16 Habits of people who lived to be 100-years old you should know

Life is all that matters. Every human individual is trying to give their best just to last a little longer. Everyday, every moment, we’re always longing for our safety, why is it? Simply because we want to live more, to laugh more, and to love more. Not all were given a chance to see the world so lucky you that you survived, and will see the beauty of the world more.   

Living a longer life is what all people has been dreaming. Longevity have never been out of style. People living in a hundred years are simple, happy to be with, and usually vegetable lovers, they prefer raw foods and rarely eat meat. 

People with 100-year existence is very rare and in this generation reaching 100-years old is like millennium. Who does not want a longer life? You can meet more people, can join in another generations and can see the world’s change in a longer time. But how to live the best and to way more healthier?

Here are some daily habits to help you achieve a very long life: 


  • Always be optimistic. This is the best habit you should always put in mind. Happiness always comes with positivity. Avoid living with negative environment and live life to the fullest! Having positivity in mind and in deeds can help you last longer. 



  • Drink a lot of water. Drinking water is to restrain the  body from dehydration. Drinking a lot of water makes you look younger and keeps your skin more shinier and healthier. It just not only gives you a shiny and healthy skin but also, it helps the body and also the organs to function well and to keep the body away from street viruses. 


  • Eat healthy foods. The best way to achieve a longer life is to keep a healthy diet. Vegetables and fruits are always on the table, avoid meat and eat more raw. With this, achieving 100-year old is just a piece of cake! What is tasty if it’s unhealthy? 


  • Be sociable. Socializing with colleagues is an important habit in achieving a longer life too. Socializing is interacting, and interacting is learning; learning new things, having more bonds, and capturing new and fun memories. Socializing is to fun moments and fun moments is to happiness and happiness is to a longer life. 


  • Be physically active. Indeed that age is just a number, never let your age stops you from to the things you want and love to do. Being physically active is also a way of exercising your body and enhancing your physical ability. 


  • More on outdoors. Vitamin D is what your body needs too. Vitamin D helps you have an extended life. It also keeps you from viruses and can give you a glow and younger look. 


  • Manage stress well. In a century, you can encounter ups and downs. Coping up and managing stress effectively is an important factor. These people’s bodies are in good shape and illness-free. Stress won’t detriment any of these conditions and shorten their lifespan. 


  • Live with purpose. Boredom is not a word for centenarians. Try some new hobbies or social service. Doing the things you love helps you forget that you’re aging. Going into new activities and exposing more yourself too the world is the best way to have a healthy and lasting life. You only live once, so enjoy and live like today is the end. 


  • Do not Smoke. Smoking is strongly linked to disease and early death. Smoking can lose your life for 10 years, while quitting smoking can make your life last long for almost 3.6 years. It is not too late to quit, if you want to live more longer, then stop smoking NOW. 


  • Constantly drink coffee or tea. Drinking such these healthy liquors makes your body soothes and relaxes. Relaxing is always the best habit to live longer. Relax your body, relax your mind, and relax your soul with a little sip of a healthy drink! 


  • Eat more nuts. Nuts do have lots of proteins and vitamins that gives your body the needed minerals it needs.  A study from Harvard stated that the 20% nut-eaters are more likely to extend their lives. Nuts also helps in preventing the body from cancer, heart and respiratory disease.p 


  • Get quality sleep. There is no such a sweetest thing on earth than sleeping. Having a good and enough can make your body more relaxed and calm. A person needs an 8 hours of sleep every single night to achieve a healthy lifestyle, but if you do lack of time, try to meditate and give your mind peace. In this, you’ll be more happier and joyous that you even forget that your aging! Literally. 


  • Do not sit all day. That does not mean that since you’re aging, you are just going to stay at home and sit the whole day, no. Sitting all day can make yourself heavy when you stand again. Also, the cells in your body cannot be recharged so that you are looking older and older. A simple walk every morning or afternoon in your village is pretty much appreciated.  


  • Own a pet. Being a pet owner is a privilege. The dog and the owner which is you both benefits to one another. Having a pet is like having a baby, this diverts your attention from aging. 


  • Travel. Be the best traveller! Travel the places you wanted to go before but didn’t have a time, try to seize the beauty of nature. Adopt the atmosphere of every places you go to. Travelling has never been out of the list. Travel, travel, travel, make your remaining and extended life more challenging. 


  • Stay young at heart. This is the most interesting and fun habit that you should always practice. Take note, age does not define you, it’s your personality. Stay young at heart, forget that your aging, do the things you used to do when you were young and always give them the best shot! 

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