Kalahating baso lang nito at matutulungan kayong mawala ang kidney stones mo

Our body is consists of several systems that work together to make our body work. Every one of these body systems have their own functions which help the body in specific ways. Also, every system is made up of multiple body organs that work together for their shared purpose. For example, every person has the Circulatory System. This system’s main purpose is to make the blood glow throughout our body, and make sure that oxygen and nutrients are being flowed towards every single organ of the body. Here, the heart is the main organ, which pumps the blood to our entire body. The blood vessels like the arteries, which carries blood away from the heart and towards the other part, and the veins which carries the blood back to the heart.

There are other body systems that we, as humans, have. There’s the Digestive System which is responsible for the breakdown of food, absorption of nutrients to provide for energy, and to remove the waste from us. Part of this system are of course the stomach, liver, large and small intestines, etc. Another one is the Nervous System wherein the brain is the main organ, together with the spinal cord and the nerves of the body. The brain sends signals to through the nerves that’s why we are able to react to different stimulus.

Aside from those, we also have the Urinary System and the Excretory System. The former is responsible for filtering our liquid intakes, while the latter remove wastes products and other toxins in our body. These two, like any other system, have different organs which composed them. However, they share one body organ which serves the same purpose for both of them and that is the kidney. They kidneys are two bean-shaped organs located at the lower back part of our body, each being at the opposite sides of the spinal column.

As mentioned, the kidneys filter and remove the toxins from our body, which we get from eating and drinking unhealthy foods. This organ is also responsible for regulating and balancing our body fluids, and removing wastes through the process of urination. Aside from that, the kidneys also filter our blood as it flows through them. The blood passes through the kidneys several times a day and each time, the blood carries oxygen to these organs. In return, the kidneys remove the toxins in the blood and store it before removing it from the body. The filtered blood, on the other hand, will leave the kidney and will flow through the body.

This process of filtering and removing of waste continues without stopping. The kidneys would clean the blood, the toxins are removed through urination, while the cleaned blood flows through the body. That is why, it is important to have regular urination so that the toxins ma be flush out immediately. However, because this process happens repeatedly, it’s no wonder why our kidneys get weak and tired. Specially because of our over-consuming of salt and other unhealthy foods, our organs which detoxifies our body becomes the one who needs detoxification. If the toxins aren’t removed immediately, and we already have another set of toxins waiting to be filtered, they might come together and crystalized, which brought about a condition we call as “kidney stones”.

Kidney stones are the toxins that have crystalized into small pebble-like particles that are composed of sodium and minerals. They became blockages to the urinary tract which makes urination painful. At its early stage, kidney stones are still small and can still be melted and flushed out of the body if a person will drink lots and lots of water. However, if this condition is neglected, nothing is done, and a person continued to consume unhealthy foods and beverages, then it may accumulate other toxins and form an even bigger kidney stone which, if it were to be removed, only a surgery can do so.

But, you don’t have to worry anymore because in this article, we will be teaching you how to remove kidney stones using an alternative herbal medicine. Before we go on further  let us know first what are the things that causes kidney stones. As it was mentioned, unhealthy foods and beverages are part of them. Junk foods and soft drinks are to be limited, if not totally avoided. Aside from that, a person should also regulate his/her consumption of processed food because it contains a high amount of sodium. If you consume too much sodium, there will be an imbalance in your body and your kidneys will be strained keeping the balance by filtering these things. So instead of these, just try to consume more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Another that causes imbalance, and therefor leading to kidney stones, is not drinking enough water. As mentioned awhile ago, the kidneys regulates the fluids of the body. If there is a lack of water and just an abundance of sodium and minerals, then it is to be expected that you’re likely to suffer from having kidney stones. Moreover, drinking lots of water will make the tiny crystalizing kidney stones to disintegrate and be flushed out of the body through a nice flow of urination. You can only imagine what not having enough water in the body will make you. Thus, it is also important to always stay hydrated.

Now, let us proceed to the highlight of the article. How to remove kidney stones using an alternative herbal medicine. For this homemade recipe, you’ll have to prepare a few things but not to worry because they aren’t costly. If you have six (6) ounces of water and two (2) ounces of lemon juice then you’re good to go. How to use these 2 to clean your kidney is very simple. Just nix these ingredients and drink aa half a cup of this mixture before your every meal.

If you do this continuously, you can be sure that no kidney stones will be blocking your urinary tract. However, you shouldn’t be satisfied with just this, you need to make an extra effort to take care of your kidneys. Eat a lot of healthy foods, drink a lot of water, and just have a healthy lifestyle. After all, it’s better to prevent your health from weakening than to restoring it back to normal.

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