3 Mistakes we make while eating that cause indigestion, bloating and acid reflux

Most of the people these days dream to have a sexy and slimmer body, but they are not even aware that some activities that they are actually doing may cause bloated stomach.

You are not pregnant and you don’t actually gain weight. A lot of these people suffered from the feeling of being bloated even after they eat. So, what is happening?

These are the habits that you have to avoid after consuming any meals:

Drinking a lot of water with your meal
Water is important but drinking a lot of water along with your meals can actually lead to indigestion and it will make you feel bloated afterwards.

Solution: Consume a lot of water either an hour before or after your meals. Just take a small sip on a glass of water during your meal.

Consuming a lot of starch and protein together
Protein is known to have the ability to slow the rate of digestion and starches digest much faster into simple sugars.

Solution: Consume your starch first before eating protein. You can also have a small serving of starch with protein but don’t take too much of it.

Drinking ice-cold water with your meal
Ice cold water tightens the blood vessels, therefore, it prevents the ability of the body to digest food easily and absorb more nutrients. It will solidify the fats that you already consumed which will eventually lead to difficulty in digesting.

Solution: Consume water at a room temperature. You can also order hot water or green tea before eating your meal.

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