5 Simple tricks to get rid of face fat quickly and naturally

Going to the gym and exercising regularly is not easy but many people do it to stay fit and healthy. Losing weight is hard but most people want to get slimmer and sexier so they resort to different activities that can help them achieve their #bodygoals. But as I’ve mentioned, doing so is far from easy. The first thing that you need to have is discipline, the control of yourself to do the right thing to lose weight, and avoid those that is prohibited by, let’s say your trainer or instructor. Aside from tiring exercises, you’ll need to reduce your consumption of your favorite “not-that-healthy” foods, and get yourself used to eating fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s not easy, but it’s also not that hard to do especially when you really put your mind into it.

If you want to reduce the fat in your belly and develop your abdominal muscles, sit ups or curl ups are recommended for you. For your arms, you can try lifting weights and maybe push ups, there are specific type of exercise for what you are trying to achieve. But, what about if you want to lose fat in your face? Is it possible even when there’s no gym equipment for it? Well’ of course! I’ll have you know that there are several face exercises that will make those face fat disappear. And the good news is you don’t even have to go anywhere to do it, you can just do it in your room.

True, chubby cheeks are so cute and so enticing to pinch but, that only applies if you’re just a toddler. You can’t stay young forever, and eventually you’ll find your chubby cheeks no longer appealing and maybe you’ll see it in a negative light. There’s no need to worry, though. Because we will help you make that jawline appear. By following these exercises that we will be teaching you in this article, you will surely achieve that look you’re aiming for. Aside with your regular workouts, try adding the following to your routine.

Do you know that your face has about 50 muscles? And just like any muscles in the body, they contract and expand depending on how we use them. Therein lies our problem, we don’t have much movement in our face that’s why sometimes, our face would look sloppy. For this problem, all need is the “5 Face Exercises. As the name implies, these are exercises that will help you not only to make your face muscles firm, but also to lose fats in your face. These exercises are fun to do, just think about it as doing wacky poses.

  1. Pucker up your lips. To simply explain it simply, it’s like what most of us did when we were kids when we sucked the cap of a bottle. This time, though, you’ll only need to suck your cheeks, pucker up your lips, hold it in for half a minute, release, then repeat it ten times. This is particularly good for the muscles located in our cheeks so it is advisable to do it twice a day.
  2. Take a breather. Here, we are also focusing on the muscles of your cheeks. To do it, just take breath through your nose then exhale it slowly through your mouth. Do this 8 times a day, 4 times per session.
  3. Kiss the sky. This next exercise is to remove that double chin you hate so much. To do it, just look into the ceiling and stretch you neck upward while puckering up your lips like you’re kissing someone. Stay in the position for ten seconds then go back to your original position, relax for a bit, then repeat it for ten times.
  4. Blow out your cheeks. This method is very simple, it will be just like gargling. Just fill your mouth with air then move it from the left side to the right and vice versa. It’s really just like washing your mouth, right? This is a good workout for the chin and cheeks, only that it should lasts for 5 minutes.
  5. Smile all the way. So smiling doesn’t just make you look nice and pretty, it also helps you to get rid of face fat. Just smile widely while your hands stretch your face gently for ten seconds. After that, stop smiling but don’t remove your hands from your cheeks yet, wait for another ten seconds before you do it.

Next on our list is to drink lots of water. How does drinking water get rid of face fats? It’s quite simple, drinking water is the oldest trick that can remove every toxin in our body, including those in our face. Only water is necessary, you won’t need those other beverages that will only make your face look puffy like alcoholic drinks and the like. Besides, drinking water is good for your skin. All the more reason to follow the traditional eight to ten glasses per day, right?

Aside from drinking healthy, you should also fill your diet plan with healthy foods. Like for example, instead of eating salty and fatty foods, consume green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. Also, eat foods that are rich in fiber and protein as they will give you energy for the day. On the other hand, you should also limit your consumption of sugar-rich food because they’re responsible for the fats you hate so much. So to get rid of it, you must get rid of its source first. And again, discipline is needed. Stick to your diet plan and don’t try to cheat it. And another tip, you should try eating in smaller plates so you’ll only get small servings of food. Try to eat a little slower than usual and you’ll feel full faster.

The fourth one concerns your sleeping habit. Sleeping is related to many different things and eating is one of them. If you failed to have at least 7 hours of sleep, expect that you’ll have a big appetite for the day because the hormone that is supposed to be telling you to “stop eating, you’re full” and burns your calories is being reduced. Thus, it is important to rest like you’re a little kid who needs eight to ten hours of sleep to grow.

Lastly, it’ okay to give yourself a break once in a while. Rest for the day, go to a dermatologist, go for a face massage, anything that can help you relax as well. Particularly the face massage, it’s soothing and also a good way to remove body fats. Also, pampering yourself reduces your stress level, thus getting rid of the tendency of stress eating.

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