8 Tremendous benefits of using ice cubes for our skin

Ice cube must be the most underrated item when it comes to beauty hacks. Aside from being extremely versatile, it also is undoubtedly very convenient. It’s totally free, if you don’t have it on your fridge you can basically ask for it from your neighbors, even.

There are just a ton of amazing skin effects you will be able to attain just by using ice cubes.Here are the 8 benefits of ice cube for your skin that will definitely kick your beauty routine up a notch. Be awed on how the common skin issues get resolved.

  1. Reduce Pimples And Inflammation

Ice cubes have become notorious  because it is widely known to shrink acne. If you think about it,a break out is also a form of a small injury. The redness and swelling, especially if you are working with cystic acne can be calmed by ice. The same way it can numb other injuries or bruises, the ice has the same effect on a breakout.  However, before dabbing that ice on your face, make sure you take the measures to keep things hygienic, since pimples are very sensitive and also has lots of bacteria.

Aside from acne, ice cube can also be used for when your rosacea is flaring up. Moreover, it also works to calm down some bad allergic reactions.If it’s inflammation you can bet that ice cubes will do you good.

How to use: Wash your face thoroughly but gently and dry by dabbing towel lightly.  You can either you a clean paper towel or a plastic bag to put the ice cube it. Press it gently exactly on the top of the acne for a good one minute. Remove the ice and let your face have a break for 5 minutes. You can start over if needed.It’s also great if you are using a trust worthy essential oil. You can add a drop of it on the cloth that covers the ice cube.

Another great option is using aloe vera or lemon ice cubes to  give the affected areas a gentle massage. It’s up to you to pick what you think is best for your skin.

  1. Soothe Sunburns

It’s hard to always mind our skin when we’re having too much fun under the sun. However, sunburns can definitely damage the quality of your skin easily. Not to mention how painful it could be. A great remedy you can work with is aloe vera ice cube. If you don’t have access to aloe vera, you can also use cucumber as a great substitute.

How to use: Make ice cubes using aloe vera or cucumber. Wash your face and dry it with a towel. Wrap the ice cube in a clean paper towel or place in a plastic bag. Place these on the affected area till the ice melts.

  1. Remove Sallowness And Boost Circulation

If dull skin is also a trouble for you, you can fix it by simply running an ice cube on your face. The cold temperature works great for your circulation aiding in bringing blood and good complexion on your skin. You will notice that even before putting on make up, your complexion becomes much more clear. It will also serve as a double good wake-up call once you do it first thing in the morning.

How to use: Basically, start by having a cleansed face, gently dried with towel. Again you can either use paper towel or plastic bags to wrap the ice cube. You can gently rub the ice on your face and neck.Think of massage-like strokes. Avoid applying pressure since it can damage the skin. Don’t rub it around the eye area. Leave the moisture to dry by itself.

  1. Soothe Sunburns

Had too much fun in the sun? You probably didn’t notice the sunburns until you settled in to rest. These sunburns can ruin the quality of your skin and also make it really painful. Aloe vera ice cubes might just be one of the best remedies for this. The cooling effect of aloe will feel absolutely amazing on sunburns.1 Don’t have aloe? Try ice cubes made of pureed cucumber. Cucumber has the antioxidant vitamin C.2

How to use: Make ice cubes using aloe vera or cucumber. Wash your face and dry it with a towel. Wrap the ice cube in a clean paper towel or place in a plastic bag. Place these on the affected area till the ice melts.

  1. Relieve Puffy Eyes

We’ve all been through that time when we look at the mirror and asked what have I been putting myself up to? Mostly we know we’ve been so tired because our eyes are all puffy.Good thing is any cold packs work as great remedy for those puffy eyes.But be mindful because the skin particularly around the eyes is delicate, so do not expose it to cold for long duration.

How to use: It does not have to be just plain water, you can opt for green tea or milk as cubes. Start with a cleansed and dried face. You can wrap the ice cube with paper towels or plastic bag. For short periods, you can dab the ice gently on the affected area. Simply let the moisture air dry.

  1. Reduce And Delay The Appearance Of Wrinkles

It’s actually good to embrace aging gracefully… that’s what most old women would say. But in all honesty, if we can delay aging as much as we could, why wouldn’t we?Although it is inevitable,wrinkles can be managed to appear later in life by staying hydrated. Look no further because the handiest facial tool you ever need is ice cube. It work in tightening and keeping the moisture in the skin.

How to use: Use warm or hot water (but bearable and not boiling) to wash your face. Use plastic bag or paper towel to wrap the ice cubes. Let it melt as you glide it over your face. This will result to tightened pores.

  1. Exfoliate The Skin

You can treat yourself to a cheap home spa-like treatment with milk ice cubes! Why milk? Its lactic acid will work to scrub away the dead cells on your face.Moreover, it freshens it up. You can also boost its exfoliating poweres bye adding pureed blueberries or cucumber. It’s an instant facelift for your skin.

How to use:Pick an ingredient that you prefer to make ice cubes. Again, clean and dry face. Again, use a paper towel or plastic bag to wrap the  ice cube. Massage your face gently and softly with the ice cube. Keep on going until it melts. Best to rinse your face with warm water after the process.

  1. Function As A Natural Primer

Good primers cost a lot, but it’s hard to live without them, especially if you are a make-up junkie. You can actually save some if you switch your primer with ice.is able to minimize your pores temporarily helping you achieve a smooth canvass before applying make up.

  1. Reduce Oiliness Of Skin

Another skin issue that has been a popular complain is oily skin.If you feel stressed about your greasy skin, ice cubes might make life easier for you. It’s been discovered that ice cubes could oil secretion in your skin and leave it fresh.

How to use: After cleansing your face, rub the ice cube all over it, make sure it’s either wrapped in paper towel or plastic bag. You can apply moisturizer on it. To add cooling effect, an option you can try is adding mint.

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