Halaman maliban sa paragis na pwedeng panlaban sa 11 na mga sakit

Planet Earth has blessed us with abundant greenery,so much greenery it is also referred to as the “green planet”  because it appears like a large green carpet covering barren areas of land, This greenery such as herbs, shrubs and trees definitely helped human beings to survive over thousands of years, They provided shelter, food and even clothing for our ancestors and even to us even up to this modern age.

With our technological advances over the years, now we are able to make more use of plants to also aid our health conditions.  There have been many  herbs that have been used in the past and discovered to be potent for improving or curing some of our health issues but then again, there are still so many to be discovered and explored yet,

One of the underrated yet beneficial plant our ther is the Doob grass!

Yes, it’s that underrated that you might not have heard of it yet up until this point. So what’s so promising about this plant is that it has 11 known benefits to men as of the moment.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s head to learning all about this miraculous grass.



Doob grass also goes by different names, some of the popular ones are  couch grass, durva grass, dog’s-tooth grass,  and  Indian doob.

It is said to look plain and nothing too different from other kinds of grass but its outstanding hidden properties and benefits can speak for its importance.

It should be considered mother nature’s gift to humanity. It is very much fresh as evergreen.

The grass’ softness can be compared to silk’s and gives such refreshing scent and feeling. Here’s a fun fact; walking barefoot on doob grass has a lot of health benefits, most surprised when it comes to improving a person’s eyesight. There are three known varieties of this grass- green, blue and white. Now you get why it’s so exciting to come across a field of doob grass, it must both be beautiful and when it’s good for your body, it sure will make you feel delighted to take advantage on savoring it.

Its Appearance

Tendril of Doob Grass

This particular herb has thin yet noticeably hard stems that keep on spreading. Its roots enter the soil as it grows, at this stage, it continues to create new plants. The leaves usually grow from 2  to 4  inches long; half-inch wide and have a smooth tip. The flowers appears to be greenish or bluish in color and its fruits are in the form of tiny grains somewhat looking like peach fizz or very tiny fur.

Its Classification

Leaves of Doob grass

Doob grass is under the kingdom Plantae and ‘Poaceae’ family. Its alias or let’s speak scientifically –botanicalname is “Cynodon dactylon”. In Hindi, it goes by the name Doob, Durba Ramghas, whereas in  it is called Amari, Amrita, Gauri, Harsalika, Shatparva in Sanskrit. It’s unbelievable how this grass has been so popular all over India and its neighboring countries yet it still didn’t get enough recognition unlike other herbs.

Its Properties

Get ready as we give you a rundown of all the things you can all get from this plant, It contains proteins, fibers, magnesium salts, sodium salts, carbohydrates, potassium etc. Surprisingly it is a kind of sweet grass. It has a delectable taste and could work as an astringent, and as a great cure for many kinds of ailments.

It’s Medicinal Properties:

Moving on to an essential part of our topic. After giving you an informative description of this grass, you must be on the edge of your seat to find out how it can contribute to your physical health. So let’s go ahead and take them one by one.

1. For Epilepsy

In case of Epilepsy-

Extract of whole grass can be helpful to cure Epilepsy.

MIX sugar in its juice and give this to the patient.

If you have  a loved one who has a case of epilepsy, it’s good to prepare this concoction at home or give it to them so they can have it within their reach whenever needed,  You have to prepare the extract of its whole grass. Add some sugar and white sandalwood to it, serving it as a juice. It also aids insanity or prolonged madness heavy menstrual flow, even leucorrhoea, a heavy or thick vaginal discharge commonly caused by estrogen imbalance.

2. For Vomiting:-

Doob grass juice is known to be very helpful for people with upset stomach especially for people who are vomiting. If you use rice water or water used for rinsing rice and add the doob grass in it it will be more potent. It is believed that it helps Pittas people who are vomiting due to their body constitution. Pitta is a body type in Ayurveda that is usually of medium size and weight. They have excellent digestion but sometimes they can be careless for thinking that they can eat everything. When they are in balance, Pittas have a radiant complexion, perfect digestion, strong energy, and a huge appetite. When they are out of balance, they may suffer from  peptic ulcers,  skin rashes, excessive body heat, burning sensations, heartburn, and indigestion.

3. For Nasal bleeding:-

Nasal bleeding can be alarming. However, it’s hard to determine its main cause since it has various reasons to occur, Some could just be the random change in weather while some has deeper conditions. The good news somehow is that, now there is a fast and natural method to cure nasal bleeding.

Here are the steps for preparation:

Make a juice of pomegranate flowers with doob grass

Give this to the patient.

It controls nasal bleeding due to Tridosa — another Ayurvedic term concerning  ‘a group of three basic elements i.e., Vata, Pitta and Kapha. To sum it up, a person should reach balance in his or her body constitution with his lifestyle. When your dosha is imbalanced it can lead to ailments.

You can also, take nasya of doob grass juice, grapes, sugar cane juice, cow’s milk, onion juice and flowers of pomegranate.

Put drops of juice of its whole plant in the nose.

It immediately controls nasal bleeding.

4. For Urinary problems:-

Whenever any kind of urinary or renal disorders occurs, you can administer the following:

Put doob grass and sugar together.

Grind and strain the solution.

When this is given to the patient It controls blood flow in the urine.

Prepare a decoction of doob grass and give it to the patient.

It relieves and causes excess urination.

You can also grind doob grass in milk and strain the solution.

Give this to the patient; it cures burning sensation during urination.

5. For Skin problems:

When skin problems like itching and eczema occur, follow this:

Grinding doob grass with turmeric can cure eczema and itching of skin. Apply this paste mixture on the skin.

Taking 4 cups of doob grass and preparing a medicated oil out of it can also be useful to soothe eczema and itchiness. Apply this oil on the affected areas.

6. For A headache:-

Take equal quantities of doob grass and grams.

Grind them in water and form a paste.

Apply this paste on the forehead. It cures a headache.

7. For Ascites:-

A quick description of Ascites  is the accumulation of protein-containing (ascitic) fluid within the abdomen. Numerous  disorders can be attributed to ascites, but the most common is high blood pressure in the veins that bring blood to the liver also called portal hypertension which is usually due to cirrhosis.

Grind doob grass with black pepper.

Give this to the patient thrice a day.

It causes excess urination which helps to cure ascites and swelling of the body.

8. For Diarrhea:-

Give fresh juice of tender doob grass.

It has binding properties to help your stomach in managing the consistency of feces and is beneficial in curing diarrhea.

Boil doob grass with ginger root.

Give this solution to the patient.

9. For Malaria fever:-

Mix Atees powder in doob grass juice.

Proper dosage should be twice thrice a day.

It is beneficial in curing the recurring Malaria fever.

10. For Diseases in children:

When children get sick they really run out of energy.

It’s best to try the following,

Grind doob grass with long branches. which generally grows around well.

Strain the solution and add 2-3 gm; finely powdered nagkesar and green cardamom.

Give this to the child, whose palate has gone weak.

Put a few drops in child’s nose and let the child inhale it.

Its consumption gives energy to the body.

11. For Bleeding diathesis:-

Add white doob grass in water and grind it.

Strain the solution with a fine cloth.

Add sugar candy to it and give this to the patient. O brown sugar.

It is beneficial in leucorrhoea.

It is indeed amazing how you can use the Doob grass as cure for internal and external ailments, We hope this added information will be useful to you and that you can spread the knowledge of how powerful this underrated grass is!

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