The Dangerous warning signs of a stroke that we should know

A lot of people spend much of their time in making themselves successful in every possible way. They tend to give all of their time, efforts, money and energy just to do and accomplish things in order to secure their future. Little did they know, ignoring their physical body and making it tired and weary while having an unhealthy lifestyle will lessen the years of the way they should live, as a result, all of their hard work is only for nothing. Health issues and disease are inevitable, that is why you have to be informed and aware most of the time.

A stroke is an unexpected health problem that may occur anytime and anywhere. It usually happens when the supply of the blood to a portion of the brain is being blocked. The symptoms that it has depend upon the area of the brain, which has been severely affected by the loss of the blood supply and it can also take account of some changes in the sensation or motor control.

Some of the people who have already suffered from stoke recovered completely, but most of the time, stroke survivors are left behind with some kind of disability that cannot be treated in any way.

According to some stroke experts from Mt. Sinai, stroke has been known as the leading cause of long-term disability and it is also the fifth cause of most deaths in the United States of America alone, with killing approximately 130,000 numbers of Americans per year.

Moreover, anyone can actually suffer from stroke. However, there will be an increase in the risk of suffering from as you grow older and as time pass by. As a matter of fact, there are more than third of people who are being hospitalized due to stroke are known to be younger than 65 years old. Also, women mostly suffer from it than men. Yearly, there are at least 55,000 numbers of women that suffers from stroke than men.

There are a lot of risk factors for stroke and it includes high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, age and gender, race and ethnicity, as well as family background and some unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking and the like.

Fortunately, experts have found a new indicator for stroke. Most of them are saying that if you will actually help in informing and making other people aware about it by simply forwarding this article to them will result in saving thousands of life. Are you going to be a part of it? We are challenging you to become one of us.

In a BBQ restaurant, a woman suddenly stumbled and took a little fall. Some people helped her up and they were worried about her. However, she guaranteed all of them that she is okay and she even added that shew had just tripped over a brick due to the new shoes that she is wearing. As a result, they helped her in cleaning up and they even got her a new set of plate for food. During the rest of her stay, everything seems to be alright, it seems like there is nothing wrong about her and the situation. She appeared to be fine and she even enjoyed herself with the food that she was eating for the rest of the night before she finally went home.

Surprisingly, when she got home, something unexpected happened. The husband of Jane later called saying to everyone that his beloved wife had been taken to the hospital and eventually passed away. Without even knowing, Jane suffered from stroke at the restaurant that she went to. Only if those people who are with her have been informed about the signs and symptoms of stroke, Jane would be possibly here until today. Nevertheless, there are several people who are able to survive stroke, but they end up in a helpless and hopeless kind of condition.

In a kind of situation that a person is suffering from a stroke, a quick and fast action is extremely needed. Instant treatment of a stroke can actually help in lessening the long-term effects of the stroke and it may also help in reducing the risk of death.

A neurologist have even said that if he can only reach the victim of a stroke within the span of 3 hours, the effects of it can be completely reversed. According to him, the answer was getting a stroke predicted, diagnosed and then getting the patient medically cared for within 3 consecutive hours, however, it is really hard to do so. That is why he has added that people should be informed and should be familiar with the signs of stroke so that death would be prevented.


There are times where the signs and symptoms of stroke are really hard to be recognized. Unluckily, the lack of both preparedness and awareness only ends up as a disaster. The stroke victim may actually suffer from severe damage of the brain when people that are with her have failed to know what she had suffered from. Today, doctors have confirmed that a passerby may actually identify a stroke easily by merely asking three simply questions, which are:

S- Ask the person to SMILE if she or he can.

T- Ask the person to TALK and TRY to speak simple words and sentence articulately.

R- Ask the person to RAISE both of his or her arms.

If the person failed to do any or find it hard to do at least one of these three simple things, immediately call the emergency number and describe the situation and the symptoms to the medical team.

Stroke has a fourth indicator and that is the tongue. The tongue is indeed a powerful weapon that can either save or end a person’s life. We will be sharing to you a story of woman who suffered from stroke without even knowing and eventually led to her death.

Reminder: Ask the person to show you their tongue. If the tongue looks crooked, if it is looks the way it should be or if it goes to one side of the other, then it is another indication that she is suffering from stroke.

In spite of the accomplishment and effectiveness of this kind of simple method in identifying a stroke, it is clear that there is still much more work that needs to be done in order to diminish the burden of stroke in the world. The challenge in this is still remains and that is to inform and educate a lot of people as possible about the initial warning signs and symptoms of stroke, so that the patient can actually get immediate response and treatment that is required. Share this article so save a life! Be informed and become a life saver.

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