5 Reasons why we should try garlic for high blood pressure

Garlic is almost universal. This pungent and flavorsome spice has been a permanent item in almost all households. Though known as one of the two most basic spices in cooking, you might be surprised with its impressive healing properties not known to many. Garlic can aid numerous illnesses from atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, or even athlete’s foot. It also does not hurt to know that it can even take the silent killer high blood pressure head on. The number of people at risk of hypertension or high blood pressure has been continuously increasing year by year.Who knows if we will not be a part of that group? So that’s a reason why we should take something as cheap and as abundant as garlic aiding against high blood pressure as a great deal! Not that we should celebrate having high blood pressure.



Here are the ways on How Garlic Becomes Beneficial for  Our Health



May Work As An ACE Inhibitor


You might not be familiar with ACE but this another holy grail which can be found in garlic. Angiotensin II is a kind of chemical that causes the blood vessels to become more narrow, we must understand that narrow blood vessels mean an increase blood pressure. ACE functions by limiting your body’s production of angiotensin II.ACE inhibitors are popularly used in medicines to control blood pressure. Garlic for sure is a natural ACE inhibitor which makes it so much better as they do not pose any side effect neither would it break the bank.

Dilates Blood Vessels By Regulating Nitric Oxide Signaling Pathways


Through various mechanisms of blood pressured can be lowered by garlic. One of the most essential is the one where the nitric oxide signaling pathways in our bodies.The body naturally has the ability to produce nitric oxide. It is able to also send a signal that relaxes the muscles around the blood vessels, Once relaxed, your blood vessels tend to expand and dilate smoothly, eventually lowering the blood pressure


The pathways that were signaled by the nitric oxide are highly regulated by your body. However, for these pathways to function properly, they are dependent on sulfur-containing molecules and organic thiols.This is when garlic does its magic. Being rich in garlic polysulfides garlic is able to help in two ways.First is by supplying enough nutrients needed for the pathways to function properly.Second, is by checking the levels of sulfur making sure it will not be impaired because of deficiency,


Relaxes Blood Vessels By Promoting Hydrogen Sulfide Production


Another of garlic’s positive mechanism against high blood pressure that has been discovered involves hydrogen sulfide (H2S).It is another type of gas that is also responsible for sending out signals for the blood vessels to relax, together with nitric oxide. In addition to that, the derived polysulfides from garlic are associated with work when it comes to producing H2S.



Garlic Lowers Systolic BP More Than Diastolic BP


What are Systolic and diastolic pressures anyway? These are the two numbers that gauge your blood pressure or more specifically the pressure coming exerted on the walls of the arteries by your blood. To elaborate, take for example a blood pressure of 40/90 mm Hg is known to be high. The number you can see on the top is the systolic pressure which measures the level of pressure being exerted once your heart beats while pushing the blood into the arteries. Diastolic pressure is the number found at the bottom this pertains to the short period of relaxation between heartbeats.




According to a research, garlic reduces the systolic pressure, primarily. Although it also affects the diastolic pressure by lowering it too, its impact is not as significant. Especially among older people, an increased systolic hypertension has been known to be the most common form of hypertension. Studies suggest that it must be the focal point of all anti-hypertensive therapy.


The Higher Your BP, The Better Garlic Works

A review of various studies on the effect of garlic on blood pressure reveals that the higher a

participant’s blood pressure at the start of the study, the greater the reduction in blood pressure they experience by using garlic products. In fact, blood pressure doesn’t appear to change much for people whose systolic pressure is lower than 130 mm Hg or diastolic pressure is lower than 85 mm Hg when they use garlic.9



Okay, we are not promoting that you should work on a higher blood pressure here, yet it is amazing to know that various studies reflect on the garlic’s effect on blood pressure. It appears to be that if a person’s blood pressure is higher prior to the study, the greater the reduction to the participant’s blood pressure is more likely to happen if they use garlic products. It also reveals that there is not much change when the week has the systolic pressure lower than 130 mm Hg or in the case of diastolic pressure is lower than 85 mm Hg.



You can incorporate garlic in any various form but the aged garlic is the highest recommendation to work best. You can have it cooked or raw. However, the best way of taking this is by simply chopping them, wait for 15 mins and you can eat it by mixing it with honey if you are not able to stomach the taste.

You should not also neglect using your prescribed medication if you have one and replace it by garlic, entirely.

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