How to relieve stress using acupressure or pressure points

With the advent of modern medicine, there are some traditional ways of healing that we now tend to put aside and regard them as “alternatives”. Although it is true that medicine now is much faster in treating people, we shouldn’t patronize them like they are the only cure in the world. There are some people who loses hope because they don’t have the money to avail these medicines. They are forgetting that there are other ways of healing.

The misconception of the impossibility of getting better or being cured with the absence of modern medicine must be taken down. It is not true. Remember that our forefathers made it through their time without these new medicine. Don’t tell me that they didn’t got sick before because that would be ignorance. They did got sick and got better by utilizing what was present in those times.

At our present time where almost all our pains and sickness are curable by modern medicine, there are circumstances when we try to heal ourselves by trying “alternative” ways of healing. We sometimes experimented on how can we cure ourselves without consulting the doctors. Like when we have a flu, we have a special recipe that can make us feel better. And that is very fine. Because that only means we are not limiting ourselves to the present state of knowledge in medicine.

But when it comes to more complicated sickness like back pains and the likes, we find it difficult to cure ourselves. Just simply giving our backs some massage just won’t make us feel better, hence, we see a doctor and ask for pain relievers. However, that’s not the only cure there is. Have you heard of acupressure?

This may sound very similar to acupuncture but acupressure is very different. Yes, there are some point in our body that you should know, but this method does not include needles. Here, you only need to put the right amount of pressure on those points for you to feel better. Acupressure is centered on the flow of energy in your acupoints, and is a practice of getting rid of the imbalance by putting pressure on those points. It is very effective because it doesn’t just treat your sickness but eliminate the root of that sickness as well.

If you find it hard to understand, just imagine the flow of energy in your body like a free flowing river. If you put rocks on the way of the water, it won’t be able to pass through and will cause clogging. In reality, those “rocks” are the stress that are stopping your energy from flowing. If you break down those rocks, or in this case, if you put pressure on those stress, then the energy will be able to flow freely on your acupoints. Acupressure uses only fingers or a few instruments in putting pressure to your points.

Of course, you can’t possibly get rid of all you stress in life. But if you are too stressed lately that you are even having pains in your body, it’s time for you to relax and de-stress. De-stressing is as important as restarting the flow of energy in your body. And through acupressure, you can now de-stress while healing your pain at the same time.

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