8 Healthy reasons why we should avoid drinking soft-drinks daily

Soft drinks such as coca colas have been known in the entire world and become the international market leaders. In fact, they have already dominated a huge part of the consumer market not only in some specific countries but all over the globe. Cola brands originally existed and it all began in the year of 1889. Therefore, these kinds of products contain a massive brand value and recognition.

Because of the advertising that was carried out by these companies, people in the entire believe them in thinking that these “fun drinks” will complement their daily meals. Nevertheless, these kinds of drinks come with a huge number of health risks and consequences. Unluckily, a lot of huge companies fund numerous large health associations, which includes Academy of Nutrition and Diabetics, the International Institute of Health and even a lot of other associations that represent a lot of Beverage Company all over the world.

Due to this fact, the truth about these soda companies would always remain silent and hidden from the eye of the public. However, there are a lot of proven and rooted reasons as to why you should stop yourself and your loved ones from consuming aerated drinks. This article will help you with that, we will be sharing you some of the reasons below, so you need to keep on reading in order for you to be knowledgeable and informed about this matter.

Here are the reasons as to why you should try to avoid/lessen drinking soft drinks:
It leads to kidney decline
According to the research that was conducted by the Harvard Medical School, researchers have discovered that diet soda has the ability to elevate kidney decline by two folds. This research was accompanied with a total of 3318 women over a period of around 11 years.

It causes dehydration
Sodas have been known to contain a huge amount of caffeine. A lot of people do not know this, but caffeine works as a diuretic. Therefore, it has the ability to dehydrate the body by simply encouraging frequent urination than the usual for those people who regularly drink this. They dehydration of cells decreases their ability to absorb more nutrients that the body needs. Moreover, dehydration also reduces the ability of the body to get rid of the wastes.

It elevates the risk of diabetes
High levels that can be found in the sodas can do a lot more harm that you could ever imagine. Too much level of sugar in the blood puts a lot of pressure on the pancreas in order to create adequate amount of insulin to counteract the amount of sugar that is already present in the blood. As a result, this condition may elevate the risk of developing insulin resistance in the body. Consuming sodas on a regular basis can also elevate the risk of developing diabetes by at least 25%.

The color of soda
The caramel color that colas contain comes after a long period of chemical processes. In this process, sugar reacts with both of ammonia and sulfites under a very high temperature and pressure in order to create 2-methylimidazole and 4-methylimadazole. According to a study that was conducted by the government, these kinds of chemicals have been found to be reason behind different kinds of cancer in rats, which includes, lung, thyroid and even liver cancer.

A risk of obesity in children
Intake of at least one soda on a daily basis can actually elevate the risk of obesity for children by at least 60%. These kind of sugary beverages have also been known to be related to a lot of other health ailments other than obesity. Watch out for your child before it’s too late.

It damages your pearly whites
According to a lab testing that was conducted on sodas, the pH levels of the sodas were discovered to be as low as 2.5, which as a result, has the ability to damage the enamel of the teeth. The acidity of these drinks can be compared to other hard acids that are around the corner. As a matter of fact, the pH of a car battery is 1 and the pH or water is 7. Therefore, you can assume how unhealthy a cola is.

It affects the metabolism
According to a study that has been conducted by Dr. Hans-Peter Kubis, at the Bangor University, England, consuming sugary drinks on a regular basis for at least 4 consecutive weeks will change the metabolism of an individual. Therefore, a changed metabolism will make it a lot difficult for an individual to lose some amount of weight, as well as to burn some fat. This individual has consumed around 140 grams of sugar for a month on a daily basis, which changes their metabolism without even knowing.

Diet sodas are equally bad
A lot of people do not even know this but diet sodas have been addressed as the savior for the health-conscious group of individuals. Nevertheless, that is really far from the truth. These diet sodas are made out of aspartame, which is known as an artificial sweetener. These sweeteners have the ability to produce particular chemicals inside the bodies which will eventually make the proteins weaker. As a matter of fact, aspartame has been related to a lot of diseases, which includes cancer, seizures, depressions, birth defects, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, as well as lupus, multiple sclerosis and even attention deficit disorder.

These are only some of the reasons as why you need to say no to all of the sodas and not just any particular brand because they all are equally bad for your entire health. Yes, they are delicious and good for your eyes to see, but what it contains will eventually damage your health, big time. Therefore, you have to choose healthier alternatives in order to satisfy your thirst. Whatever may happen, do not consume sodas; always remember the effects that it can actually brought to you and your health. Share this article to your loved ones in order to inform them about this amazing information about sodas and it may help them, as well.

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