A combination that can fight the deadliest disease of the 21st century

For a lot of centuries now, both of Moringa and Ginger have become popular because they are usually used in fighting against numerous diseases in the world and most of the time, both of them have been producing amazing and effective results. Recent studies have shown that if these two amazing ingredients are used all together with the right amounts in combination, produces a much faster and more effective result than any other.

Before we show you the amazing remedy that will become the answer to your daily prayers for your diseases to be gone, let us talk about first the wonderful properties that each of these plants have:

Properties of MORINGA:

Moringa or most popularly known in his name as the tree of life. It is part of the traditional and ancient medicine from India, which is Ayurveda. It originally came from India, Afghanistan, as well as Pakistan, but due to its amazing and excellent properties, it becomes well-known not only in these countries but also in numerous other parts of the world. Here are some of the health benefits of Moringa that you have to know:

  • Relief from Arthritis

It funds to the reduction of the inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory components. Moreover, it also contains a lot of minerals such as magnesium, iron, copper, as well as potassium and calcium that can actually aid in making the locomotor system stronger in order to prevent disease to happen in the future.

  • Defense against Cancer

Clinically speaking, the extract from Moringa leaves has become popular due to its benzyl isothiocyanate content that has been observed to have the ability to avoid the development of cancer cells in the body. A lot of scientific studies have shown that this kind of chemical compounds contains chemo-protective abilities in fighting against cancer.

Furthermore, it also assists people who are going through chemotherapy simple because it helps the cells to become a lot stronger in order to support the treatment for cancer.

  • Lowers Cholesterol

According to the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, which is an animal study that has been recently conducted, it has been observed that the effects of Moringa can also be compared with the drug simvastatin in human body in order to lower the cholesterol levels.

  • Headache

In an ancient Indian medicine, the leaves of Moringa are usually used in order to lessen or to get rid of headache, migraine and other head related pains because of its anti-inflammatory component. Generally, it contains an analgesic action that has the ability to soothe any kinds of pain.

  • High Pressure Levels

Moringa has been popular due to its content of both thiocarbamate and isothiocyanate glycosides that works as a hypnotists, which makes it really beneficial for those people who are suffering from high blood pressure or also known as hypertension.

  • Stomach Problems

It contains an anti-ulcer effect that is commonly advised for most of the cases of stomach ulcers or other stomach issues. This kind of protective component is also beneficial for some cases of those people who are having a hard time with stomach acid.

  • Defends the Liver

Moringa has been highly suggested to those people who are suffering from liver issues due to its amazing ability to inhibit liver disease or those who are praying to recover the health of this important organ in the body.

  • Combats against Anemia

Moringa is loaded with a lot of nutrients and minerals that can actually avoid and fight against anemia. It is packed with proteins, different kinds of vitamins and a lot of minerals, as well.

Moringa has been assumed by a lot of experts to have a positive effect when it comes to the stimulation of metabolism. This may also mean that it is helping your body in burning calories in a faster way that is possible. It contains a high concentration of glucosinolates that are extremely essential in breaking down of isothiocyanates, where some of which are absorbed in the small intestines.

In addition, the leaves of Moringa are loaded with fiber, which is a needed factor when it comes to the reduction of human cravings. This will enable you to stick to a healthy diet that will actually assist you in losing a lot of weight. To sum it all up, Moringa has the ability to help you in losing weight because its weight loss formula has been created to help people in consuming fewer amounts of calories while making sure that your body will burns a lot of fats at the end of the day.

Properties of GINGER:

Ginger has been known as one of the healthiest and most delicious spices in the whole wide world. It is part of Zingiberaceae family, together with cardamom and turmeric. It is frequently produced in India, Jamaica, Fiji, as well as Indonesia and Australia.

Ginger is a kind of roots that is most often used in order to season variety of foods; nevertheless, its ability to do things does not end there. This potent root has been widely used in order to fight against numerous diseases, which includes coughs, colds, as well as diarrhea, diabetes and some of stomach issues.

It has been popular due to its rich content of nutrients and bioactive compounds, which have potent benefits for both of your body and brain.

Current studies have shown that ginger is extremely good at fighting the 2nd type diabetes when it is frequently and continuously consumed by those people who are suffering from it. Moreover, it can also assist in lowering and controlling the levels of blood sugar, which has been known to be responsible for diabetes and other Evils Dizziness during travel. In order to avoid this kind of situation, it is recommended to consume ginger at least 3 hours before boarding any kind of transportation such as plane, car, boat and the like. It has the ability to inhibit dizziness that was caused by movement which is known as motion sickness. On the other hand, in the case of long hours of trips, experts have suggested to consume ginger at least 30 minutes before and also in the middle of the travel to take once more. Drinking a mixture of dried root is a great idea or you can also combine it with some fruits.

Ginger appears to become effective in reducing muscle pain and it may also lessen exercise-induced muscles soreness. There are some studies that shows how effective is ginger is at reducing some of the symptoms of osteoarthritis, which has been known as a common health issue.

Moreover, ginger has been discovered to be extremely effective against menstrual pain when it is taken at the beginning of the menstrual cycle. Studies have recommended consuming enough amount of ginger because it has the ability to protect the brain from age-related damage. It can also enhance brain function in elderly women.

Chemotherapy Treatment:

Cancer patients are recommended to consume ginger in order to lessen vomiting after a lightning strike. You have to be informed that you should not eat anything when your stomach doesn’t have anything.


Pregnant women are advised to take huge servings of ginger. However, they can consume enough amounts in order to lessen both of lightheadedness and vomiting in the first few months. A mixture of at least half teaspoon of dried ginger root that is combined in a cup of water is effective; drink this for a few times a day. This kind of remedy cannot be sustained for more than two months.

Ginger has been known to be great in inhibiting the symptoms of ulcers and other stomach issues due to its antibacterial content. Additionally, this kind of root works in balancing the development of liquids inside the stomach.



  • 85 grams of fresh ginger
  • 10 fresh green Moringa leaves
  • 1 teaspoon of honey, to taste
  • 4 cups of water

Method of Preparation:

Rinse ginger root completely and slice them into pieces, boil all of them together with at least 4 cups of water for at least 10 minutes. After doing so, turn off the heat and add the Moringa leaves, cover and leave it for several minutes. Strain the mixture and you can now consume this amazing drink. If you want to add some taste, you can add honey. Consume two cups of this mixture, one in the morning and another in the evening, before going to sleep.

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