9 Plants that will help you detoxify the air and give our room more oxygen

We are all familiar with the process of photosynthesis, it is something that a person may have heard for at least once in his lifetime. It is a term in Science that has been taught to us in grade school. It is the process of plants absorbing carbon dioxide and water to create their own food and to exhale oxygen, all made possible through the use of sunlight. If you look at it closely, it is amazing how plants are able to tend for their own needs and give something out for other living things at the same time because of the sun’s energy. Now it makes many wonder, what happens at night when there is no sun? Do plants stop making this process?

This is a wrong way of thinking. Just like how humans and animals live by breathing, plants need photosynthesis to live. It’s like their own way of inhaling and exhaling, or what we call as respiration. When the night falls and the sun is nowhere to be found, plants continue this process. The only difference is that instead of oxygen, they emit more carbon dioxide. We all know that CO2 or carbon dioxide is not a very healthy gas that’s why you may no longer considering of putting plants in your bedroom. But there is no need to worry, there are still plants that emits oxygen even without the sun. These plants will surely make a nice atmosphere in the bedroom, causing a relaxing and calming effect on you.

The carbon dioxide that normal plants emit at night won’t suffocate you, but it may bring discomfort in your sleep. That’s why in this article, we will introduce you to nine plants that can still produce oxygen at night very well. Remember to put these plants in your bedroom so you can have a nice and peaceful sleep.

  1. Aloe Vera. This is a plant of many uses. You can use it as a medicine, for cosmetics, and other various things. It is an all-time favorite of many herbalists because of its wide range of uses. But it is more unique that you might have thought because aloe vera is a special plant that can still carry on its photosynthesis at night without problems, and continue producing oxygen. What’s more wonderful about this plant is that it doesn’t need much watering, so even if you are forgetful when it comes to watering your plants, rest assured that your Aloe Vera won’t die on you.
  2. Orchids. It is a beautiful flowering plant that is often as aesthetics. Orchids is mostly used as a decoration in many events and occasions like weddings. Indeed, even the dullest place can look lovely if it’s decorated with this beautiful plant. However, its purpose is more than just being a decoration as it can help make you bedroom a nice place to sleep. Orchids is one of the plants that can still produce oxygen even during the night, and even remove other pollutants found in plants that’s why putting it in your bedroom will surely create a calming and refreshing effect that will help you sleep a lot better. Also, no need to take care of orchids too much because doing so will just have the opposite outcome. Just water it and put it where it can be directly hit by sunlight during the day.
  3. Christmas Cactus. For the merriest season of the year, you might want to switch from Christmas tree to a Christmas cactus because of its astounding benefits. This plant which blooms only in December have no problem living in a dark room and it emits oxygen perfectly fine even without sunlight. This will keep you companied in your sleep and will create a nice atmosphere where you can sleep best.
  4. Snake Plant. Its name may sound badly but its effect sure is the opposite. Snake plant or “mother-in-law’s tongue” is a plant that you would like to have in your house and in your bedroom. It can produce oxygen even at night when there is no sunlight, thus allowing you to enjoy a clean and refreshing air to breath in your sleep. Another good thing about this plant is that you don’t have to water it every day, every once in a while will keep it alive.
  5. Orange Gerbera. This plant may sound new to you but its benefits have already been proven and tested. This is a healing plant that is often used in treating common colds and even cancer. But aside from that, this flowering plant purifies the air, and its orange flowers are really a sight to you may want to put some in your bedroom. But remember, gerberas can be a little tricky to grow so just opt for a transplant from a nursery.
  6. Holy Basil. With its wonderful scent, holy basil or tulsi plant can really make your bedroom a nice place. Aside from that, it also emits oxygen that’s why it can help you sleep without a hint of discomfort. So if you’re having trouble sleeping, you might as well put some holy basil in your bedroom to ease and calm your mind so you can rest better.
  7. Neem Tree. When sleeping, discomfort may come in many ways and that includes those pesky insects buzzing and flying around your room. If there’s a plant to solve this problem, then it’s got to be the neem tree. This plant not just simply keel those flies and mosquitos, it also purifies the air which helps you to release your stress and have better sleep. The only drawback is that there is a need for a lot of care and effort for this plant to grow. The best soil, and best place to get sunlight in the day, that’s what neem tree needs from you.
  8. Peepal Tree. This plant is a great source of oxygen during the night so when you can’t fall asleep because you don’t feel so good about your surroundings, you can put peepal tree in your bedroom to solve this problem. Its health benefits is just as amazing because it can treat a variety of illness including asthma, diabetes, and constipation.
  9. Areca Palm. If you want a completely clean atmosphere then areca palm is just the plant for you. Aside from emitting oxygen for you to breathe, it can also nullify and absorb different kinds of harmful gases, allowing you to enjoy a fresh environment.

And there you have it! Nine plants that can still produce oxygen even at night time. If you ever have trouble sleeping, or you know someone who is, just recommend these plants and surely, the problem will be solved.

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