possible explanations as to why we experience this thus, we will be explaining all these possibilities in this article.

First, one may experience pain in the armpit, especially in the left side, because of an infection. Not just any infection, but a fungal infection. This is a possibility open not to most people, however, this is often the case to farmers who spent lots of their time handling vegetation. When in the field, it is sometimes inevitable for a farmer to return home unscathed. One may have small  cuts and other wounds, and that’s where the infection starts. Especially when left untreated, the infection may lead to the development of small nodule, which is responsible for the  pain in the armpit.

There are other types of infection that may cause pain in the left underarm. To name a few, there is a condition called Shingles, which you can recognize for the blisters of single stripes found in certain parts of your body. If this is found in your underarm, you can expect that you’ll experience constant tiredness and fever, along with underarm pain. Meanwhile, if you have an infected breast then it’s also a possibility that you’ll feel pain in areas near it, including the underarm. When you experience this condition first hand, you’re also in for other inconvenience such as swelling, and even your lymph nodes in that are may also be affected as well.

You should be mindful of your armpit hygiene. When taking a bath, don’t forget to wash your armpit properly. Also, use products that will ensure the hygiene of that part of your body because if not, you may have a glandular infection. If someone has glandular infection then don’t be surprise if you feel pain in the armpit. In connection to your hygiene, it is recommended to use deodorant and other products related to it, but you should also be mindful on the things that you apply on your armpit. This is because some products are harmful to the skin and can cause irritation and other allergic reactions. If this happens, then a person is in for a contact dermatitis, he’s also in for pain.

Another possibility is that the pain may be due to heartburn. This happens when a person experiences an acid reflux, or when the stomach’s acid climbed up to the esophagus. So what’s the connection of the armpit to this condition of the heart? Well, a person’s heart is located at the left side of the body so naturally, when the heart is in pain, the left armpit may also be affected. Another factor that is somehow related to the heart is the periphery artery disease, which may happen because of a blockage in the blood vessels, that is commonly due to different illness such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Periphery Artery Disease is a condition wherein the arteries of the limbs are narrowed which causes a decrease of blood flow in that area.

There are also instances when, because of the blockages in the blood vessels, the flow of the blood to the muscles of the heart are also reduced. This condition is referred to as angina, a very troublesome condition because it’s also one of the symptoms of CAD or Coronary Artery Disease. Thus aside from the pain in the armpit, a person who has this condition may also experience fatigue, difficulty in breathing, dizziness, and a nauseous feeling. Now speaking of muscles, the pain in your armpit may be because of a strained muscle that you got from overexerting or overworking yourself. This is especially true in the case of men engaged in sports and other strenuous activities. When they forced their arm muscles for instance, the nearby muscles such as those in the armpit area may also be affected and experience pain.

We have briefly mentioned about the lymph node earlier so now, let us elaborate it further. Lymph nodes are small organs of the immune system which helps in protecting our body from different sickness. These organs are distributed throughout the body, even in the areas of the armpit. These lymph nodes, even if their purpose is to defend the body from infections, are not immune to such that’s why inflammation may also happen if they are exposed to too much bacteria and infection. Thus, when these are inflamed, you may experience pain in certain parts of your body where the lymph nodes are located.

The last and the worst possibility why you’re experiencing pain in the armpit is having breast cancer. Take note, not only women can have this type of cancer, men are also prone to it. When the cancerous tumor in the breast grows, it may affect the nearby parts of the body including the armpit, which causes pain. However, breast cancer is still not the most common reason as to why a person experiences pain in the armpit. If it’s breast cancer, you’ll also feel other symptoms such as a sudden discharge of the breast and having an orange-like skin.

These are merely possibilities. There’s no certain sickness as to why pain in the armpit is happening. So, it’s better to go visit your doctor to get a proper diagnosis. If you experience it frequently then it’s really time to seek medical help, especially when you experience other things along with it. I’m talking about having a lump on your armpit where you feel pain, and that is getting bigger. If you suddenly feel intense pain and difficulty in breathing, all the more reason to get yourself checked by the doctor.

The doctor will give you a proper diagnosis, as well as medications that will help you ease the pain. Also, visiting a doctor would also give you a peace of mind and you won’t have to overthink why you are experiencing such pain anymore.

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