5 Powerful foods that can help you fight hypertension

Hypertension or high blood pressure, as its name suggest, is the elevated pressure which transpires in a person’s blood vessels. When there is much tension in the veins and arteries, there’s no telling when another heart complication such as cardiac arrest or stroke will happen.

Naturally, the heart pumps blood all throughout the body. However, this process can be disrupted depending on the resistance or blockage that the blood vessel has. The bigger the resistance, the more effort the heart has to exert in order to pump the blood, the harder the heart do its job determines a person’s blood pressure. You’ll know if you have hypertension if your blood pressure exceeds your normal and reached 140/90.

Although high blood pressure can be transmitted in the family because of genetics, it can also be brought by variables that can be controlled such as stress and unhealthy lifestyle including inactive body, obesity, too much consumption of alcohol, smoking, kidney disease, and excessive sodium intake. When hypertension strikes, you can only rely on medications to make you feel better. However, not everyone can afford to buy medicine, and not all medicine are safe to consume without any side effect. Thus, it is better to take herbal alternatives that will ease HBP without compromising your entire health.

Lemon is among those that can help regulate blood pressure. This fruit is capable of easing the tension in the blood vessels which makes a good flow of the blood, thus not tiring your heart too much. Eating fruits that are rich in Vitamin C and antioxidant is generally good for the heart and the entirety of your health so make it a habit to consume them everyday. For lemon water, simply extract the lemon juice and mix it with water, add some honey, and it’s ready to be consumed.

It is also important to keep yourself hydrated to prevent having hypertension. The simplest way to do that is to follow the traditional “drinking 8-10 glass of water” everyday. But if you’re tired of drinking water and wanted to drink something with taste then the fruit of life is the answer to your problem. Coconut, with its flesh and juice, is much recommended to keep your heart healthy because it contains Vitamin C and magnesium.

Another fruit that can help you lower your blood pressure to its normal level is banana. As mentioned earlier, too much consumption of sodium or salt is a factor for having hypertension. So to counter the excessive amount of sodium, is advisable to eat bananas because of its potassium content which will regulate the salt in the body.

Garlic is popular for a variety of reasons. First, it adds an exquisite flavor to food that’s why it have already made its way to cuisines of different nations. But aside from that, garlic comes with a lot of health benefits and that includes taking care of the heart. Just like lemon, it eases the tension in the arteries and veins by increasing the production of nitric and hydrogen sulfide, which calms the blood vessels. So don’t underestimate this little shrub because it comes with big positive effects.

Celery also has the same effect to the blood vessels just like that of garlic. But in this plant, its photochemical content called 3-N-butylphthalide that is taking effect to relax the veins and arteries. Eating celery on a daily basis will also lessen your stress, which is yet another factor which contributes to hypertension.

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