Health benefits of betel leaves can give to our body

Betel leaf has been known for its abundance in places across India and it has been used for Hindu religious ceremonies. It always has been a usual practice that after a meal, betel leaves as Ayurveda, is used for chewing it as paan (areca nuts, slaked lime, tobacco powder, flavoring agents and the like and they are wrapped within a betel leaf and being consumed in order to get its flavors.)

Betel leaves are not only used for traditional purposes, it also used for its medicinal properties. It contains a huge amount of Vitamin C, calcium, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, as well as carotene. Studies show that betel leaves contains anti-cancer properties and a lot of other health benefits when they are consumed without adding any areca nuts, slaked lime, tobacco powder and flavoring agents.

Here are the health benefits of betel leaves:

For Indigestion

Betel leaf will work well for all of these kinds of symptoms. Both carom seeds and betel leaf by themselves are extremely good for treating indigestion but when it is combined together it makes a lot more effective home remedy. Creating this remedy couldn’t be any simpler. Simply grab a fresh betel leaf, add some amount of carom seeds, as well as pinch of salt. Roll it up, chew and swallow it with a glass of water. You can also try to use fresh, tender betel leaf for the remedy and it can be used for children too. This remedy provides immediate relief, so why take antacids, when you can have such an easy and effective home remedy like this?

For Cold

Betel leaf is also extremely good for treating cold and the best way to use them is by creating a kashayam with it. Any herbal extract that is used for treating illness has been known as kashayam and it can be very simple like this betel leaf kashayam. Commonly, kashayam is being made by boiling the herbs with the water but for this kind of remedy, all we need is the extract. It doesn’t matter whether it is simple recipe that is made with just 1 or 2 ingredients, because its result is what matters most. Betel leaf kashayam has the ability to give relief from chest congestion. In order to make the kashayam, grab a betel leaf and grind it along with boiled water in a mixer and extract its juice. Add a pinch of pepper powder in this juice, as well as a pinch of dry ginger powder.

For Headache

Just like we have mentioned earlier, using betel leaf for treating headache has been done from a lot of years now. A lady worker from the neighboring farm has always been putting betel leaves to her temples in the mornings during the cold winter season. One day, when I asked her about it, she replied that it has the ability to prevent headaches since she has to get up early every day during winter season in order to milk the cows. This is the major reason why I love home remedies, you can actually use it for months without having any side effects or any allergies at all. For headaches, you can either apply tiny pieces of fresh betel leaf on either side of your temples. In order to create the extract, grind the betel leaf with a little amount of boiled water and then extract its juice. Add several drops of camphor essential oil to the extracted juice. Apply this mixture on your temples in order to get great soothing feeling from headache. You can also boil the leaves in water and inhale its vapor.

For Poison

Betel leaf and peppercorns are known as a great combination and it can be used for several reasons. This mixture is well-known and you can actually find it mentioned in numerous books. Experiencing a poison from any unknown sources is really dangerous, particularly if there is no immediate medical help nearby. These are the times where herbs come in extremely handy and there are times where they can be life savers, too. Betel leaf along with peppercorns works as a natural antidote for minor insect poisons and it can be very beneficial. Just grab a single betel leaf and place at least 4 to 5 peppercorns in the middle, then fold to make a parcel, chew and swallow. This remedy can be given to children, too. You can also boil the ingredients with a cup of water until it is reduced to half, then strain and use it as a home remedy for curing indigestion.

For Pimples and Skin

Since betel leaf is known as an antiseptic, it makes a really good external heating pad that can be used in treating pimples on the face, minor wounds, as well as treating stomach pain for babies. For treating pimples, just create a smooth and thick paste of tender betel leaves with a little amount of boiled water, and then apply it on the spots. As a preventive measure, you can also create a facial wash liquid with betel leaves by boiling them in water and using it for the face. This same liquid can also be used for gargling because it can be a remedy for sore throat.

Betel leaf juice can also be applied externally on the skin in order to cure skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. Betel leaf can also be used for babies in treating stomach pain because of its heat. This compress is extremely comforting to the babies, but you have to be extra careful about the heat, check every single time on yourself before applying the leaf on the babies because it is easy to overheat the leaves.

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