Easy tricks to remove stains from whites clothes and make them whiter

You can actually get the stain of your clothes from anywhere even though you are already inside of your house, for an instance, if you are eating or drinking some foods and beverages and you unintentionally pour it to your clothes, which eventually sticks to your clothes and become a stain.

Getting rid of these stains from your clothes is quite hard because you need to use some detergent or bleaching products that contains a lot of chemicals that might affect the original color of your clothes.

These sticky stains that can be found on your clothes are sometimes cannot be removed by some detergent or stain cleaner, even though you already used the expensive one. There are a lot of stain removal formula or detergent that can be brought on the market. It can usually remove the stains but it also leaves some chemicals that lead to the change of color of your clothes, particularly the white ones.

Instead of buying those expensive detergents or bleaching agents, you can actually try to use other alterative natural solution that you can find inside your house. Some of them can be seen in your kitchen. These natural ingredients are extremely effective in getting rid of the stains and it doesn’t have any bad chemicals that can eventually affect the quality of your clothes.

We will be showing you some methods using natural ingredients that can assist you in eliminating the stain on order to get again the pure white color of your clothes.

  • Aspirin

Aspirin has been well-known in curing headache and other health issues. Amazingly, you can also utilize aspirin in cleaning your clothes. It is really effective in getting rid of the stains and it can also assist you in bringing back the pure white color of your clothes.

All you have to do is to grab a plastic basin and fill it with water then smash at least 6 tablets of aspirin before you place it in the water. Douse your clothes in the mixture and leave for about half an hour. After doing so, rinse your clothes with your regular detergent and wash with the help of water. You will eventually notice that the stains of your clothes were completely gone and it will be back in its perfect white color.

  • Baking Soda

Baking Soda or also known as sodium bicarbonate is a very popular remedy as of today due it its numerous uses and benefits that can be also helpful in getting rid of stains.

Place at least 4 liters of water in a plastic container and add a cup of baking soda then combine them thoroughly until all of the baking soda dissolve. After doing so, douse your clothes in the mixture and leave it for a couple of minutes before washing them as you usually do. You will eventually notice that the original color of your clothes comes out as the stains are removed.

  • Lemon and Vinegar

You can also utilize both of lemon and vinegar in whitening, as well as eliminating the stains on your clothes and it is extremely effective.

In order to create the solution, just mix together an equal amount of each ingredient. Rinse your clothes using this mixture and after doing so, you will eventually notice that the stains are gone and your clothes will look as white as new. Moreover, it will leave a good smell on your clothes.

You don’t have to worry anymore because all the solutions that I have mentioned above are all safe and natural. It doesn’t contain any side or harmful effects to you and your clothes. You can also try all of the techniques and I assure you that all them are effective in getting rid of those stains, as well as making your clothes whiter than the usual.

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