Foods that can save our pancreas from getting damaged

Pancreas might just be the most underrated organ in your body compared to its cousins of organs such as the heart and lungs. However, we should not take it for granted since it’s really good at doing its task in keeping your digestive liquids flowing and also regulating your glucose levels in the body since it also carries out insulin. It’s a bifunctional organ working on both the digestive and endocrine systems. So it would not be a surprise that when a pancreatic problem arises you may experience a wide array of issues concerning abdominal pain to diarrhea, vomiting, malnutrition, and even diabetes.

That might sound scary, and your gut to protect your pancreas must be off the charts now, but here’s some good news. There’s a possibility that if you practice eating the right foods and including them in your diet, you can actually heal your pancreas and may even restore your health. However, it is best not to assume that although these foods have soothing and restorative effects on your pancreas that they can solely substitute medical opinions and treatments prescribed by the specialist.

What’s Good For Your Pancreas?

You must be excited to learn what are the foods that will work well with your pancreas, but it’s also important to know what you should limit or cross out in your diet. The National Pancreas Foundation recommends a low-fat diet, with no more than 20 gm of fat per day and no more than 10 gm per meal. Alcoholic beverages should be avoided as much as possible while keeping your self well-hydrated plays an important role too.

Eat Antioxidant-Rich Fruits And Vegetables

Remember to get antioxidant-rich foods, more particularly those that are rich in dietary antioxidants selenium, zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin E, because they will help heal the pancreas. As one in-depth study done among 23,658 participants had shown that the intake of these nutrients is able to influence your risk of developing pancreatic cancer.

Little do people know that raspberry contains ellagic acid in raspberries which acts as both antimutagenic and anticarcinogenic which have been proven by studies to help lower the risk of pancreatic cancer.Red grapes, blueberries, and cherries are other antioxidant-rich fruits that are all good for the pancreas.

Eat Lean

Crossing out the burden of the extra fat while helping your pancreas is relying on lean protein sources as a good strategy to ensure you get the sufficient nutrients you need, your cardiovascular system will also owe you for this favor. By eating more chicken breasts and healthy seafood like fish you can cut down on your meat intake.If possible try switching to tofu or beans as your protein source. Limit the use of oil in your cooking and consider sprays of olive oil and other vegetable oils. The National Pancreas Foundation gives a great suggestion pertaining to using fat-free chicken stock as a great substitute to keep the meat moist minus the extra fat

Have Cruciferous Vegetables And Dark Leafy Greens

A sensible option you should really consider is consuming cruciferous vegetables such as arugula, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts since they all contain cancer-busting properties. Dark green leafy veggies such as kale, watercress, or spinach are popularly known to be great for healing the pancreas because of their high iron and B vitamins. Even though technically, basil is not a vegetable but a green herb but still offers a boost of antioxidant protection.

Carrots are rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene that’s why it is also able to provide the body with a rich supply of antioxidants and cancer-fighting falcarinol. The polyacetylene falcarinol could even possibly help with glucose uptake. On the other hand, sweet potatoes loaded with beta-carotene adds a punch too, it’s also good to know that celery can provide the body with falcarinol which keeps cancer at bay.Other vegetables that come recommended for pancreatitis are tomatoes, squash, and bell peppers.

Go Fish

Another good option for the pancreas are cold water fish and fish rich in oils and packed with omega 3 fatty acids. More than improving your body’s immunity which helps you heal better, they are also fit to fight inflammation.

Can A Liquid Diet Heal?

If your pancreas are going through excessive strain it might be better to opt for a liquid diet for a few day, since solid food takes more effort to digest.It’s almost like giving your pancreas a good break for a day or two helping them ease the load. Some good ideas are clear liquids in the form of broth,apple juice, cranberry juice, or white grape juice. But don’t get too excited to commit on a liquid diet for a long period of time, As you know, liquid diet lacks nutrients that are essential for you healh.

On a more regular basis, you could supplement your solids diet with antioxidant-rich green tea as well as these other clear liquids.

Alternative Routes

If you want to try more of the alternative treatments, the traditional Chinese medicine recommends red reishi mushrooms to stop any inflammation in the body.It also acts to bring a balance to your system so eventually heals the pancreas. There are also studies showing that it has the potential to combat tumors. The immune system also benefits from the Beta-D-glucan sugar molecule in these mushrooms.

Meanwhile, adding turmeric to your food is one of the most common remedies in Ayurveda. This aids in diarrhea and inflammation

The sattvic diet also suggests eating less meat and fat. Steer clear from sour foods together with fried and refined foods.  It also puts a huge emphasis on drinking enough water to avoid dehydration. Technically it involves a lot of fresh and whole food such as artichoke, broccoli, celery, cabbage, cauliflower, carrot, okra, as well as fruit like apples, banana, cantaloupe, grapes, and grapefruit. Rice, millets, oats, and barley are good staples.

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