Seven easy ways that will help us keep rats out of our house

Rats have been described as thin-tailed, medium size rodents that originally came from both of Asia and Australia but can be found now all over the world. The so called ‘true rats’ are part of the family of the genus Rattus, however, other rodent genera are also referred as rats and they also share a lot of the same characteristics.

Rats are being different from mice by being larger, with longer, thinner bodies and long legs. As stated by Integrated Taxonomic Information System or IT IS, there are more than 60 species of rat, which only means they come in all sizes. They are usually 5 inches or 12 centimeters, or longer, according to Encyclopedia Britannica. The largest species of rat has been known as Bosavi woolly rat, which has been discovered in the year 2009 in the rainforest of Papua New Guinea and it do not have a scientific name yet. This rat is about the size of a cat, at least 32.2 inches or 82 centimeters from nose to tail and it weighs around 3.3 lbs. or 1.5 kilograms, as stated by CNN. In addition, one of the smallest rats in the world has been known as Osgood’s Vietnamese rat. It is normally 5 to 7 inches or 12 to 17 centimeter long.

As stated by the Animal Diversity Web at the University of Michigan, rats can be found all over the world. For an instance the rice field rat can be seen in Southeast Asia, the Australian swamp rat can be found in Eastern Australia and the Norway rat or also known as brown rats can be seen on every continent of the world, except Antarctica.

Both of the brown and the house rat are known as the most common rats in the entire world because they have taken boats to every country over the past few centuries. House rats usually like warmer climates; while on the other hand, brown rats live in temperate climates. They normally live anywhere where human lives. Additionally, a lot of rat species also live in trees.

Despite the fact that most of the mice tend to be unhygienic to get in your home, in contrast to rats, they may not be a danger for your entire health. Rats have been known and popular in biting electric wires and they even create holes within bedding, as well as on clothes. Rodents usually appear whenever there are food stocks lying down open, as well as food in ground. That is the reason as to why people have to keep their meals protected and also to clean the ground regularly in order to prevent rodents through invading your house. Leaving your trash cans open may also attract rodents, as well as the comfortable atmosphere within your homes all throughout fall, as well as winter season. Cold weather can actually make these rodents look for new refuge and this is usually where they enter your house.

Furthermore, rats have been known as scavengers. They have an excellent sense of taste and even a good memory. A rat has the ability to identify certain substances, which includes rat points, after just a tiny taste of it. They can also live up for at least 18 months, but most of them die before they are one year old. In addition, they also have strong teeth that allow them to chew everything even glass, cinderblock, wire, as well as aluminum and lead. Lastly, senses such as smell, taste, touch and sound assists them in knowing their food sources.

In case you have seen some rodents or rat inside your home, there are some of the few effective ways in order to finally get rid of them forever. Fortunately, this article will be able to help you with that, we will be showing you some of the ways that you can actually do in order to get rid of them and avoid having them inside your homes.

Here are the ways that you can actually do to get rid of these rats in your home:

  • Ultrasonic Mice Scavengers

These days, these kinds of devices are being more and more popular for people. The ultrasound has the ability to fills out your entire space and the mice will not be able to keep with it and can run off. This particular sound does not have the ability to harm the health of the people and we cannot even hear it.

  • Mousetraps

This is the traditional way of getting rid of those rodents. Disperse a huge number of mouse traps on different areas inside your house to get rid of them easily.

  • Peppermint Oil

Combine it inside your home, particularly in the area where you have found the actual mice. They are going to get away simply because they do not want the smell of peppermint oil.

  • Unique Glue for Rodent

This unique and special glue requires to be used onto a larger cardboard and those mice will definitely effortlessly stick in it which will surely avoid them from freely moving. This kind of method is actually the perfect technique if you have seen more than one rodent in your house because it will allow you to trap each and every one of them.

  • Hot Spices

Allocate them all over your homes and you can also additionally combine a small amount of parmesan cheese that mouse wants to eat. The mice will certainly consume the peppers and because of it, they will not return again in your house.

  • Hot Spice Flakes

Just like what you have done on the first method that was mentioned, this is also in line with the failure of the mice to recognize and to keep up with spicy meals. As a result, use some drops of very hot sauce into different parts of your home to keep all of them at bay.

  • Cats as Pets

Some of the cats that people have at their home are lazier than the others, and it might be questionable if your cat has the ability to get this done or not. In case that your pet doesn’t have the ability to get the task done, you should lend your friend’s or neighbor’s cat and even find out how it goes.

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