Early signs of lung cancer that a lot of women often just ignore

Cancer happens when there is an abnormality in the cells of the body. Usually, damaged cells will die and new cells will be born to replace them. However, cancer makes the damaged cells stay while there is a continuous growth of new cells. This usually leads to the formation of cancerous tumors. There are many different kinds of cancer, depending on which part of the body are the cells showing abnormality. It can be in the breast, eye, brain, skin, blood, pancreas, and others.

Another type of cancer which is common in both men and women is lung cancer. It is characterized as having tumors made from the abnormal growth of cells in the lungs. The tumor can emerge from the back side of the lungs through metastasis moving into nearby tissues from other parts of the body. It is very dangerous and considered as the number one cancer causing death.

There are many factors that can cause lung cancer. Number one is of course smoking. Do you know that 90% of lung cancer cases happen because of smoking cigarettes? The more frequent a person smoke, and the longer years he smokes, the higher his chances of developing lung cancer in the long run. It’s because tobacco contains thousands of chemicals that are cancer-causing, in which nitrosamines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon are the primary carcinogens.

Nonsmokers are also at risk of developing lung cancer. First, because of secondhand smoke. It is when you inhale the smoke coming from people who are smoking cigarettes. Actually, secondhand smoking is more dangerous than firsthand smoking. It also increased their risks of having lung cancer. Aside from that, air pollution, radon gas, asbestos, and even genetics can make a person develop lung cancer. Finding out if you already have this disease can only happen by undergoing a radiograph.

Lung cancer affects men and women alike. As mentioned, it is very common and is the leading cause of death due to cancer. Usually, lung cancer patients are older, ranging from 65 years old and above. Only about 30% of lung cancer patients are 45 years old and below, most are older people. As dangerous as it can be, there are still symptoms that will be visible is a person already have this disease. In this article, we are going to discuss about hose early signs of lung cancer that people usually ignore. Knowing at an early time increases your chances of surviving, hence it is important to know all these.

There are many symptoms of cancer depending on what type it is. For adenocarcinoma which usually starts in the outer layer of the lungs, a type of lung cancer most common to women, identifying the symptoms are hard to do. Sometimes, signs will show themselves only when the cancer already spread and is on a severe stage. In other cases, there are still some that we could notice, however they happen almost normally that’s why it’s hard to know if your condition is already cancer.

The first that you would notice if you have adenocarcinoma is the pain in your back and shoulder when you are doing physical activities. Sometimes, you may also experience difficulty in breathing because of this. Other symptoms may appear when the cancer is no longer in its early stage. For example, coughing and choking blood, hearing a gruff sound when breathing, and a changed color of mucus.

Treating lung cancer at its early stage is one of the keys to survive it. By containing the damaged cells a d preventing them from spreading to the bones, liver, glands, and lymph, it will be easier to treat it. But because it’s hard to diagnose lung cancer on women, the cancer cells will spread faster, making it more difficult to treat afterwards. It’s really scary how this disease will eat away your life without you even knowing it.

When the cancer spread in other parts of your body, the symptoms will now be more visible. In addition to what’s already been mentioned, you may feel extreme tiredness and fatigue, headaches, have unexpected weight loss, blood clots, joint pains, loss of muscle mass, as well as loss of memory.

On the other hand, lung cancer in men usually starts near the bronchus in the middle part of the lungs, unlike in the case of women. This type of lung cancer is called squamous cell carcinoma. Because the tumor starts in the middle near ng bronchus, you may experience difficulty in breathing faster because your airways are being blocked. Aside from that, men with lung cancer may experience having other lung disease like pneumonia and bronchitis, as well as chronic coughs and gasping. These symptoms are somewhat unusual that’s why it can be noticed right away.

When it comes to treating lung cancer, there’s chemotherapy. But this treatment will destroy not only the cancer cells but the healthy cells as well. Because of this, your body will really decline in the process. But then again, prevention is so much better than cure. Why do you have to go through this harsh treatment if you can avoid it anyway? Stop smoking and start taking care of your health. But if you are smoking and sees anyone uncomfortable because of the smoke, stop it immediately. Throw your cigarette away. Don’t drag other people into the pit you’re digging because of smoking.

Cancer isn’t something to be dealt with easily. Precautions must be made and early actions must be taken in order to survive from this. First, having enough knowledge about the disease is very important so when something unusual happens to you, you’ll know what to do. Lung cancer needs immediate care, go visit your doctor if you feel any signs mentioned above. You’ll never know if what you’re feeling is already a sign of cancer or not. So to give yourself a peace of mind, just consult your doctor so they can give you a proper diagnosis.


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