The reasons why does our pee burn all of a sudden

“Burning pee” is a problem most women are dreading to hear, Just imagining the painful sensation of those sensitive and delicate tissues inside one’s vagina and urethra can definitely send shivers down your spine. Burning pee might be an effect of having tiny, often microscopic cuts of the tissues when they are damaged by a certain activity. Since urine is salty, once it makes contact with those tiny open wounds it will give a burning sensation when a person pees. Here’s a list of activities that contribute to these unpleasant and painful episodes.

Intense Exercises

If you ever wonder why your pee feels hotter after an intense workout, here’s a simple reason. Exercising makes you contract your muscles. During the process, our bodies will produce heat. Once the body gets all warmed up, the temperature of the fluids inside us also rise. The urine stored in our bladders is not exempted. However, this does not need to alarm you since this is an indication that your workout routine was effective and that you did well.


If you are a woman, you should be honest if you do need lubrication at times. Having an active sex life might mean you are having sex frequently and for longer periods which is not a bad thing at all. However, repeated sex without adequate lubrication might lead to micro-abrasions which end up with burning pee, Also pay close attention if you have allergies to spermicide for some condoms contain them, It might be better to purchase the ones that do not contain the said substance. You should also consider if you are sensitive to latex.  If you feel that you are, switch to a natural lube instead of getting the common synthetic ones. Most women might experience some reactions to these things so realizing your condition is crucial especially if you want to avoid the pain during urinating.

Yeast Infection Or Vaginal Bacteria

Bacterial Vaginosis or also referred to as BV and yeast infection can be easily differentiated from UTI for their distinguished symptoms. Both infections are accompanied by an unpleasant or fishy odor, constant itching and a thick white discharge. You might get both infections due to the unbalanced bacteria in your vagina. BV can go away after a few days, this is a mild infection caused by douching, smoking or having more than one sexual partner or having a new sexual partner. Though considered mild, there is still a chance that it could lead to serious conditions if not treated with caution. Both are traditionally treated with fluconazole which is an antifungal prescription medication or medicines that need to be inserted into the vagina

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Unfortunately, women are more prone to suffer Urinary Tract Infection compared to men. The reason for this is the shorter distance from the vaginal and anal area of women. The woman’s reproductive structure allows easier access for the bacteria to transfer through the urethra up to the bladder. Suffering from UTI would mean having the frequent urge to pee and experiencing the terrible discomfort of peeing. UTI is usually treated with antibiotics prescribed by professionals. However, by drinking plenty of water you may dilute the urine to aid in slowing down the progression of this infection. Some women also recommend vaginal steaming.This is a process of putting hot water in a pail and squatting over it, basically letting the steam enter the vagina. Yet it is advised to be very cautious when doing it since you will need to have a good balance or you might have a bigger problem if you get hot water on your skin. You might even want to do it in a spa as a treatment. It has been known to also improve a woman’s fertility.

Water Sports

There’s a reason why women who enjoy water sports so much must be careful.Most¬†bacterias are fond of thriving in dark and moist habitats Enjoying the ocean for long periods of time exposes your vagina to come in contact with sea salt and sand causing the bacteria to multiply and causing your pee to burn afterward. This instance can be reduced by sporting a wet-suit instead of a bathing suit while having a great time surfing or doing other fun activities such as snorkeling or diving that may take time being in the water. You wouldn’t want to suffer pains while going number one after a fun vacation, after all.

Sexually Transmitted Disease

Aside from repeated intercourse and UTI, burning pee could also be an indicator of a much bigger problem such as sexually transmitted disease. If the case of UTI or allergies does not seem to fit, you should stop self-diagnosing and take a conclusive test. The two most common STDs linked to burning pee are chlamydia and gonorrhea, although herpes can also be accompanied with tiny blisters and irritation in the vaginal tissues, therefore concluding to the results of burning sensation when urinating. Both gonorrhea and chlamydia can be cured by a prescribed antibiotic called azithromycin.In any case to avoid STD you might want to consider having a monogamous partner or using condoms to stay protected.

Frequent Use of Saddle

Wearing the regular gym suit in your spin class without a well-padded seat will make you sweat excessively. In this case your vulva might be damaged or injured due to the constant friction caused by the seat and the shorts you’re wearing. The damage can be comparable to acquiring micro-abrasions same as one would get from having constant sexual intercourse as it increases the sensitivity in the vaginal area. This also occurs when you go for a horse ride but can be well prevented through sporting padded jodhpurs and wearing bike shorts.

In general, burning pee should always be taken into consideration especially if you feel that it could be an allergen or a sexually transmitted disease causing it. There is no point in letting your self suffer as most of those need proper treatment and medication.

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