The 5 amazing health benefits of eating red onions

Red onions have been known all over the globe as a culinary ingredient that mostly found in the kitchen. They are known to contain a huge amount of different vitamins and minerals such as fiber, antioxidants and even flavonoids, which has the ability to lessen the risk of suffering from cancer, it can also help in the cases of digestion, as well as to protect your heart against different kinds of diseases, reduce inflammation and to control the blood sugar levels in the body. You have to know that the other layers that can be found in onions should not be discarded because they contain huge amounts of beneficial compounds, too. Furthermore, you have to prevent yourself from consuming onions if you are suffering from any blood disorder or if you have had a recent surgery because it has the ability to slow down blood clotting.

Most of the time, a lot of people are avoiding different kinds of onions due to its strong and offensive breath that it leaves you after consuming, onion, particularly the red one contain much more to it than just its taste. There are a lot of amazing information that you should know about them that will make you want to eat some more. Red onions are worth the tears from eyes because they are known to be loaded with a lot of nutrients, which includes chromium and even quercetin that can actually lessen inflammation, fight against free radical cells, as well as to enhance the health of your gut. You have to try to retain the outer layers of onions since they are also loaded with huge amount of fiber, antioxidants and even flavonoids. Even though both of red onions and white onions are quite similar, still, red onions are a lot better as they contain higher amounts of beneficial nutrients that will surely help your entire body.

Knowing all these things, consuming red onions should be one of your regular routine from time to time because you will definitely not regret doing so. In addition to that, we will be showing you some important reasons as to why you have to consume red onions on a daily basis. Be informed and see for yourself the amazing things that red onions have for you and your health.

Here are the five (5) reasons why you should consume red onions:

  • It lowers the risk of cancer

Red onions are packed with a potent flavonoid, which have been called as quercetin that can actually improve the death of those cancer cells in the body. It has the ability to prevent the development of cancer cells in prostate, breast, colon, as well as in pancreatic and ovarian cancer.

In addition, quercetin put forth antioxidant activity. It can battle against the damages that were brought by free radical cells, which impacts the way that the cells functions. Free radical damage in the body elevates the cell mutations, injures both of the DNA and cell membrane and it even promotes the death of those healthy cells in the body. That is why you have to eat more red onions to avoid all of it.

  • It enhances the health of the heart

While the low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or also known as bad cholesterol elevates the risk of different kinds of heart condition, on the other hand, high-density lipoprotein (HDL) or also called as the good cholesterol reduces the risk. Bad cholesterol has been known as one of the main reasons behind atherosclerosis due to the accumulation of plaque in the arteries, which eventually narrows them and prevents them from letting the blood flow in a proper way.

As it works as an antioxidant, quercetin that can be found in red onions can not only reduces the bad cholesterol levels but it can also lower the blood pressure levels, as well as to prevent the hardening of the arteries, which are the main reason behind different types of heart diseases.

  • It helps in digestion

Red onions are known to contain a sufficient amount of inulin, which is a soluble plant fiber that is not being broken down during the digestion due to its amazing ability to work as an insoluble fiber. This kind of property of inulin makes it really beneficial for the health of your gut.

That is why consuming red onions will soothe constipation and it will even elevate the good bacteria that can be found in your gut. The fiber content in red onions has the possibility to control appetite, as well as to aid you in losing weight by simply elevating satiety.

  • It controls the blood sugar levels

Red onions are known in the entire globe because it has become the main source of chromium, which has the ability to manage the blood sugar levels. This is really great news for those people who are suffering from diabetes, as well as those people who are trying to lose some amount of weight because consuming onions will not lead to any blood sugar instabilities.

On the other hand, chromium deficiency can actually result to insulin resistance, which eventually elevates the blood sugar levels and even impacts carbohydrate, both of fat and protein metabolisms. Insulin resistance will also increase the risk of suffering from any kind of heart diseases, as well as type 2 diabetes, and it will make weight loss much more difficult.

  • It fights against inflammation

Quercetin, a compound that can be found in red onions contains anti-inflammatory properties that have the ability to reduce the bad cholesterol levels, as well as to lessen the risk of suffering from both of heart disease and cancer. In addition to all of its health benefits, it can also lessen the signs and symptoms of both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis by simply hindering leukotrienes, prostaglandins, and histamines which are known as the main reason behind inflammation.

Consuming red onions will also give a great boost to your immune system by reducing inflammation. However, infections may activate your immune system and may result to inflammation. Luckily, quercetin that can be found in red onions, have the amazing ability to reduce both of inflammation and the infection.

Even though onions are commonly used in their raw form and they are more beneficial in that kind of state, lightly cooking them will still offer you with a countless health benefits. Because of its blood-thinning effects, people who are having a hard time with blood disorders or people who recently went to surgery must avoid consuming red onions. What are you waiting for? Consume red onions regularly to benefit from its amazing ability. We hope that this article have helped you a lot. Share this with both of your family and friends to help them, as well.

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