12 Easy tips that can help you sleep better and change the energy in your home

If you haven’t heard of feng shui, it’s about time to learn it and make your home keep a positive energy. To understand it better, you must understand that feng shui is a system which is philosophical and aims at harmonizing a person to his or her environment. It originated in China and has been known all over  the world. Even western countries acknowledge feng shui in their home design.

Even though many do not still practice or are still critical about the feng shui system,  many still think that there’s no harm in trying so why not? After all, everyone loves a vibrant and harmonious home. But the big question is “How do you remove and keep the negative energies away?”

Although there are tons of methods out there to keep the negative energies I find many useful for different reasons, today, I wanted to share a core practice with you that can help you to consistently keep the energy happy and clear your home.

We must understand the importance og having positive energy in the house for this feng shui terms leads to greater well-being, less stress, ease, and a sense of creative inspiration. and more overall abundance. Using these method will be useful when you get the sense of feeling stuck, frustrated, confused or otherwise in a “low” mood to lighten your energy and brighten up your home’s spirit.

All these can be included in your daily practice or whatever feels comfortable to you. It is also possible for you to customize the method to suit your need.

Practices To Eliminate Negative Energy

1. Sage/ Smoke

Clearing the air is one great way to change the entire mood of your house. Good air flow is important to feel freer. Sage has been one of the longest histories of use of any medical or culinary herb. It helps strenghten your nervous system. sharpening memory and improving your senses. We should also take note that inhaling the smoke can reduce muscle tension and can be an aid when you get asthma attacks. If you are also very excitable, sage can help you feel calmer.

2. Gratitude

Gratitude equates to abundance. It’s not just your space that needs working but also your own positive outlook in life. Taking a moment to write down a plan or speaking out loud about the things that you are thankful for, no matter how big or small can welcome even more positive vibes. it’s much more difficult to get stressed this way too.

3. Clap In the Corners

This may sound like a silly thing to do but there is something that resonates when you clap and the place starts to have soundwaves. This is also waking up the energy in your house. In ancient times they di=o not only clap but they use loud noises  to break up negative vibrational patterns.You can even ring bells as you go room to room. Another great way is to put chimes in the yard as they can also be very pleasing.

4. Open the WIndows

Stagnant air in your home is both unhealthy and negative. So opening the windows for a while every day can help positive airborne energy to flow in your home.

5. Keep Some Living Plants

Aside from removing toxins that are in the air,  keeping a house plant and its soil in your home help harmonize your home with the Earth’s natural electromagnetic field.

6. Fluff Pillows

Fluffed pillows exactly give you an additional livelier boost on your sofa and bed at home.  Used pillows look so beaten and tired, to remove this appearance just simply fluff them.

7. Keep Your Toilet’s Lid Down

No matter how clean your toilet is, keeping the lid down at home makes it feel cleaner and the air is a lot fresher. After preparing a simple scrub with baking soda and vinegar in equal parts (I use about ½ a cup of each, let it sit for 30 or 40 minutes in the toilet, and then scrub well) close the lid. This strengthens positive vibes in the bathroom.

8. Dust

This is actually more for your mental clarity. Nobody wants to live in a dusty house. It’s definitely unhygienic either.. By stimulating metal elemental energy, you can reach some sort of a clearer mental state. Microfiber cloths can be helpful and eco-friendly to dust well!

9. Rearranging the Furniture

Having to feel edgy when you walk into a room and struggling to maneuver around thing and feeling that it’s just too cramped means your furniture isn’t placed properly. Good energy is all about the positive flow in a space.The act of rearranging and the new placement disperses negative energy. Also, rearranging your place from time to time makes you feel like you have a fresh start.

10. Meditating in the Spaces

The fastest way to raise your vibrations is through meditation. More than giving you much more focus and relaxation,  those produced positive vibes fill in the spaces in your home.

11. Lighting Candles

Fire is a well known powerful purification tool. To be able to purify your home, you must set your intention to clear negative energy from your home. Then walk from room to room with a lit candle, repeating your intention (or prayer). Sitting in front of a burning candle or even a fireplace is an excellent form of meditation – and meditation further helps cleanse the space of negative energy.

12. Setting an Intention

Your full decision to be free of a mess or a bad mood or any other powerful positive decision is going to help you be in a lighter mood more constantly.

Cleansing the energy in your home definitely needs work and repetition, just like your household chores However, this will definitely be beneficial both for your physical, mental and spiritual health. So do not underestimate these methods. You can find so much more useful tips from books on how fengshui really works.I hope this will be a great help in maintaining your home with positive energy.

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