The health issues that can be detected by the color of your urine

Although numerous people are not even aware of it, or when there are also cases that they are, but they tend to ignore it and do not take it seriously. The urine that is produced by your body can actually tell you a lot of things.

It can be used as an indicator of several and different health issues, and its color, odor, or even its consistency can assist you in realizing if there is something wrong with your overall health.

Urine is composed of 95% water and 5% urea, potassium, creatinine, as well as other materials which are the by-products of the chemical processes that is involved in both of the urinary and digestive systems.

Urobilin is known as a waste product that was made from the breakdown of the red blood cells, which is the reason behind the yellow urine color.

Here are the colors of the urine and what they mean:

  • Clear

The clear urine shows an excessively hydrated body and it might be a sign of dissolved electrolytes, as well as chemical misbalance inside the body.

  • Light Yellow

If your urine contains a color of light yellow then it probably means that your body is properly hydrated. This color is considered as the healthiest and normal urine color.

  • Fizzy

This specifies an infection of the bladder that often happens as a result of too much amounts of mucus and proteins that are being broken down inside the body.

  • Medium Yellow

This color is the major sign of dehydration. If you have seen this urine color, we extremely recommend you to upsurge your daily consumption of water.

  • Dark Yellow

This color is a sign of a dangerous and serious level of dehydration. It can also show a huge presence of Vitamin B in your body. It is highly recommended to consume plenty of fluids such as water or tea.

  • Orange

If your urine contains a color of orange, then it is a sign that you have too much amounts of bilirubin inside your body. It can also indicate gallstone problems in the bile duct or it can also be a result behind urinary tract medicine.

  • Pink

This color of the urine can actually happen as a result of consuming excessive amounts of beets. Nonetheless, it can also be a serious indicator that there is a blood that can be found in your urine, so if ever that you have noticed this color of urine, you have to visit your urologist as soon as possible.

  • Darker shade of Pink

In some cases, darker shade of pink indicates a serious and dangerous condition. It is a sign that there is a significant amount of blood in your urine, and it indicates a serious health problems such as infection of the bladder, or in some cases even cancer. You definitely have to consult your doctor instantly.

  • Really Dark Pink

This means that there is a huge amount of blood in the urine. It is positively a cancer; however, you have to confirm it with the help of your doctor.

  • Brown

This kind of urine color is due to some medicine such as antibiotic metronidazole or the anti-malaria chloroquine. Moreover, it can happen due to excessive work.

In this situation, the myoglobin that was usually used for energy circulates with bodily fluids such as urine or blood. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to pay a visit your urologist to do a myoglobin test because it can be a sign of liver disease as well.

  • Blue or Green urine

This is due to an excessive amount of artificial colors inside the body. In addition, it can be due to the presence of trivial food items such as jello or even medicine like Uribel, which is known to have blue methylene. This situation is nothing serious and you can easily get rid of it in your system with the help of hydration.

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