The dangerous symptoms of breast cancer everyone should know

Regular check-ups and being knowledgeable on spotting early signs are your best bets in the fight against breast cancer.Many women had been alerted by a lump found in their breast asa symptom of an underlying condition. There are also many changes that must be observed. In terms of the breast’s over all appearance watch out for changes especially rash or redness of skin,nipple discharge,orange peel skin,and swelling in the area including armpits.Men should also be alert because chances of developing it could be possible for them too.

The most common kind of cancer for women is breast cancer, especially in the United States.However in the Philippines, according to the Philippine Society of Medical Oncology, breast cancer is as common as one in every 13 Filipinas is expected to develop it in her life time.

The good news is when caught in the right timing and treated early, it can be managable. Bev igilant towards the red flags by becoming more aware of the signs and symptoms, some of which are less talked about than the “lump in the breast” symptom.Keen observation is your definite assurance to win against this kind of cancer,

So listed below are the breast cancer warning signs you should know like the back of your hand.

Breast Cancer and its Physical Signs

Many physical symptoms happen to the breast that could easily help in detecting a possible cancer. Learning to feel and watch them can higher your chances in catching the early stages of cancer which is necessary since dealing with it at the right time can save your life.

Breast Lump

One of women’s biggest scare is finding a lump in their breast. And things can get more uncertain since there is no standard kind of lump or mass.A lump in the breast could be most well-known and talked about signs of breast cancer.While some lumps are soft, and some can be hard on the touch. Some women have masses or lumps with irregular shapes, some have more rounded ones. Some breast cancers are painless, others are more sensitive to the touch. So the real key here is for you to know your body and spot any new growth, regardless of its shape or texture. The good news is that about 90 percent of lumps detected are not cancerous, so don’t go ballistic over it just yet if you have found a mass in your breast.

Breast Swelling

without a lump being discernible, breast cancer may only cause a swelling sometimes. At times the swelling may be located in some parts of the breast or could eveb be spread entirely. The area surroundin the actual breast could also have some swelling even leading up to the armpits. If breast cancer has spread to the lymph nodes in the armpit region this could also be a possible case.

Skin and Breast’s  Change in Appearance

If one breast appears larger than the other,or seems to droop lower compared to the other one it might be best that you take a closer look. Skin texture might also be affected, Another red flag is if you noticed your breast looking inflamed or red and the skin puckered or dimpled.

Nipple Changes

Inverting of the nipples  or or changes its position or even shape are also great warning signs, it means you should get it checked as soon as you can. A sudden appearance of redness or rash either on or in the area surrounding your nipple is also something to check for.There are also reports by women with breast cancer that there are cases when they have experienced  crusting of the nipple.

Surprising as it may sound, pain is not a typical sign of breast cancer. There are many factors causing breast pain like being the result of tenderness or soreness from the menstrual cycle in the week before the period.Pain tends to just present suddenly sometimes as a result of mastitis.

Though there are cases that some women can get severe and persistent but not cause by menstrual cycle this could be a cause of a benign condition of the breast like adenosis or fribosis, neither should be taken for granted. If it’s more that bearable pain maybe then it can be cancer.

Breast Cancer Symptoms of Males

While being a woman is the highest risk factor in developing this type of cancer men aren’t immune to the problem either, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did record 2141 cases in 2014. And it quite alarming that more as a proportion of those diagnosed, died from breast cancer than women.So let’s also take note of the symptoms of breast cancer in males.

Armpit bumpsdue to swollen glands

Fluid or discharge from nipples, discharge that may or may not be blood-streaked, yet any fluid is not healthy for males

Rash/sore near the nipple that doesn’t heal

Swollen, hard, red nipples and/or surrounding skin

Lumps: Breast cancer shows up with lumps even for men. While many of these lumps could be  just fat- or fluid-filled lumps, some can be cancerous. These tend to hapen on one breast ,,mostly found under/around the nipple, rubbery/hard and bumpy, and generally painless. They are stagnant and do not move around. These lumps may also grow with time.even for men.

Breast Cancer Self-Check

It is very crucial for women to learn how to examine themselves and be able to detect any changes as soon as possible. Here are the places you need to examine.

1. Mirror Check For Visual Signs

Stand in front of a mirror and make certain you have a full view of your breast area. Look for the changes upon putting your arms by your side. Repeat with your arms raised overhead. Here are the signs you should be looking for:

Skin texture (dimpling/orange peel texture/puckering/indentations)

Any change in shape and appearance of breasts

Change to appearance of the nipple, including inverted nipples

2. Examine your breast

Lie on you back for this step, whis will properly enable you to check all sections of the breast and detect lumps and masses better. Put your right hand below your head and use the middle fingers of the other hand to press down on the right breast tissue in circular motions. Use a firm yet gentle touch. Repeat on the other breast.

3. Check your Nipples

Gently squeezing the nipples can help you determine if there will be any sort of discharge or fluid. If any of these seep from them be alarmed.

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