Important information on how to stop a heart attack in 1 minute

A lot of people are too busy looking for the things that will actually help them in order to improve their entire health not even knowing that what they are looking for is sometimes right there in front of them already. Most of people are not informed that a simple yet powerful ingredient can become really effective in inhibiting a heart attack to happen in just a minute or less.

Do you what cayenne pepper is? Have you ever heard about this kind of food? If not, then let me introduce to you cayenne pepper. Cayenne has been known as the most popular kind of chili pepper. You have to make sure that you always have some of it at hand, in order to save a life not only your life, but also the life of the people around you, especially your family and friends in case a heart attack unexpectedly happens.

Due to being too much well-known, cayenne pepper has become the topic of most health experts in their studies, which includes the study of Dr. Richard Schulz. A lot of doctors are really amazed and shocked to know the healing properties that a cayenne pepper contains. It was more than of what they are thinking of. Indeed, it can be said that it is small, but terrible.

Dr. Christopher, an American herbalist who stayed in his career for almost 30 years never gave up in his study on finding solution for a heart attack, gave a huge credit to the ability of cayenne pepper in saving lives. He has already treated a lot of patients who have suffered from heart attacks and eventually get better with the help of just a cup pf cayenne pepper tea, in just a matter of minute, all of them recovered easily.

According to Dr. Christopher, he has never lost not even one heart attack case. He firmly believes that if the person is still breathing when she or he have arrived, then there is still a huge chance to easily survive and recover, and all of this will be possible with the help of our ultimate life-saver, cayenne pepper.

Many people may not actually believe that it is possible, but what makes it even more significant and imaginable is the fact that all of these scientist and health exerts base their assumptions and theories about cayenne pepper on their own personal experiences, and not in those studies that can be controlled by different conditions and circumstances.

Here is what you will do to with your Cayenne Pepper:

According to the Scoville Heat Units or SHU, cayenne pepper contains around 90,000 Scoville Units. This unit is just the same with other species of peppers, which includes Habanero, African Bird, Thai Chi, as well as Jamaican Hot Pepper, Jalapeño and even Scotch Bonet. You don’t have to worry because cayenne pepper can be easily found in supermarkets, oriental grocery stores and even in some health food stores in affordable prices. It is all natural, budget wise and a healthy food that each home should definitely have at hand.

If you already have some cayenne pepper at your home, then it is a great idea because all you need to is to simply give the person who is suffering from a heart attack at least 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper that was combined with a glass of water. The patient needs to be awake and conscious in order to do this kind of act.

However, in some cases where the patient is unconscious and already knocked out, you can actually use a cayenne pepper extract. Just simply place a few drops of it under the tongue of the patient, wait for some time in order to see the results.

You have to put in your mind so that you may believe to those health experts who are declaring that they never lost a patient due to ability of this amazing and immediate therapy. Without a doubt, cayenne pepper is the answer to the human problem, particularly in health.

The Cayenne Tincture Recipe of Dr. Schulz:

There are a lot of home remedies and solutions that you can actually encounter due to its popularity, especially to those people who love to consume healthy foods just like fruits and vegetables. Nonetheless, this kind of tincture has been known as one of the best remedy for emergency and unexpected cases, which includes sudden heart attack. With the help of just a single ingredient, cayenne pepper, you can save millions of lives in the entire world.

Cayenne pepper is a well-known type of chili pepper. Chili is an abundant tropical plant, and not the same with peppers, it is a continuing plant. Ground chili has been known to be at least twenty times stronger than the regular pepper that you could actually consume, because it has more amount of capsaicin, which is a pepper alkaloid. The heat that the chili pepper contains is completely different to the size that the pepper has, therefore, the tiniest peppers are most commonly the hottest one. And these kinds of peppers are the ones you should opt to.


  • Cayenne Pepper powder
  • 1 to 3 fresh Cayenne Peppers
  • 50% Alcohol or you can also use vodka
  • 1 Liter of glass bottle
  • Gloves

Method of Preparation:

  • Put on your gloves in order to be start the preparation in a clean and safe way.
  • Pour at least a quarter of the glass bottle with the use of cayenne pepper powder. Then, fill enough amount of alcohol that will eventually cover the powder inside.
  • With the use of a blender, combine fresh pieces of cayenne pepper with sufficient amount of alcohol so that you will create a liquid mixture.
  • After doing so, transfer the liquid mixture in the glass bottle that it will be filled.
  • Place the lid on and shake the bottle for some time.
  • Store the remedy in a dark place with a room temperature for at least two consecutive weeks.
  • For a stronger effect, leave the remedy for around three months before straining.
  • Just leave it there until you need it because it will not spoil anyway.

Dosage Recommendation by Dr. Schulz:

Just 5 to 10 drops of this mixture should be given to the conscious or awake patient who has suffered from an unexpected heart attack or even stroke. After several minutes, give another 5 to 10 drops. Just do the treatment again and again until the condition of the patient eventually improved and recovered.

On the other hand, in the case where the patient is unconscious, put at least 1 to 3 drops under his or her tongue and start to do CPR. Simply repeat the process after 5 minutes and then repeat for another 5 minutes or until the condition of the patient finally improved.

Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper:

As a matter of fact, cayenne pepper is not only beneficial in this kind of situation but it can also be used in order to treat other types of illnesses. It contains anti-fungal properties that can actually help in the incidence of both Phomopsis and Colletotrichum.

Cayenne pepper has become extremely popular due to its amazing and effective impacts on the health of every individual. It is beneficial too on the digestive issues because it has the ability to stimulate the creation and development of gastric juices, as well as to assist in relieving gases.

Not only that, cayenne pepper also contain anticancer properties, and they are particularly suggested to those people who are diagnosed with lung cancer, as well as those individuals who used to smoke and those who keep on smoking until now. Most of the experts assumed that the capsaicin that can be found in cayenne pepper has the amazing ability to inhibit the development of tumors that was caused by tobacco, and the same results was found in the patients that have been diagnosed with liver cancer.

Last but not the least, it is also extremely useful in the treatment of several health problems, which includes stomach issues,  flu symptoms, migraines, allergies, redness, obesity, as well as toothache and arthritis.

Nutritional Value

Cayenne pepper has been known as one of the strongest natural and organic spices that can actually do miracles, particularly in saving lives of a lot of people with the connection with the heart. If you are having a hard time and suffering from some heart issues, always have this natural home remedy on hand so that you will always be ready.

Cayenne pepper has been known as a potent stimulant that has the ability to elevate the heart rate, as well as to transport blood to all parts of the body and it even helps in balancing the circulation of blood, too. It contains hemostatic effects that can actually prevent bleeding as soon as possible and it can also aid in faster recovery from heart attack. It is loaded with 26 different nutrients, as well as minerals such as zinc, selenium, calcium and magnesium.

Due to the stimulating effect that it has on the body, it can actually help in hastening the circulation, which as a result enhances the digestion, as well as the absorption of the needed nutrients by the body. As a result, it will eventually improve or elevate the effectiveness of any herbal formula that you will consume.

As a matter of fact, cayenne pepper has been usually used in this kind of way in order to treat arthritis, several female issues, different infections, heart or circulatory problems, as well as laxative, diuretics, ulcers, thyroid problems and the like.

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