Amazing potential of dandelion root in fighting cancer we should know

If you are familiar with either traditional Native American medicine or traditional Chinese medicine Dandelion root extract (DRE) isn’t exactly new to you. But it came to rise to popularity have piqued people’s interest even since the suggestion was made that it could aid in preventing or even go as far as curing cancer. If you are one of those people who’s curious as to how this natural alternative in the form of an herbal remedy fare upon actual tests and trials. Here’s a greater insight to give you a closer look on the latest findings.

*Antioxidant Properties And Vitamin K Help Fight Cancer

Free radical scavenging activities have been seen in vitro through the antioxidant properties of the dandelions’ flower extracts. They also show potential for reducing the breakage of supercoiled DNA strands. The development of cancer can start from the damage to those DNA strands. The leaf extracts are also containing great amounts of polyphenols that exhibit high antioxidant properties.

In animal studies, it has been discovered that the greater the antioxidant levels in the body, the higher the prevention of free radical damage can occur. This will lessen the cancer development. However, consuming antioxidants through diet has not been established yet. The numerous observational research on the impact of dietary antioxidant supplementation in lowering cancer risk in humans has had mixed results.So depending on the type of cancer you are dealing with, you might want to consult your doctor to make sure if DRE could be beneficial.

Another reassuring fact is that dandelion and its extracts are also known to be rich in Vitamin K. This type of nutrient may be able to have a significant impact on lowering cancer risk.

*Brings Hope As A Possible Cure For Pancreatic Cancer

Currently, pancreatic cancer has a 100 percent mortality rate. Given this fact, any potential treatment is deemed very important.  Autophagy or the body’s natural destructive mechanism together with apoptosis also known as programmed cell death in cancerous pancreatic cells in humans without adverse effects on healthy cells have been discovered to be induced by DRE. Researchers believe that this is a milestone in eventually treating pancreatic cancer.

*Targets Multiple Vulnerabilities Of Colorectal Cancer Cells

DRE has shown to cause the programmed cell death selectively of over 95 percent of colon cancer cells in in-vitro studies. On the other hand,  in-vivo studies the researchers claim that when DRE is taken orally, it could help hold back the growth of these cells by over 90 percent.Multiple death pathways in tumor cells that are activated can be caused by the DRE treatment; therefore, it zeroes them in more than one weak point.

*Fights Chemoresistant Melanomas

Also seen to aid induce apoptosis or programmed cell death in the human melanoma cells, with no negative impact on healthy cells, DRE makes it possible to have a natural alternative to more aggressive or more surgical procedures for chemoresistant melanomas.

*Suppresses Gastric Cancer Cell Proliferation

Without harmful effects or damage to non-cancerous cells, DRE is able to suppress the spread and the transfer of gastric tumor cells. The study of the effects DRE has against gastric cancer is progressing actively which is a great deal since this type of cancer is the most common in the world.

*Offers Hope In Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia Treatment

A notoriously hard to cure type of cancer is the cancer of the bone marrow’s blood=forming cells and blood. Unfortunately, most patients who suffer from it develop a quick resistance to the treatment, which leads to more demand for alternative cures. DRE, among natural products, has been detected as a treatment with a lot of promise, given its non-toxic properties and effectiveness. However, further studies are still needed to serve as a better proof on its effectivity.

However Dandelion may sound good there are still a lot of things to be considered before consuming it.

Avoid Dandelion Root For Treating Hormone-Sensitive Cancers

It’s best to avoid any assumptions that DRE is a catch-all remedy for all cancers. As a matter of fact, dandelion root should be administered only for the specific cancers it has been researched for. If you have a hormone-sensitive type of cancer, experimenting with it could be critically dangerous.

Further Clinical Trials And Human Studies Still Needed

To be honest, clinical trials on humans have not resulted in definitive effects everyone is expecting from dandelion root. So that serves as another reason to excercise caution upon using it. With that being a given,  its health-boosting and cancer-preventive properties suggest that there may be some merit to taking dandelion root or flower extracts.So it could be entirely up to your own volition if you see dandelion root tea effective or wait for science’s further validation. Just keep in mind the estrogenic contents of dandelion which may even cause the cancer cells to grow or worse, spread.

Side Effects Of Dandelion Root

Before deciding to take DRE for treatment or prevention of cancer, you should also know that it increased urination. So don’t be surprised if your visits to the bathroom become more frequent than the usual. There is also a possibility to experience a mild kind of diarrhea. In some cases, some people even claim to also experience heartburn and stomach inflammation.

If you are also hypoglycemic, know that DRE has the potential to lower blood sugar. Since dandelion tea contains many oxalates, it is better to avoid the remedy if your kidney function is weak due to chronic kidney disease – else it could cause toxicity. It could also trigger some sort of allergic reactions, especially in children. So the best way is to start small.

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