Burn bay leaves in the house and see what happens after ten minutes

As the popular saying goes, there’s no place like home. It’s a very special place where we could relax and be with our family, the perfect place to bond with them and enjoy a nice meal together. It is a place where everything is so familiar like you’ve known it all your life. Where the bathroom is, where the utensils are located, how much your sibling hates it when you barge into their room, and even the smell of your bed is very familiar. All these little things are what makes a home like nothing else, it brings us comfort, security, and the love from our family.

After a very taxing day from school or work, we all want just go home, eat you mom’s home cooking, and tuck yourself to sleep. Anyone who spent the day working too much would clearly have no energy at the end of the day so the most natural thing to do is sleep. However, that is not an easy task for everyone, especially to those who are so stressed. Too much thinking and stress can cause insomnia, that’s why many people suffer from lack of sleep. Once a person lacks the proper amount of sleep, his performance in finishing his task would surely suffer, which will make that person stressed even more. It’s like a continuous cycle that clearly means bad news.

Fortunately, there is a simple trick to solve this. No need to take sleeping pills whatsoever, all you need is a single plant. No doubt that plants can make homes a more pleasant place to rest. It comes with a lot of benefits and one of those is making a person calm so he can go to sleep without worries. For example, if you put orchid plant in your bedroom then the toxins in your surroundings will be absorbed. This will then cause a calming effect to you, hence making you sleep better. There are other plants like this with similar effects, aloe vera, holy basil, and areca palm are among those.

Among the plants that are commonly used for such purposes, one plant really stand out. Have you ever heard of the plant called bay leaves? If you’re a fan of cooking then perhaps you have. After all, it is a plant that was used in ancient Roman and Greek culture, and now usually used in cooking dishes, especially in the Caribbean and Indian cuisine. Since the ancients time up to now, there is no doubt that bay leaves serve the kitchen. But do you know that it is also useful in other areas that is beneficial to living? Try checking the ingredient of your detergents, lotions, and other creams, at least one of those has the name “bay leaves” on it.

But it is no wonder that bay leaves are a favorite when it comes to these things because it is loaded with a lot of nutrients beneficial to people. For example, this plant contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties. It can also be beneficial to diabetic people because it can help to regulate the blood sugar level. Aside from that, it is also used as a sedative and anti-convulsive, prevent kidney stones, and even improve heart health by monitoring blood pressure. All these benefits are brought to people by taking bay leaf tea, the traditional way that many are accustomed to – and that is another story.

What we want to highlight in this article is how to beneficial bay leaf can be even without drinking its tea. There is another way for doing so, that is by burning incense. It is a Native American practice that is carried out by burning leaves of plant to enjoy its benefit. This is also being done to make the air in a specific place clean and smell nice. The reason why some places smells almost the same is because maybe they were burning the same leaves to freshen up the air that surrounds them.

Bay leaf is one of the plants that you can burn to purify a room. However, that is not all the benefits that you can get from it. Lighting a bay leaf in  closed room would clear a person’s mind enabling him to relax. So when you’re stressed or in a bad mood, one great way to ease your mind is to burn bay leaves. Also, the smoke from burning bay leaves will also help you prevent experiencing fatigue, and would give you an energy boost.

Another benefit of burning bay leaves is that it is good for the respiratory system. Unlike other smokes that are normally bad for the health, smoke from burning this plant will clear the respiratory tract from all clogging, hence breathing becomes easier. Even the hated phlegm and mucus won’t be a problem anymore if you just inhale this smoke. And of course,  healthy respiratory system means away from respiratory diseases such as asthma.

To use this simple trick, just light the leaves in an aluminum baking tray then leave it there for at least 10 minutes. Make sure you close the windows so the smoke won’t go out of that room. Closing the windows is also a way to prevent the burning leaves from going out. You should also make sure that you are doing this process away from other flammable objects such as wood, paper, clothes, etc. And of course, keep it away from smoke detectors or you know what’s going to happen next. If ever any of these circumstances happen then what you’re doing is hopeless because the smoke wasn’t confined.

Burning bay leaves in your house will make the place even more pleasing. With the clean and fresh air, the scent of the aflame leaves, and the smoke coming from it will make everyone calm and relax. With a clear mind, you won’t have trouble sleeping anymore. And the best part is that this trick won’t cost you too much. Affordable and effective, what a great combination, right? So don’t waste more time dilly-dallying, try this at home yourself!

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