The 6 things you shouldn’t do in front of your kids

Parents are children’s first teachers. Growing up, the young ones would follow and look up to their Father and Mother and would think that what they do is the right thing. So, it is important for parents to show their children the right ways of life, and to practice them themselves because their children will surely follow to whatever they are doing. It is a parent’s duty to brought up their son to be kind and respectful, a man who knows how to treat other people right and with respect. It is also a parent’s duty to teach their daughter how to value herself. How not to expect anything less from anyone, but without condescending.

A parent’s duty is perhaps the challenging, yet the most fulfilling duty there is in this world. It is very difficult to raise a child with good morals and character, especially with all the bad stuffs in the surroundings in this recent times. It is challenging to mold a child into a rightful person, yet also very fulfilling when you see your son or daughter turning into the kind of person you want him/her to be. Like by simply seeing him helping his playmate to get up after falling, or when she lends her Barbie doll to another girl so she’ll stop crying, or when your child helps a grandma cross the streets, it’s very heartwarming to think that you did a good job raising him/her like that.

For your children to be able to be an upright person growing up, they should see you, their parents, being an upright adult as well. Because they will take it from you, what you show to your children will be remembered and practiced by them sooner or later. If you want them to be friendly and to be active on outdoor activities, you should be too. Parents should be the first one to be nice and friendly, and they should accompany their children outdoors instead of just letting them go out while you’re enjoying yourself watching movies or doing anything else. Besides, you should also be mindful of the things your child does outdoors.

So, it is important to be extra careful on the things that you show and don’t show to your kids. You do realize that you shouldn’t be swearing in front of them, right? Because they will surely adapt it and start swearing in an early age. You also shouldn’t be smoking in front of them as it will trigger their curious minds. It is not okay to think that it’s fine that they see you doing these things because they’re JUST kids because that’s the thing, they ARE kids, and kids just absorb everything without filtering right from wrong.

So you won’t have troubling thinking what to show them or not, and also to help you make your children into an upright person, we have listed a few things that your children shouldn’t be seeing from you. Aside from cursing and smoking, there are many other things that you shouldn’t show your kids. Things that you may have perceived as small details but may have a big impact on their attitude and personality. So remember these well, take down notes if you want to, because these will surely help you a lot.

First on the list of what not to show to kids is commenting or insulting other people. Generally, it’s not good to talk behind other people’s back, and its especially bad when you even do it in front of your kids. No matter what the situation, may the person you’re talking about is present or not, you shouldn’t give poor remarks to that person in front of your children. Because they will surely remember it and they will remember that person as such base on your comments. Even if it’s just a tease or a sip of sarcasm, don’t start it. Because children have their own way of remembering things then blurting them out in front of others.

Aside from below the belt comments, you should also refrain from belittling your partner in front of the kids. In the first place, it is not right to undermine your other half. As husband and wife, you are equal. You may have different roles in the family but one matters as much as the other. But, if you really have something to say to your partner, at least do it in private when it’s just you two. Don’t let the little ones hear you talking like that and belittling your partner because it may create some gap between him/her and the child. The child will remember his Father/Mother as how you define him/her and it may affect their relationship with each other. So if you have problems with your other half, talk about it peacefully and still with respect for one another.

Next is losing temper. You know what they say, patience is a virtue. Be patient with every little thing you do and don’t get irritated easy, it’s not a good trait. Especially to your children, you must be more patient with them. As they are kids and are curious about a lot of things, they will ask a lot of questions and won’t stop until they’re satisfied. There will also be times when kids will messed up the room for playing too much. These are the times that test you as a parent. No matter how many questions they ask or how messy they would get, it’s important not to throw a fit at them and lose your temper. Also, don‘t take it out on the kids when you’re mad about something else. Don’t be angry at them just because some other things pissed you off.

In connection to this, you also shouldn’t ignore the kids. As I said, kids would tend to have a lot of questions and it could be very tiring answering all those things. But again, patience is the key. Give them answers and don’t just ignore them, or they will seek answers from someone else which may not be very reliable. Also, when they want to talk to you about something, make time to listen to them and have a little conversion. Kids have a lot of stories to tell from their favorite clothes to that other kid who won’t let him play in the playground. These are the things which make them express themselves, and who would better listen to them than their parents? Talk to your children and listen to every detail of their story. You can just see this a little boding with your cute angel.

With the most advance gadgets today, there’s no wrong on letting the kids use phones,  tablets, or television to watch some videos which suits their age. However, limitations must be set and they shouldn’t be allowed to use gadgets all the time. Make sure they don’t confine themselves within the walls of their room just because they have these advanced technologies. Make them play and run outside, socialize and have fun with other kids. You, as a parent, should be setting a good example for them to follow, and shouldn’t be seen spending too much time on gadgets. When you confiscate the gadgets they’re using, you wouldn’t want to hear any reactions of “why is Mom always on the phone?” or “if Dad does it then I do too”, right?

And lastly, don’t tell lies, don’t tell white lies. White lies are the ones we made when we lie about something to lessen the bad effects of something. True enough, some intentions of white lies are good especially when you just want to spare someone from the hurtful truth. However, protecting them isn’t necessarily  mean you’re saving them. You’re just delaying what may have been finished at once if you hadn’t told a lie. So just tell the kids the truth and only the truth. It will be a good virtue to follow as they grow up.

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