The 4 ways how to tell if our vitamins are real of fakes.

There are different kinds of medication for different kinds of sickness. Either when you have you have mild conditions like headache, fever, or other ailments worse than that such as heart or kidney disease, the doctors will offer you just the right medicine that will make you feel better. However, drinking medicine is not only exclusive for patients or people who are suffering from medical conditions, normal healthy people can also take medicines. The only difference is that their medicine is of another nature and another purpose than those of the patients.

These medicines are called Vitamins, and they are being consumed to maintain the health of a person or in place of something, but not really curing purposes. In the modern scene, it’s normal for people to take supplements such as Vitamins and that just shows that we are conscious for our health. There are different kinds of Vitamins depending on what you are trying to achieve. For example, people who lacks exposure to sunlight often takes Vitamin D to promote the synthesis of the skin cells. There’s Vitamin are also essential for our health, but they must be consumed with limitations.

If you go to your doctor and asked for vitamins suitable for you, he will recommend natural vitamins that would satisfy the outcome you’re aiming for. Natural Vitamins are from whole foods. These supplements are produced from healthy foods like fruits and vegetables that’s why you can be sure that it is safe, and will have no unwanted effects in the entirety of your health. When consumed, you can expect to have all the natural nutrients that you can get from herbs and other healthy foods, thus giving your body a whole vitamin solution.

But because Vitamins are very popular nowadays, there are many companies who now manufactures these supplements and claim that their product is “all natural” and will have the best effect on anyone who consumes it. With all those brands and such, it became difficult to decide whether to trust this specific company or the other one. Especially when a specific medicine has its own counterparts under other producers’ name. Not to mention that are other people or groups of people who are only after the profit that they might get from selling “medicines” that’s why they resort to doing unlawful things such as selling “fake” medicines. It doesn’t matter what kind of prescription you are taking, these wrongdoers have the “fake” ones to offer so you must be very careful when buying on drugstores, and even online.

Thus, it is very important to know what makes a natural vitamin different from the synthetic ones. It’s not that easy to tell them apart especially because both of them are aiming for the same effect in your body. That is why sometimes, people are being drawn to consuming synthetic vitamins since they believe that it will just have the same effect so they’d rather bought it in a cheaper price (synthetic vitamins). In some sense, this is true, but what these people don’t know is that synthetic vitamins often have harmful side effects on the body if consumed for a long time. These vitamins may be able to imitate the desired effects of natural vitamins but they can’t be as safe as the latter when consumed. Synthetic vitamins are made with only a bit of the natural vitamin’s content. Meaning, it is not complete, thus there is a tendency that our body won’t react to them.

When I say it’s incomplete, it means the synthetic one lacks other co-factors such as enzymes and other minerals. It only has “isolated pieces” of the overall vitamins, and because our body won’t react to it, these pieces will just be stored inside us which can even make us overdosed. Aside from that, the minerals in our body will automatically compensate for the shortage of minerals that the synthetic medicine brought, hence leading to deficiency. With this, I’m sure that nobody wants to suffer from these consequences after taking a medicine they assumed would’ve helped you sustain your health. So no one will fall victim to this, and to ensure the safety of everyone’s health, we will be teaching you how to tell apart natural vitamins from the synthetic ones.

  1. Check the list of ingredients. As I have mentioned earlier, natural vitamins are made from whole foods. If a specific vitamin is natural, the whole foods that were used to make it would appear on the list of ingredients. If it’s otherwise and is synthetic then you would see the name of a particular nutrient, like Vitamin C for example, instead of a whole food with Vitamin C like “acerola cherry powder”.
  1. Is it 100% natural? You should check that too. There are a lot of medicines and other products that are being named as “natural” but, how natural is their “natural”. Even if only 1 or 5% of their product is organic, the manufacturers can claim that it is indeed natural. Hence, it is important to buy medicines that are 100% natural, not just partly natural. Consumers must be very keen on noticing these things to make sure that they are buying the right ones.
  2. Check the potency level. Another thing that buyers should watch out for is the high potency of medicines, which is often present in synthetic vitamins. Usually, you can see an exaggerated level of potency, like 500% or even 1000% of a nutrient, on the label of the product. A natural vitamin will only have the exact amount of nutrient that you will be needing for the day because it is meant to sustain your health, not to overdose you from medicine.
  3. Be mindful of the red flags. Basing on the names of the nutritional content, you can determine whether the vitamin is natural or synthetic. The latter kind of vitamins usually has its content with names ending with “ide” like chloride, and “ate” like nitrate. Nutrients starting with “dl” like dl-alpha also indicates that it is synthetic. And when buying Vitamin A, make sure that there are no “acetate” and “palmitate” in the label, corresponding to fish oil.

When buying supplements like vitamins, it’s important to be very observant because your health might be at risked if you bought and consumed the wrong ones. If you feel like your health isn’t very well then consult your doctor first before taking any medicine. You can also ask him if there are any alternatives if you can’t afford to buy the medicine he prescribed. Aside from the doctor, other medical professional like pharmacists are also very well informed in the ins and outs of medicines so you can also ask them for validation of your medicine. Do not believe just anyone saying that a certain medicine is good for specific product, it’s better to assess it first by asking health professionals or by looking for researches and studies as evidences.

Health is very important so anything that we do, eat, or drink must be in accordance for the betterment of our health. If you have doubts about consuming something, feel free to seek medical help. It’s better to be safe and double check than sorry and suffer the consequences later on.

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