I though I would lived as a diabetic all my life. Now and an Ex Diabetic thanks to fig leaves

Diabetes occurs when the insulin production of a person becomes abnormal, making the sugar of the blood or glucose difficult to absorb. It is a very serious and threatening disease because when a person is suffering from it, he isn’t just battling his blood sugar levels but other sickness worse than diabetes as well. And that’s what makes it very dangerous, the complications that come along with diabetes.

People with diabetes usually have medications that they have to take for their entire lifetime. However, those medicine will only prevent their condition from worsening, and not to cure it completely. One could say that it a person develops diabetes, then it would be for life because this sickness doesn’t have a concrete treatment yet. So the only thing doctors can do for their diabetic patients is to prescribe medicine to make their blood sugar level stable.

In terms of medicine developed by science, there really is no definite cure for diabetes yet. However, it becomes a totally different story if we talk about natural and herbal medicine. It was fortunate that nature gave us a lot of herbal medicine because now, diabetes can even be countered thanks to a natural infusion. Are you familiar with fig tree? Because that is exactly what we need for the job. This plant is a star even among other herbal medicine that is useful treating diabetes. It can regulate the glucose very well, and has high portions of insulin that’s why taking injections to control blood sugar level won’t be necessary anymore.

But that’s not all. There are plenty of ways in which fig tree can be very helpful. Let me list it down for you.

  1. Rich in fiber. Fig is one of those fiber-rich foods that everyone should really be consuming. The fiber content of fig fruit is very helpful in improving the digestive system by giving it a boost. And because it can boost a person’s digestion process, this fruit is also recommended for overweight or obese people, or to anyone trying to lose some pounds. Fig is very easy to digest so you don’t have to worry about any side effects occurring in the stomach.
  2. Prevent ulcer. By eating fig, one’s digestive system is being improved. Because of that, there is certainty that the stomach is protected from any kind of acid reflux and sores in the lining of the stomach. This also makes the fruit a good treatment for ulcer so if you are experiencing such condition then just chew a few fig leaves and swallow the juice you got from it.
  3. Prevent constipation. Ulcer isn’t the only digestive issue that fig can solve, constipation is also curable and preventable by fig. This is because fig has a huge amount of laxative content, that’s why the intestines are being guarded from any complications that would harm them and cause constipation.
  4. Has antioxidant properties. Aside from fiber, fig also has antioxidant properties which the body needs to take care of damaged cells. Eating a couple of dry figs would be good to increase the stored antioxidant inside you.
  5. Improves bone density. Bones compose the framework of the body so it is important to take good care of them. One way to do that is by consuming fig that is proven to have a great amount of calcium than can make bones stronger. That’s why this fruit is highly recommended especially to menopausal women whose bones are weakening in that age. Aside from that, fig also has the ability to prevent bone deterioration because of the loss of calcium through urination.
  6. Anti-rheumatic. Joint pain can really be a cause of concern because it can hinder a person from doing his task. So to avoid experiencing rheumatic pain, it is advisable to consume fig. All the more if your family has a history of this condition, or you are a sports inclined person.
  7. Improves respiratory health. Fig is also a great help in preventing respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and asthma because of its expectorant power. With this, the lungs and the respiratory tract are being cleaned and free from clogging. Boiling fig leaves a d drinking it will provide relief in the respiratory tract hence preventing any complications. It is also a great way to remove the phlegm and mucus that can block the airway.
  8. Heart health. Fig is also a source of different nutrients needed for a good cardiovascular system, making it a heart-friendly fruit. First, it contains triglycerides which is essential in preventing obesity and cardiac arrest. Aside from that, it’s potassium content can regulate the blood pressure. This way, it is almost certain that no heart attacks and other heart diseases will happen to you. Eating fig everyday will surely prove to be a great way of improving your heart health.

Now that you are aware of these benefits that you could have if you consume fig, I’m sure you’re very eager to learn how to make this natural infusion. It’s actually very simple. First, just gather three (3) pieces of fig leaves, then boil it in a half liter of water for about 15 minutes. Once you are done, cool it down then transfer it to a jar or container. Use this as drinking water everyday for one month, wait and see the wonderful results.

Including fig in your diet is surely a great way to improve your overall health. Just imagine, by drinking this natural infusion, you could prevent yourself from having complications in the heart, respiratory, and digestive system, and even diabetes. If you want, you could eat the fruit instead of drinking the infusion. It’s tasty and not very pricey. But no matter how you prefer consuming fig, one thing is for sure. That is you are doing your health a very big favor. So what are you waiting for? Hurry and try it now!

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