Learn how to grow your own lemon tree indoors from a lemon seed

Lemons are well-known citrus fruit that is an all-time favorite of many people. With its amazing taste and many benefits to people, it’s no wonder why many love this fruit very much. Being a citrus fruit, lemons are very rich in antioxidant properties, and has high levels of Vitamin C which is important to maintain a good and healthy immune system. It’s also rich from Vitamin A, B6, and E, as well as iron, phosphorus, zinc, potassium, magnesium, and other minerals that are helpful in many ways.

For instance, because lemons store a huge amount of Vitamin C, consuming it in a regular basis can help prevent the development of cancer cells and tumors. The free radicals that are responsible for the emergence of cancer in aperson are being destroyed thanks to Vitamin C which is also a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin C also helps maintain a fair and nice skin, which is why women love it very much. With this vitamin, lemons are very effective when it comes to fixing damaged skin that is caused by too much exposure to the sun and pollution.

Respiratory ailments will also be avoided if a person regularly consumes a lemon. Once again thanks to the Vitamin C this fruit has, difficulty in breathing and other conditions related to this such as asthma are being avoided. If you want to avoid having long-term respiratory disease then make it a habit to eat lemon fruit or drink its juice in a regular basis.

If you’re dealing with an upset stomach then try consuming lemon to ease the feeling, it’s very effective. In conditions of the stomach such as indigestion and constipation, lemon juice will serve as a blood purifier that will surely ease the uncomfortable sensation you are feeling. Moreover, drinking lemon juice can also help people who has a flu or fever. Only, get ready to sweat so much because it’s lemon’s way of lowering your fever.

Because of the phosphorus and calcium content of lemons, it’s a great alternative to have stronger and healthier teeth. When it comes to dental care, lemons are also used to stop bleeding gums and cure the pain one is feeling in that area. Once you use lemons for these purposes, you won’t have to worry about having smelly breath because this fruit will also fix this problem for you.

The benefits of lemon doesn’t stop there, there is still a lot more that this fruit can offer. For example, it’s good for hair and skin care, can help a person lose weight, prevent different heart diseases as it can regulate the blood pressure, cure bone conditions such as rheumatism, and many more. Indeed, lemons are full of greatness that needs to be known by all.

Having to know all these things, we are very sure that most of you, if not all, are wanting to benefit from this greatness. You are free to do so, there’s a lot of lemons being sold in the market. But do you know what’s better than buying this fruit with a hefty price? It’s growing your own lemon tree so you can have lemons for free every time you want one. Don’t worry, cultivating this kind of tree is very easy, and we’ll teach you how to do it. So now, prepare your pen and paper, get ready to jot this down.

For a lemon tree to grow healthy and stand tall, you’ll need to make sure to meet the following conditions:

  • Have the perfect location where you’ll plant the lemon tree so it can get as much sunlight as it needs.
  • Ready an organic lemon with germinating seeds to be planted, not a non-organic one that often lacks such seeds.
  • Prepare a 24 inches wide seedling pot that is 12 inches deep.
  • Prepare a good soil where you’ll plant the seeds, and fertilizers that will help the seeds to grow into a strong lemon tree.
  • Have a planting pot whose width and deepness are both six (6).

Once you are done with this checklist, you are now ready to move into action and plant the lemon tree. For the procedure, just do as follows:

  • Make the potting soil damp by watering and moistening it a little
  • Put enough soil to fill an entire small pot without reaching its rim. An inch below this line is enough.
  • Get the seeds from the organic lemon that you have by cutting it open and removing the pulps and other flesh of the fruit.
  • Plant the seeds in the middle of the damp soil for about half an inch deep. Remember, the soil must only be damped a little and not completely, it is what is needed for the seeds to mature.
  • Cover the seeds with soil gently and water it a little.
  • Get a plastic wrap and rubber band and use it to seal the whole pot. Once it’s done, put some holes on the top of the plastic wrap so the air can still pass through.
  • Be sure to place the pot in the perfect spot where it could get enough sunlight.
  • Make sure to water it occasionally, not necessarily all the time. Not much water is needed for the seed to grow so don’t water it too much, it’s enough that the soil got wet a little. Use the holes that you made so the water can also pass through the plastic wrap.
  • Remove the plastic wrap two (2) weeks after the sprouts emerged. You can put grow light into your plant if you think that it needs more light, although it is not necessary.
  • Don’t forget to put organic fertilizers on your plant to support its growth. Also, make sure to keep the soil damp for at least eight (8) hours a day. And beware of the pests and insects that may come and eat and destroy your plant. If you’re going to use insecticide, then be sure that it won’t harm the plant.
  • Eventually, the pot where you first planted the lemon seeds will be too small for the growing tree. By this time, transfer it to a bigger one so it’s growth won’t be disrupted by a tiny space.

If you’ll follow all these instructions, your lemon tree will grow and its fruits will appear in not time. We hope we were able to help you through this article. Feel free to share this with your family and friends so they too may know of the benefits lemon can give.

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