9 Weird things our body does that we never knew were defense mechanisms

Have you ever thought that human bodies are doing amazing jobs every single day? Despite all the bacteria, germs and organisms, it is still amazing that we are still surviving.Fighting external invaders that most like come from living microbes which are the bacteria, parasites, fungi, and viruses, to nonliving chemicals, toxins, and drugs.

Even us, ourselves do not basically understand how our biological cycles work, it is still good to know that our body has tons of defense mechanism that enable us to get through our daily lives. Both of these internal and external defenses protect us from harmful invaders. It is indeed, wonderful that we have physical barriers known as body’s primary line of defense.

Here are nine things that keep you away from harm that you didn’t even notice:


Our nasal passages get blocked by much microbes, allergens, dust or other irritants and sneezing clears it all up, helping us breathe better.


You might think it’s just your bodies way of signaling exhaustion, little would you expect that this occurrence is our bodies way of cooling down after the brain gets inflamed or overloaded.


When we swallow big proportion of foods, eat way to fast or eat too much, our pneumogastric nerves always react. These nerves are linked to our diaphragm and stomach.


You stretch when you feel a little stiff from one position or when you want to awaken your senses. This is because it restores regular blood circulation, it works to ease out the tension in the muscles, relaxes us and improves our mood.  Stretching might be a simple gesture, yet helps a lot in making us feel much better.


Everyone would agree that they might have experienced during sleep a sense of floating off then the body gets some sort of electric shock. Upon this occurrence, the person’s muscles spasms could be very strong that it could be possible that he might fall from the bed, so in this case, our bodies wake immediately by itself.

Then your breathing rate increases faster and faster at this point, at the same time your pulse rate decreases and your muscles become more relaxed. Technically, your brain saved you from a possible death through shocking you in time and waking you up.


There are moments in life that we are not too proud of or we feel very uncomfortable thinking of. The good thing is, our brains can actually lose memories especially if you decide to bury it. That’s how people with traumatic experiences somehow cope. They get blurred memories which save them from further depression. It is not bad that our mind has this capability, imagine how much things would have bothered you if it doesn’t.


Do you ever wonder why our fingers turn all wrinkly when we stay in the water for long?  These wrinkles are actually our body’s way of being thoughtful. When it senses us being exposed to moist, it understands that our surrounding is slippery so technically it gives you a better grip.


When you get chills or feel cold, your body loses heat rapidly. Goosebumps actually helps in controlling that. It reduces the amount of heat that our body loses through the pores of our skin. It even makes this easier to warm ourselves right away, when there’s sudden temperature decrease.

  1. TEARS

Most of us are ashamed to cry, as for many it shows signs of weakness and frailty. On the contrary, it is actually a sign of us coping and being strong through adverse situations, Many studies believe that in traumatic situations, the body creates a powerful source of irritation in order to ease the pain that the person is feeling. Also, it is our way of letting out bottled emotions and frustrations. So it makes sense that every now and then we also feel better after having a good, sometimes even ugly cry.

You might now be feeling a bit more grateful learning our bodies work all the time, even when we are sleeping just to keep us safe. So it is also our duty to protect it in return by staying healthy. Eat healthy food rich in vitamins and minerals, boost your immune system as well through exercising and also try to manage your stress levels to have a good emotional state. Help your body, help you.

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