How to prepare the best homemade apple cider vinegar

Home cooking is the best because it has a specific taste that only you can make you or your family members can make. You also get to choose what are the ingredients that you will you be putting in your dish. Some even have a “secret ingredient” that they won’t really share even with the person closest to them. There are many ingredients that are favorites of those who work in the kitchen that every time they go to the grocery store, they definitely have to buy it. An example of that is ACV or apple cider vinegar.

Since years and years before, apple cider vinegar has been used in cooking in different cultures. It is perhaps the most well-known vinegar there is in this world. It gives a certain taste to dishes, and is also very healthy that’s why herbal medicine practitioners like it very much. It is claimed to be helpful in losing weight, can regulate the blood sugar level, and can put heart health in check. There are other amazing benefits of ACV that you should be aware of. Here are some of those.

  1. Heart friendly. Basing on speculations isn’t really trustworthy, but this is a fact proven by many researches. Half an ounce of ACV a day has the ability to lower LDL or the bad cholesterol in body. Meaning, if there is less LDL then it is likely that clogging in the blood vessels will not happen, hence high blood pressure and other heart complications will be prevented.
  2. Help in losing pounds. Apple cider vinegar is also a favorite of those trying to lose some weight. It is because ACV can give a boost to your metabolism and reduce your water retention. Once consumed, you’ll also feel full because of its acetic acid, you will not eat anymore, meaning less carbs. Studies have also proven that ACV can regulate the amount of calories entering the bloodstream.
  3. Energy boost. Feeling tired after working heavy duties is basically normal, but if you still have work to do and you’re already exhausted then that’s a problem. In times like this, you can just drink a glass of water added with a tablespoon of ACV. Its potassium content will give you an energy boost, while its amino acid will counter the lactic acid which is responsible for your fatigue feeling.
  4. Aids in stomach problems. If you are having an upset stomach or diarrhea, here is a simple trick for you to do. Just add a bit of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, drink it, and let it do its work. ACV is able to ease your tummy problems because of its antibacterial properties that will counter the bacteria causing your diarrhea. Intestinal spasm is also curable by apple cider because of its pectin content. Just consume the same mixture of water and ACV.
  5. Whitens teeth. Before brushing your teeth, you can try using apple cider vinegar as gargle to remove stains and whiten you teeth. To have sparkly white teeth, it is also advisable to use baking soda or salt as toothpaste at least once a week, but don’t forget to gargle ACV before doing so. Just continue this routine and you will surely see your desired results.
  6. Getting rid of acne. If you want to make you face healthier and away from acne and other infections, one way to do that is to use apple cider vinegar. ACV has antibacterial properties that can get rid of the bacteria causing acne, its malic and lactic acids on the other hand can  remove red spots, soften and make the skin better. With this, your skin will definitely be healthier.

With all of these benefits, it’s not surprising why since way back up until now, many people have included ACV in their dishes. They always have stock of ACV in their kitchen, and they’ll buy a new one if it runs out. However, not everyone can always buy this product in the market or grocery stores. Not everyone can afford it that’s why it is better to just make it yourself. Yes, it is possible to make apple cider all by yourself if you will just follow the correct procedure. And that is what we will also be showing you in this article.

Knowing how to make apple cider vinegar on your own comes with pros as well. Let’s say you can afford to buy it, but what if your stock runs out and you really need it at that exact moment? What will you do? Ready your pen and paper and take note of the following. Here’s how to make your own ACV.

Of course, you need to prepare the ingredients first. You’ll need a piece of cloth, rubber bands, mineral water, a large glass container or jar, 3 tablespoon of sugar, and one kilogram of apples so have them ready. Moving on to the procedure, wash then peel the apples, and then cut them into smaller pieces. Put the pieces of apple in the container, add the water a d 3 tablespoon of sugar and then cover it tightly with the piece of cloth and rubber band. All that is left to do is to wait for five to six weeks as you put the container in a dark place with a temperature of 15-26°C.

Once the set date is done, separate the liquid from the then fermented apples using a strainer, then put the liquid in another container for the next three days. Once the 3 days is up, try tasting the liquid to know if it already tasted alright. And there you have it, your very own apple cider vinegar is now ready.

Apple cider vinegar is a powerhouse of medical benefits, that’s why knowing how to make it yourself is really beneficial for you. Although it is true that buying ACV on stores is much easier than making it, it is still important to know how to do the latter in case something happens. Don’t forget to share this article so everyone may enjoy these benefits.

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