The 6 things you shouldn’t do in front of your kids

Growing up, kids will absorb every single thing that their parent would teach. They are like an empty cup, and the teachings of their Mom and Dad is the water that would make them whole as a person. They will absorb everything without filtering them. That’s why it is very important to teach children good manners, right conduct, and other good things at the earliest age so they can grow up following these teachings. It is a parent’s responsibility to be a good example to his or her child because naturally, their child would look up to them. They can see everything you do, even your quirks and small gestures, maybe they would even adapt these traits. So, you must be very careful on what you say or do in front of a child.

Being a parent is perhaps the most difficult job in the world. A mother must take care of her kids at home while the father works to provide for the needs of his family. It is very hard, especially because a parent’s duty is never ending, even when his child grew up to be an adult. However, that is only half the truth when it comes to being a parent. Although it is hard, it is also very heart warming anf fulfilling as well. Watching your baby take his first step, hearing his first words, seeing him happy playing with other kids, and just watching him grow up, it makes you think that these are the best moments in life. Like those are the moments that you live for.

Raising children will be challenging, especially because the parents will mold a child’s character. It is up to them if the child will grewup to be a good mannered kid. But it will not just be about what you are teaching your child, it would also include the things that you are showing to them. In fact, the things you show them will be more rememberedthan what you tell them. Be it consciously or unconsciously, the things a child sees that you are doing will be embedded in his memory. If a child sees his parents being kind and respectful then he is likely to grow up like that as well. But if the parents are being arrogant, it’s not surprising if the child will be a snob.

More than telling your kids to be friendly to his playmates, you should show him how it is done by being friendly to other people. Instead of telling him to be kind and help others, show him how you helped that grandma cross the streets. Show a child how to socialize with other people instead of just staying indoors playing videogames and the likes. Remember that everything must start from the parents first and then the child will folllow. If a child sees you doing these things everytime then they will surely start doing it sooner or later. Indeed, a parents job is very hard and challenging. But just imagine how fulfilling it would feel when you see him grow up in the way you wanted him to be.

Parents have different ways of raising their child but it’s okay to ask for tips once in a while, especially for first time moms and dads. So, we have here a list of few things that you should NEVER do in front of a child. Some may think that these are just small things that don’t matter but that is not a case. These “small matters” will turn big of your child adapt it from you. And don’t expect children to just shrug things off when you tell them to if they always see you doing these things. Remember, they are kids. They just absorb without filtering.

  1. Losing your temper. Losing your temper and being irritated most of the times is really not a good habbit to have. It is important to always be patient and keep your temper in check, especially when it comes to handling your kids. As children, they have a tendency of doing all sorts of “crazy” things that a child can do. They’ll get the room all dirty, they’ll run around too much, this is part of growing up so don’t get mad. Also, be patient when your child is asking questions. They don’t know a thing about this world so when they see or hear something that caught their interest, they will surely ask you about it. Answer them gently and know the proper things to say. Of course, it is impossible not to get mad sometimes, but don’t take it out on the kids, most especially if you are angry about something else and not with them.
  2. Don’t ignore your kids. Kids have a very curious mind that’s why they will bug you with many questions they are wondering about. Don’t ignore them and make sure to give them answers. These questions will bother them if left unanswered, and they might ask somebody else about it which may not give them the best answers. Take time to listen to your child. They have a lot of stories to tell like when they got a star from class, or when he made new friends. These may be small matters for an adult but these are what makes a child’s world. Surely, they would want to tell somebody when they were so happy playing on the playground, or how they cried when they tripped. Open communication between parents andtheir children is a good culture to practice. Growing up, they will surely be open about what’s going on in their life.
  3. Don’t tell lies. Telling lies is not something you should show your child. Even small lies can turn big if you keep if for so long. Even white lies, which are lies committed to reduce the bad effects of something, are still lies. It’s better to just tell them the truth and help them cope with it. If you lie tothem often, then there is a possibility that they too would lie to you. So just practice the virtue of being honest.
  4. Playing too much computer games. In this recent times when all sorts of technology are very accessible, it’s normal to spend time using gadgets or play online games. But, you must show your kid that it is also important to outdoors and play with other kids instead of just playing computer games all day long. You can set limits on how long can they use gadgets so they can still socialize with other people. Of course, the best example must be the parents. Kids shouldn’t see you using your gadgets for so long or they will follow you. And when they are using the internet, it is important that you are watching them to monitor the things they search online. Some videos or games may not be suitable fortheir age so you must be there to tell them that.
  5. Insulting other people. Commenting on other people behind their back, especially if it is not a good comment, is bad. What more if you do it in front of your children. You may not be aware of it but children can hear you so it is best not to talk so poorly about someone in front of them. Seeing or hearing you do it will make them think that it is okay to belittle people, which is not a very good thing to pracice. You must teach them to see the good on everybody, not point out their flaws and shortcomings. Show them how it is done by giving compliments instead of criticizing. Don’t insult others in fron of your child.
  6. Belittling your partner. Insulting others in front of your child is already bad, what more if the subject of your insult is your partner. Remember that you are both parents to your child, just how would it affect your child if you belittle your partner in front of them. If you really have something to say about your partner then you can do it privately. Talk about it between you two and fix whatever the issue is. Also, don’t let you child that you and your partner are arguing or worse, shouting at each other. It may scare the child and traumatize him. Again, don’t let your child hear about any insult about your partner coming from you.

These are but a few things that you should be mindful of in front of your child. They may be little things to you but these can greatly impact how your child will grow up. It can affect his attitude and personality so you must be very careful. There is no really perfect parent, only those who try their best.

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