7 Things every woman wants from a man to keep her happy

It is quite a puzzle why most men would claim that women are difficult to understand. They make it sound as if women, in general, are some sort of equation that must be solved, you’ll often hear remarks such as “you don’t know what women want” or “understanding women is like rocket science” when in reality they are equally understandable as men. if you take the time to really have a connection with anybody, it will be certain that you’ll eventually understand how they function. Keeping a woman happy wouldn’t take a genius to decipher their response, in fact, being a decent partner might be the only thing you need to work on. So here’s a list to see if you are lacking in terms of being a good partner.

Let’s start:

1. Time

It is baffling that most people get surprised at the idea that time is crucial to any relationship if you want it to flourish and grow. A person cannot just simply say that he wants to be in a relationship with someone and not spare the time to work on meeting them or checking up on them. Even friendships fade if communication runs dry. So it’s vital for a man to take out time for his woman, this signifies that he’s making an effort above all else. Take out time from your busy schedules, to have your very own separate days with her where it’s just you and her.If you want to be in a relationship, make sure you keep your priorities in check.

2. Loyalty

In a relationship, there is nothing more upsetting than a partner you can’t figure out. It’s hard to keep on guessing if a person is in for the long haul or is it just to past time. Also, imagine how insecure a woman would feel if loyalty is something she cannot get. You must understand that for most women, loyalty is the greatest deal breaker.As most women would like to have a secure future with their life partners. Nowadays, loyalty is some kind of rare and once she finds that in you, she might get to overlook you other shortcomings because solidarity is something of great value to her.

3. Honesty

Together with loyalty comes honesty. If you want to be with someone for a  long time it is always best to choose honesty over false pretense. With some men, often they try too hard to please their romantic interest in the early stages of romance but then fails to keep up as the relationship lasts. They put this great pressure on themselves when they can’t be consistent anymore. It is crucial to lay your cards in front of someone you would like to spend a long time with so they will know what they are getting into. There is nothing more upsetting to a woman than to be lead on or to be lied to. If you are emotionally unavailable at the moment, it’s best to be upfront about it. Don’t let a woman think that you care way more than you actually do because if you’re just out to have a good time while she is looking for something more permanent, you are just setting yourself for a catastrophe. It is also very selfish if you aren’t planning to take her seriously but kept on leading her on because you like her company or that she makes you feel good. That is a total jerk move. Just put it this way, be a decent human and say what you mean, mean what you say.

4. Genuine Emotions

A woman can tell apart if you’re being manly, meaning being more in control of your emotions and if you are just plain cold as a human being. She would like to console you in your times of trouble. Relaying your worries to her will make her feel needed. Sharing grief or laughter are both ways to keep your relationship real. If you can’t discuss anything that upsets you or when you can’t communicate with her if your going through something tough will make her think that the relationship must be less serious since everything should be all fun. Being vulnerable in front of a person who cares about you doesn’t mean you’ll be judged if anything else she would love you more.

5. Understanding

Everyone needs understanding. Everyone has their shortcomings and nothing else can fill that up but through accepting that there are things a person is not able to do. There are times when you will argue with your woman no matter how much effort you give in to the relationship, yet the worst you could do is to accuse a woman of being too much. If you do not at least try to understand why she’s upset in the first place, you do not deserve her. I had a boyfriend who didn’t understand why I get so upset with him smoking in the car.I am a non-smoker so I really feel disrespected whenever he smokes in front of me. I tried every way to tell him politely that second-hand smoke is not a light thing. Sure he can smoke somewhere far from me… that’s his body, his calls, however, if my health will also be compromised whenever we are together, I think I get to at least have a say in that. He didn’t seem to take it seriously and made me feel like I was being fussy and uptight. I’ve even asked myself if I was being unfair, looking back I felt like a moron for actually hanging on to a kind of person who wouldn’t even consider my sound reasons. Using alibis and excuses is just plain immature. If you really care about anyone at least be agreeable and understand that they have their limitations too.

6. Being their Strength

Not all women are damsels in distress, yet as a partner, you would like to make her feel safe and she is somewhat expecting you to be there for her. When she’s going through a rough time it is important to show her your utmost support. In the end, you know that she will also provide the same. You are a couple for a reason and that is to make tough times more bearable.

7. Security

No, she doesn’t need a guard. But she needs you to be secure in your own future. It is so difficult to see a future with a man who does not have anything figured out yet. For a woman, a man with a clear vision and aspirations is to be admired. She knows that she can rely on you to be responsible in the future. So never take your own plans for granted. Figure your future out before sharing them with another person.

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