3 Things you should never do when your stomach is empty

“You are what you eat” is a common saying that is well-known by most of people in the whole wide world. What goes into your mouth will eventually affect your entire body, which includes its healthy and the way it will work and function. Therefore, you have to be extra careful on choosing what you will eat because you are the one who will suffer from its consequences in the end. Nevertheless, a lot of people usually ignore the things that they do before a meal, which can also affect the health of an individual.

Most of people have their regular habit that they usually follow after their alarm clock goes off early in the morning. A lot of them usually go for a great and hot coffee, while others do some exercises and there are also people who often rush to work because they will be late. However, you have to give yourself some of your time in order to eat breakfast before leaving your home or you can also bring some snacks in your bag, as well to make sure that you will have enough amount of energy for the entire day because breakfast has been known as the most important meal of the day.

We all have that kind of do’s and don’ts when it comes to having an empty stomach. Some people assumed that it is a lot better to consume water once you wake up early in the morning instead of not droning anything at all. According to some experts, doing some things on an empty stomach early in the morning can actually result to damaging effects on your health. Some people also assumed that lemon water is one of the best drinks in the morning, but whichever of these do you actually believe the most, let us talk about first what are the things that you should definitely not do when you have an empty stomach in the morning. Here is the list:


Alcohol that was added on your bloodstream is not actually good for your health, particularly when you have an empty stomach in the morning. Alcohol has this kind of ability to go straight into your bloodstream when the stomach does not have anything in it. If this happens and high absorptions of such are contained in the blood, there is a huge chance that you might lose control over your body. This kind of condition may lead to hypotension or low blood pressure, as well as the widening of the arteries.

When you are consuming alcoholic drinks on an empty stomach, the alcohol might hit you a lot faster that you will ever expect. It may result to various conditions just like making you easily drunk, as well as to cause you to get really hungry. Although any of these may actually happen if bad choice will be made. In addition, according to a study that was conducted by Alcohol and Alcoholism, there is at least 30% decrease in the levels of leptin or also known as the hunger suppressing hormone after having around three continuous drinks.


If the situation does not allow you to decline a drink, give some preferences in order to cooled noncarbonated or alcoholic drinks because they are absorbed more slowly. You can also consume at least a small sandwich, preferably a sandwich that contains butter.


You have to put in your mind that a human body is just like a car. It will only work if it is fueled and energized. Same thing as your body, if you do not have any source of energy for the body to work properly, then losing some amount of weight in the sense of doing some exercise with an empty stomach can only result to a health issue.

Glycogen has been known as a substance in foods that are usually used when doing an exercise. If this kind of substance is not present or simple you do not have enough amount of this, then the only thing that your body is burning is your muscles and not even your fats.

A study that has been published in the Journal of Science and Medicine has reported that doing an exercise on an empty stomach might actually limit the ability of the body, as well as its potential in reaching its personal best. In addition, go with how you really feel. If your body feels exhausted and does not have any amount of energy to do anything, then you have to take care of it and consume something on the next time. You will need endurance to power though.


Substitute penetrating training and exercises with some aerobic exercises. If you already have digestion problems, you would better have a snack before doing any kind of exercise because physical activities persuades the production of gastric juice, which is known to be dangerous to an empty stomach.


Products that contain caffeine just like coffee, sodas or tea should not be consume on an empty stomach in the morning because it only brings acid production that results to both of acid reflux and heartburn. You need to make sure to consume water first before drinking any kind of these mentioned drinks.


If you do not have the ability to give up your usual routine of drinking coffee first thing in the morning, then try to consume it with the combination of some milk or cream. Milk fat can actually help in reducing the negative effects that coffee has. You can also go for natural coffee rather than freeze-dried.

Here are the other things that you should not do on an empty stomach:

  • Do not take any painkillers
  • Do not consume any citrus fruits
  • Do not labor
  • Do not go on grocery shopping

These are the most common things that we have researched that you should definitely not do on an empty stomach if you do not want anything worse to happen to you. Why don’t you begin practicing these in order to prevent and avoid any kind of health issue in the future?

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