Do not eat this fish, it is very dangerous for your health!

The Philippines is an archipelagic country. Meaning, it is a country composed of many different islands being separated and connected through the seas, rivers, and other bodies of water surrounding them. And because our country is surrounded by water, it’s no wonder why, aside from farming, many of our islands depend on fishing as their source of living. The rich resources of the sea within our territory are ready for our countrymen to take because we have all the access to do so. So if you want fresh sea foods, there are many places in the Philippines where you can find them, especially in the coastal areas.

Sea foods are the best, especially when they are fresh. Crabs, shrimps, fish, and other kinds of sea foods, they are a good source of iodine. When you get tired of eating meat, you can always switch to sea foods and it will be as tasty, and as healthy as eating other foods. In the Southeast Asian countries like the  Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, sea foods are a favorite of many people, and it’s no surprise because they’re really tasty and delicious. But, do you know that not all fish are okay to be eaten? Even though we are free to catch sea foods as long as they’re in our territory, still, not every one of them is edible.

Like for example, there are sea foods that are poisonous. These kind are very dangerous to eat because it can cause harm to your health, or in the worst case scenario, even death. Fish that are caught because of grenade fishing are also bad for the health because they were already dead because of chemicals when they were caught. Aside from that, sea foods that are caught in areas where there are oil leaks are also dangerous when consumed. If you didn’t notice and you already bout these kinds of sea foods, you’ll be putting yours and your family’s life in danger.

That is why it is very important to be observant, especially when buying food for our family. We should be extra careful and very keen so we won’t be buying those that can cause harm to us. We should also think twice about buying those that are on sale on a cheap price in the markets. We’ll never know, maybe because there’s something wrong about that product that’s why the sellers are trying to dispose them in a lower price. For instance, fish fillets are very popular these days. But have you heard of a fish fillet being sold in such as cheap price? Well, there is, and it uses a fish called Basa.

You can find the Pangasius Fillets, or Basa fish in Vietnam, near the Mekong river. This river flows all the way from Mainland China to countries in mainland Southeast Asia like Malaysia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, and Vietnam. This is a very long river that also serves as the boundary between these countries. The people near the Mekong river also depends their livelihood there and got by everyday through fishing. However, as the years go by, Mekong River have already been pollited, and so as the sea creatures living there. The Basa fish is one of them.

It was already mentioned that the Basa fish is being cultivated in the polluted river, which makes it very dangerous when consumed. Do you know that these fish housed themselves in sewage pools which is filled with lots of toxics and bacteria? Also, because these fish have stayed in such an environment for a long time, their meat have already been contaminated with heavy metals, isomers, and other harmful compounds and chemicals. Because of this, the fish is being sold in such a low cost. And people, being not aware of this information, keeps on buying Basa fish because it’s cheap, and they often make fillets using it.

However, its living environment isn’t the only one that makes the Basa fish dangerous to eat, there are some vendors that even inject chemicals to them so they’ll grow even bigger than its normal size. It’s already dangerous enough to have consumed a fish that was caught in a polluted place, what more if it was injected lots of hormones and antibiotics just to make them 4 times bigger? There’s no telling what will happen to the person who eat this. There’s no telling what kind of sickness he might get, or if it can cost his life.

Studies have found that the meat of Basa fish contains large amount of hormones that can accelerate the growth of the fish, and even its reproduction. What’s even worse is that there are corporations that support such wrongdoings, and even signed partnership with people who does this so they could sell them in a larger scale and earn lots of many. These people have no regards to human life and health, they only care about the profit that they will get. This is the reason why Basa fish have passed the tests from the Food and Drug Organization and made its way to big supermarkets.

Luckily, there are still some good news with regards to this. There are researches conducted to let the world know of this scheme. And because of this, many have already started to take actions. The United States of America, for example, have banned the import of Basa fish throughout their territory because of its high levels of chemicals found in its meat. To protect the people from contamination, there are no more Basa fish, or any product which has a content of this fish, is no longer circulating throughout the US.

Fish are very delicious, and has been a part of many cuisines of many countries since way back in time. Naturally, it contains omega-3 and other essential nutrients that our body needs. However, Basa is not an ordinary fish. It may be decent in taste but that’s all there is to it. It has no nutrients whatsoever, only bacteria and chemicals. So, better watch out and not to consume this food. Share this article to spread awareness.

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