The 20 foods that you should avoid eating if you have diabetes

Among all of those people or patients who are suffering from diabetes will possibly tell you this, a large part of keeping the diabetes of a person is under his own regulation and control, at the same time it is by monitoring what they usually eat.

Obviously, there is no need to remind you about the consumption of foods that contains a huge amount of concentrated with sugar.

Here are the 20 foods that you need to avoid if you have diabetes:

Dried Fruit

Even though most of the time, you will be recognizing and anticipating that dried fruit is not actually an unhealthy kind of food because it has fiber and nutrients, however, it also contains a huge amount of sugar so it is not recommended to those people who are suffering from diabetes.

Rice, Bread and Rice Flour

If you have diabetes, then you have to aware about how far too well are the consequences of your consumption of sugar. Steer clear of sugar is the most effective ways since most of the people doesn’t really keep in mind how much carbs will they actually consume, and I will say to you directly that it is a fatal mistake of a lot of people which they usually tend to do.

Fat Diary Products

Dairy products are loaded with saturated fat that doesn’t elevate your bad cholesterol level or LDL; nevertheless, it has the ability to raise your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Fatty Meat Cuts

For the same reason and purpose, you need to stay with the idea that you have to avoid dairy products. The major reason is that they are high in saturated fat content. Fatty meats also contain excessive bad cholesterol that contributes to the worsening of diabetes.


Pasty products are a great temptation. Pastries which include muffins, doughnuts, as well as cinnamon roll are temptation for you because they are made out of processed white flour which contains extremely high amount of sugar, carbs, and even fats.

Fried Foods

Fried foods are extremely unhealthy. Nevertheless, if you don’t have diabetes, a variety of fried foods are harmful for you and your entire health.


Intake of alcoholic beverages can actually mess with your blood because it is packed of high amount of sugar. Unfortunately for those people who have diabetes but do really loves to drink beer.

Fruit Juice

A fruit that has been changed into juice is highly recommended for those people who are suffering from diabetes because of its fiber and healthy carb content. However, that doesn’t actually mean that it is already healthy. In general, it is healthier than some other choices but fruit juice still contains a huge amount of concentrated fructose and this commonly leads to an increase of blood sugar.

Sugary Foods

Any foods that contains sugar including candy, sodas and other sweet desserts are being classifies as low carbs quality. As we can see, it will rapidly increase you blood sugar levels and it is very low in terms of nutritional value.


Most of the cereals that you will see in both of the supermarket and stores contain added sugar and its goal is to make it tastier and attract a lot of people. This doesn’t actually require you to stop consuming them, but you have to make sure that the label on these boxes doesn’t contain a high and excessive amount of sugar.

Here are the other foods that you have to avoid if you have Diabetes:

-Energy bars
-Melons and bananas
-Blended coffee
-Processed meats
-Non-homemade smoothies
-Chinese foods
-Flavored water
-Frozen pizza

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