Doing this dangerous activity every night can give us eye cancer

The 21st century have brought about great advancement of technology. We now have many different electronics that can help us with our daily lives. Living is easier as now we have gadgets that can do the work for us for different purposes. Like instead of tiring our hands by washing clothes, we’ll just let the washing machine to do the job for us. Transportation is also easier as there are now new modes of travel such as cars and aircrafts. Compared to the ancient times, man’s civilization have really gone so far. Just imagine the people back in the day when all they can rely on was their hands and nothing else, it must’ve been so hard.

Another thing that the advancement of technology have made easier is communication. In ancient times, tribes or kingdoms would send envoys to convey a message. After that is the age of sending and writing of letters. It was a good way to communicate however it takes so much time before a person could receive the message, and for the sender to get a reply. But thanks to modern gadgets, it’s now possible to communicate with someone even if he’s in the opposite side of the world. That is because of the use of cellphones.

Cellular phones, or cellphone for short, is perhaps the most loved gadget of all people of all ages. Indeed, communication is made easier through the use of this gadget. You can easily get in touch with other people or your love ones even if you’re mikes apart. You can talk to them with no delay, and the advancement of smartphones also enables you to video chat or to talk while seeing each other via phone.  Not only that, but cellphones are also used to watch different videos that could be a source of entertainment to people. Kids can also play various games that can sharpen their minds and also be enjoyable to them. These things are what makes cellphones the best, if you ask me, but they also make people addicted to using them.

These days, most of the people you see are either taking calls or texting, watching videos, listening to music, or just holding their phone on their hands. It’s hard to see someone who’s just casually walking without his/her phone, or reading a book in the subway instead of scrolling through the phone. In other words, people can’t go anywhere without their phones in their pockets. They completely depend on them with everything and just isolate themselves in a world with just them and their gadgets. It’s not bad that we depend on then since technologies are made to make things easier for us, but people sometimes overused it and just lose interest with other things. They don’t socialize or talk to other people anymore because they like it more to just use their phones.

What’s worse is that sometimes, technology really takes over our life. Like when you already used your phone for the whole day and yet you still want to use it in the evening. It’s true there are people like that, those who prefer to play games or watch videos on their phone instead of sleeping. In their dark room the only thing that you could see is the light coming from their cellphone. It’s hard to fathom why they tend to be like that but one thing is for sure, they’re addicted. They can’t stop, and therein lies the problem.

Because some people would prefer to use their phones than to eat, sleep, or rest, their health is being put at risk. Especially when they use it non-stop even at night, researches have said that it is the very reason why their health is deteriorating. There are a lot of ailments that you could get by not taking care of yourself because of this. Some may get headaches, fatigue or extreme tiredness even when you didn’t do much in the day, insomnia, your immune system may weaken as well as the entirety of your body because you are not getting enough rest and nutrition. In short, it’s bad news for you. And even worse news is that using your phones regularly at night can cause of the most deadliest sickness there is, cancer.

Yes, you read it right! Cancer. A person who just won’t stop using their phones at night have higher tendency of developing an eye cancer. As we all know, cancer is when the cells of the body are acting abnormal as the old ones won’t deteriorate and the others won’t stop dividing which, when accumulated together, can form cancer and cancerous tumors. Cancer is very frightening as it fears no one. Anyone can be diagnosed with cancer, and not taking care of your health, in this case your eyes in particular, will heighten your risk of developing an eye cancer.

Take it to the experience of a certain 40 year-old man. Like many people these days, he always uses his phone for at least 30 minutes every night before going to sleep. He would play games or do other stuffs thinking here’s nothing wrong to what he’s doing. But that’s where he’s wrong, and that costs him his life. He started having blurry visions and other eye conditions that he never had before. He went to see the doctor thinking that it was just because of aging, but the doctors gave him the bad news. He developed eye cancer because of his regular activity every night. His blurry visions and other eye conditions are just part of an even bigger and more dangerous sickness.

But how did this happened? It’s because the blue light which our cellphones emit in the dark are very harmful to our cells, particularly in the cells of our eyes’ retina. If exposed to such light in a long time, the retinal cells may deteriorate, which causes the blurry vision, and will further lead to cancer if the condition is neglected and nothing is done. It was already too late for the 40 year old man as his case was already helpless. The only way to cure him was to have a surgery to replace his retina but doing so is as nearly as impossible even for medical doctors.

The cells of his retina are already beyond saving, and his eye cancer is no longer irreversible. But it’s not too late for you, so you should change your ways as early as now. Take care of your eyes by keeping your usage of your phone at night to the lowest, if not completely avoided. Don’t put your health in the line just to use your phone at night.

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