Russian scientist reveal this powerful remedy that can kill cancer cells with 4 tbsp a day!

A well-known Russian doctor namely Hristo Mermerski has recently gained praises and even the attention of the world due to his discovery about the homemade cure for cancer.

He claims that cancer can actually be defeated and destroy with the help of a simple combination that is made out of natural ingredients that can be easily seen in our surroundings. In addition, it is good for the health of the entire body and not just great for the treatment of cancer.

Here are some of the health benefits that you can have from this amazing remedy:

  • It can help you in cleaning both of your kidney and liver;
  • It has the ability to clean the blood vessels;
  • It can actually help in the improvement of your memory;
  • It can also help in healing the heart and even protecting it against heart issues;
  • It has the ability to reinforce the immune system; and
  • It can also defeat most of the types of cancers.

Here are the ingredients that you will need for this remedy:

  • 12 cloves of garlic
  • 15 pieces of lemon
  • 35 oz. of organic honey
  • 14 oz. of walnuts
  • 4 oz. of sprouted grains

Here are the preparations that you will need to do:

Before starting with the remedy, you just have to prepare the sprouted grains first. Just simply add the green wheat in a bowl of water, and then leave it to soak overnight.

In the next morning, strain the mixture and wash the wheat with the help of water. After doing so, leave it in a bowl for at least 24 hours again so that it can sprout. Once the grains have already sprouted, you can now begin in the preparation of the remedy.

You have to wash the garlic cloves first. Then, combine them with the sprouted grains, as well as walnuts with the use of blender. After doing so, squeeze the 5 pieces of lemons into the mixture and combine them all again, then squeeze the remaining pieces of lemons and combine all of them once more. You can now add the honey and then transfer the mixture in a glass jar and keep it inside the fridge for 3 consecutive days.

After 3 days, you can now begin to consume this remedy. Just take at least 1 to 2 tablespoons on a regular basis or the same amount every couple of hours if you are going to use it for the treatment of cancer.

Professor Mermerski has claimed that this remedy has the ability to improve the function of your organs, as well as to help people in having a healthier life and even destroying the cancer cells inside the body.

This remedy works greatly due to its amazing and incredible nutrients that all of the ingredients contain, as well as the medicinal properties that they have. The remedy has all the carbs, protein, and even the bioactive substances that the body needs in order to work properly. As Dr. Mermerski says, “Cancer cannot survive in a fully healthy and well-nourished body.”

Here are the health benefits from ingredients of this remedy:

  • Lemon

Lemon has been known as one of the popular and most versatile citrus fruit all over the globe. It is popular due to its refreshing flavor and even the scent that it has that is why most of people uses it as a flavoring agent in their recipes and sometimes, in perfumes too. Moreover, lemon is also beneficial due to its medicinal value that is really great for the body. It contains a rich amount of vitamin C. It also contains a wide health benefits ranging from its antibacterial and antiviral properties to its immune boosting abilities. Lemon juice can actually work as a digestive and detoxifying agent. It can also help in cleaning the liver and increase the metabolism of the body which leads to a better digestive health.

  • Honey

Honey has been used by numerous cultures all over the world. It contains a lot of health benefits that is why it became really essential to some traditional medicines just like the Ayurveda treatments. In addition, scientists are still researching some of its benefits that are related to the modern medicine, especially in the healing of the wounds. In fact, it can also help in losing weight, boosting the energy and even for the health of the skin.

  • Garlic

Consuming garlic on a regular basis is not only good for the people but it has been linked to the reduction or the prevention of four (4) major causes of death all over the world which includes heart disease, stroke, cancer and even infections.

The Sulphur- containing compound, Allicin can be found in fresh, crushed or chewed garlic and it contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and some startling clams mention that it may also help in the prevention of some types of cancer too.

  • Walnut

Walnuts have been known to be really great for the health of the skin and the body. A lot of makeup and skin products include walnuts as their ingredient because they are loaded with nutrients that benefit the beauty routines. They are also good for the health of the hair. A lot of shampoos contain walnut extracts and walnut oil as they keep the hair healthy and it makes them shiny too.

The health benefits that can be obtained from walnuts includes the reduction of LDL or also known as the bad cholesterol in the body, improvement or the metabolism, weight management, and to control diabetes. Other essential health benefits of walnut stems from the fact that these nuts contains anti-inflammatory properties, improves the health of the brain and it can even use as a mood booster. They are also believed to have the ability to slow down the spread of cancer.

  • Sprouted Grains

Sprouting grains have the ability to elevate a lot of the key nutrients of this grain such as vitamins B and C, folate, fiber and even the essential amino acids that often lacks in grains like lysine. Sprouted grains may also be less allergenic to those people who have grain protein sensitivities.

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