Early signs of lung cancer that a lot of women often just ignore

Lung cancer has been known as a cancerous lung tumor that was identified by uncontrolled cell growth in tissues of the lungs. This kind of tumor can actually develop behind the lung by the means of metastasis into nearby tissue of other parts of the body. Lung cancer becomes the second most well-known types of cancer for both men and women.

It is caused by a lot of factors, which includes smoking, radon gas, asbestos, air pollution, genetics and a lot more. The first that you need to do if you feel that you have an issue on your lung is to undergo a chest radiograph in order to diagnose if you have a lung cancer.

The symptoms diagnosis for both of men and women are different from each other. This article will give you enough knowledge about the symptoms of lung cancer for both genders.

Symptoms of Lung Cancer in Female

Female lung cancer or also known as adenocarcinoma is a type of lung cancer which grows on the outer layer of the lungs. The symptoms of lung cancer in a woman are actually difficult to diagnose. There are times where the lung tumor in woman is only diagnosed when it already grows big. The usual early signs of female lung cancer are both back and shoulder pain and even difficulty in breathing while doing some physical activities.

The other common symptoms of female lung cancer that requires medical attention are the following:

  • Choking blood
  • Coughing up phlegm or blood
  • Gruff sound while breathing
  • Determined cough
  • Elevated and change of mucus color

As mention above, female lung cancer is really difficult to diagnose, therefore, it can spread to other body parts as quickly as it can. It requires to be treated instantly in order to prevent the spread of tumors to the bones, lymph, liver, adrenal glands and nodes.

You will eventually notice the spread of a tumor to other parts of you are suffering from symptoms which includes headaches, fatigue, loss of muscle mass, appetite loss, blood clots, unexpected weight loss, both joint and bone pain, neck and face swelling, as well as loss of memory and bone fractures.

Symptoms of Lung Cancer in Male

The male lung cancer is very different from the females because it grows in the middle part of their lungs, which is near the bronchus. It is also known as squamous cell carcinoma. The tumor that is growing in the lungs can actually result to difficulty in the airways. It can also lead to symptoms just like chronic cough, gasping and even lung infection such as pneumonia and bronchitis. The symptoms of lung cancer in men are more unusual.

Being aware and informed about the symptoms of lung cancer can actually save your lives. Lung cancer is a serious health condition that needs a lot of medical attention. Prevent the factors that may result to lung cancer and maintaining your body healthy is extremely essential in preventing serious health problems.

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