7 Warning signs that our blood sugar it way too high

No matter how hard a lot of people try to become active and vibrant, there will come a time that your body will find it hard to deal with with your daily activities. It will give you different signs of both tiredness and exhaustion, which you do not usually feel. As a result, you only think of it as another bad day, but aside of that, it might be something else. Your body might be trying to tell you something that you badly need to know. These symptoms may be trying to warn or remind you about some essential medical conditions that need attention just like high blood sugar and the like. A lot of people fail to read these warnings signs that the body usually provides, particularly when the blood sugar levels are too high.

To be more precise, your blood contains sugar, which can be seen in the form of glucose that provides you the amount of energy that your body requires in order to move around and do something. Keeping your blood sugar level within a healthy range is extremely important; in fact, your body has the ability to do that. On the other hand, insulin has been known as the hormone that aids the body in delivering glucose from the blood to the cells of the body.

Glucose has been stored in your body cells and it is only used later on when you needed some amount of energy. Nevertheless, when the normal functioning gets affected, your blood sugar levels eventually increases. If you are one of those people who are suffering from type 1 diabetes, then the pancreas that is responsible for the production of insulin will be affected. On the other hand, if you are one of those people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes, then your body finds it hard or fails to use the insulin in your body in a proper way. There are different factors that results in high blood sugar levels, which includes stress medicines, infection, as well as injury, illnesses or even surgery and all of these will ultimately lead to irreversible damage to your body.

From this time, it is really essential to understand and know the symptoms of high levels of blood sugar in order for you to prevent further complications and not to make things even worse. Being informed is a lot better than knowing it when it is already too late. Prevention is so much better than cure. That is why you have to do something to help yourself before everything else gets worse than you least expected. That is the reason why we will be showing you some of the signs and symptoms of high blood sugar. Check yourself if you are experiencing one of these so that you may become aware of your current situation.

Here are the signs and symptoms of high blood sugar levels:

  • Fatigue

When the source of your energy does not respond well as it should be, then you will feel really tired most of the time. The continuous feeling of being tired, exhausted and weakness without any reason is already a sign for you to get your blood sugar be checked. Visit your doctor as soon as possible.

  • Elevated thirst

Being very thirsty more often than the usual, where in you will be tempted to reach out for a glass of water always is quite alarming. Of course, it is only natural for you to feel thirsty after a heavy and major activity. However, even in the absence of any kind of physical activity, and you feel very thirsty, and then it should be considered as a red flag already. You have to start thinking and begin to consult your doctor. Having a dry mouth is another sign that your blood sugar levels are way too high than they should be. Watch out for it.

  • Frequent urination

If your busy bladder makes you run to the restroom more often than you usually do, then you should start to question what is happening to your body. Elevated urination, particularly during the night is also not a very good sign. If you have the tendency and urge to urinate a lot and if you get up most of the time at night just to urinate, then it is already the right time to talk to your doctor about it. Consult your doctor as soon as possible for possible diagnosis.

  • Blurred vision

As a matter of fact, you may actually experience and suffer from blurry vision when there is a sudden increase in your blood sugar level. You will also find it really hard to concentrate on things. The unexpected incidence of blurred vision or dizziness should be brought to the attention of your doctor because it is not a normal thing for you to feel.

  • Weight gain or loss

Without even doing any kind of effort, if you lose or gain some weight, then there may be something wrong with you and your body. In fact, your body has the tendency to burn a lot of fat when it runs short of glucose, which in return, results in weight loss. Therefore, it is really essential for you to look for unexplained ups and downs in your weight. Moreover, too much abdominal fat has been known as another not healthy sign. Consult your doctor about this matter immediately.

  • Slow healing of wounds

There are times where high blood sugar levels may have the ability to slow down the healing of both cuts and wounds. If this kind of condition happens to you, it is the best idea to talk to your health care provide in an instant. It is better to find out the reason why than to suffer later on.

  • Elevated appetite

Too much hunger will actually come after you when you are suffering from high levels of blood sugar. The continuous craving for food comes from the desire of your body for an alternative source of energy because there is no fuel for cellular processes.

Watch out for these changes of your body so that you will be aware if you are already suffering from high levels of blood sugar. And if you find yourself suffering from any of it, immediately pay your doctor a visit to prevent further complications. Share this article to your loved ones to that you may eventually help them, as well.

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