Side effects of protein powder that everyone should know

Protein is necessary in order to be healthy. It is rich with antibacterial, antioxidant, antiviral, and other compounds needed for a healthy body. It also provides energy and can help in building muscles. That’s why athletes and body builders love eating foods that are rich in protein. Aside from that, they also consume protein powders, especially those fitness enthusiasts. However, protein is not as safe as normal protein. Here are the side effects of protein powder that you should be aware of.

Artificial Sugar in Protein Powders Can Cause an Upset Stomach

Usually, protein powders have different sweeteners in them to make them more tasty and appealing to consumers. Therein lies the problem. Some sweeteners like isolated fructose, maltitol and sorbitol, can be harmful and cause stomach and digestive problems. Especially the consumption of too much sorbitol. It is known to cause watery stool to those who consumed it excessively. Hence before you consume your protein powder, be sure to check what kind of sweeteners they have first.

Too Much Protein Can Cause Waste Build Up for Liver Diseases Patients

The liver is very important when it comes to breaking down the consumed protein in the body to put it in sufficient use. Hence, those with liver diseases should stay away from protein powders. Excessive protein will not be processed properly and will put too much pressure on your already weak liver. If the protein is not properly broken down, it is possible to have waste build up, which can further put your health at risk. For patients with liver a liver disease, just stick to the normal amount of protein you get from eating foods to avoid toxin build ups in your body.

Soy Protein Powder Can Cause Endocrine Disruption

Soy protein usually have isoflavones which can cause disruption to your hormonal balance. It can make your body receptors more sensitive, causing too much production of estrogen. It can also decrease estrogen production by blocking them from binding. Either way, your body’s own regulation of the endoctrine system will be disrupted, and can cause different side effects. One of which is affecting the fertility of women.

Whey-Based Protein Powder Against Lactose Intolerants

There are protein powders, like the whey-based ones, that has lactose in them. Lactose is the sugar that is commonly found in dairy products like milk. There are people who have lactose intolerance, so if you are one and you consumed a whey-based protein powder, you are likely to suffer the consequences. You may experience having an upset stomach, bloating, and even diarrhea. You must also be prepared having abdominal pain and nausea.

So if you really want to consume protein powder for some purposes, make sure you ask your doctor first. Remember that not all protein powders are compatible to your current health status so don’t consume them on your own disposal.

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