If you have a type O blood you should avoid doing this, for a healthy life

Blood is like the water of life inside a human body. It carries the oxygen and nutrients needed by the different body organs. Blood is very important because without it, the organs can’t keep doing what they are suppose to because they won’t have the strength to do so. You could say that blood keeps as alive and functioning.

There are different kinds of blood type depending on the presence and absence of antibodies and inherited antigenic substance found on the surface of the RBC or Red Blood Cells. These types are named as Type A, which only has A antigen on red cells;  B, only having B antigens; AB, which has both A and B antigens present in the red cells and; O, has none on the red cell but in the plasma. Another factor needing in naming blood types is the protein named Rh factor which is either absent (-) or present (+), creating a variation of the mentioned blood types such as Type A (+), Type A (-), and so on.

These definitions are very scientific with all the evidences they need as support. However, there was a study in Japan before where one can tell what type of blood does another person have just by analyzing their traits and personalities. Scientists believed that this line of thinking or theory is more of a superstition than a fact because there are no strong proof that can support this claim. The irony in that because Aristotle, the renowned scientist himself, believes that traits can be inherited through blood.

The theory of a person’s personality and attitude relating to his blood type becomes very popular, especially in East Asian countries like China, South Korean, and Japan. That is why when you apply for a job in these countries and other countries as well, they will ask you for your blood type. They believe that personality in the workplace is important, and they try to determine if you are compatible to them through your blood type and interviews.

Why it became popular is because many people claim that most of their personality is the same or close to the description provided for their blood type. For example, people with blood Type A are usually more reserved, patient, cautious, and responsible. They do get along with others well but sometimes, they have the tendency to feel anxious. Britney Spears, George W. Bush, and Jet Li are among persons with Type A blood.

Type B’s, on the other hand, are the natural magnet of people. They are very friendly, know how to socialize and vet along well with other people. They are sensitive of other people’s feelings, that’s why they can adjust well to deal with different persons. They are also good at decision making, but sometimes it is hard for them to give orders themselves. Type B’s like Leonardo DiCaprio and Jack Nicholson are very creative and hardworking.

People having Type AB blood is more carefree and freedom-loving. They are very rational and can get through situation without their emotions getting in the way. They always remain calm to think, and are able to adapt easily. However, because of their freedom loving personality, they can be aloof sometimes. And because they are a combination of Types A and B, they can be confident and outgoing, and shy and reserved sometimes. John F. Kennedy, Barrack Obama, and Jackie Chan have blood Type AB.

Lastly, Type O’s strong-willed and strong determined members of the society. They are very competitive, driven by success and also seeking for it. They are very productive that’s why they play a very important role in shaping the society. People with Type O blood are very responsible and determined, making people like them. They always get the job done and are very efficient in their craft. Excellent and powerful leaders.

However, because of their confidence and competitiveness, they can be a bit spiteful and self-centered sometimes. They are too much of a workaholic that’s why they often miss the fun things in life. Type O’s can be very aggressive and ruthless when they want something. And when experiencing too much stress, they tend to be impulsive and hyperactive. To name a few, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles have Type O blood.

Aside from that, Type O’s commonly lack the substance which regulates thyroid hormones, the iodine, that’s why they are susceptible to thyroid problems and ulcer. They may also fall victim to fatigue, obesity, and fluid retention. To make sure Type O’s in the best of their abilities all the time, they must limit their consumption of caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine can increase the amount of adrenaline in the body, which is already high for people having Type O blood in the first place. Caffeine can harm these people so its best to just avoid them as much as possible.

Exercise is also needed. If you are  Type O, you need to exercise at least three to four times a week to keep your body healthy. All your spirit in competitiveness can sometimes drain and tire you out, hence having your physical body at its best can help you experience these less frequent and less severe. But don’t worry, your personality is still what’s most needed for a successful life, so chances are you’ll lead a productive and optimistic life.

This theory becomes very popular that in some countries, they even use blood Types for compatibility and match making. Some like reading them but didn’t really believe in them. That’s okay because it is yet to be proven scientifically. Scientists even line this belief with horoscopes which based personality on zodiac signs. However, there is no wrong in believing these things especially when they hit your personality spot on. What’s important is that whether you believe it in or not, never discriminate just because of blood types. You’ll never really understand a person until you take time and effort to get to know him.

If Your Blood Type Is O, You Should Avoid Doing This To Save Your Life!

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