The world’s number 1 food against heart attack, hypertension and cholesterol

Nowadays, pharmaceutical solutions have made our lives so much more convenient. We rely on it mostly all throughout our lives. However, this could be non-beneficial for our entire health in the long run, as most of us forget the old saying “prevention is better than cure. Instead of taking good care of our bodies to avoid health issues, we depend on medications to fix us. Let us also not forget that medications also have some side effects to our kidneys as there are some properties that our bodies still need to filter. It makes our bodies work harder than it should.

There is no denying that a healthier option is going for a more natural approach.

Our environment blessed us with an abundance of good food that can help us in maintaining good health and even boost it. This article is a great example of how a simple fruit such as date can help fight against heart attack, hypertension, and cholesterol in our bodies.Below is a list of remedies you might find effective.

  1. Weight management

Eating dates in the morning can help you trim unwanted body weight. It works since dates are  dietary fiber and fatty acids helping you flush out toxins, regulate blood glucose levels, and reduce inflammation. On top of that, because of its sweet taste, it can help you satiate your sweet tooth cravings. However, being sweet by nature, it does contain sugar so don’t go overly excited. Take it in moderation.

  1. Constipation

Soak some dates at night and drink the juice the next morning, because it provides the strongest laxatives.

Since Dates are rich in fiber, which are the good carbs that our bodies are not able to digest which helps encourage a more regular bowel movement. If you find yourself suffering from constipation, you can also drink a cup of milk with dates eaten side by side with mashed banana to be able to get relief within an hour or two.

  1. Heart health

Aside from being a laxative, drinking dates juice by letting a few dates sit in water overnight, and drinking the liquid the next morning helps boost up your heart function and even prevents heart diseases.

  1. Blood pressure

Dates have tons of potassium and magnesium contents which help in regulating blood pressure, Consuming at least 5-6 dates in one day can provide magnesium in the body. This helps promote good blood circulation.

  1. Cholesterol levels ⁃ Dates has some properties of iron and sodium that are effective in balancing the body’s fluid. It also contains the ability to cleanse blood vessels and regulates cholesterol levels.This, in turn, helps improve circulation, which is important when it comes to losing weight and improving health.
  1. 6. Diarrhea

Dates are also known as a good source of potassium. Having this will improve the microflora’s function in a person’s intestines which is a great aid in treating diarrhea.

  1. Stroke

Dates help prevent stroke also due to its potassium contents, it helps in making the nervous system stronger as well. It is recommended to have an inteak of 400mg of patassium on a daily basis for best results.

  1. Iron

If you have iron deficiency like many women have you might want to consider enjoying some dates. its iron can work in the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin.This helps in transporting the oxygen.Eating a good amount of dates since it is able to provide 0.9mg of iron or 11% iron in the body will be very much beneficial to pregnant women and children as well.

  1. Allergies

Seasonal allergies aren’t fun at all, it hinders you from enjoying the outdoors as much as you want to. Dates contain organic sulfur that not only helps reduce allergic reactions but also protects you from falling prey to seasonal allergies.

You might also get tired of eating dates by themselves on a daily basis, so here are some tips on how to incorporate design your food.

  • Add chopped dates to a fruit salad or dessert is another great way to enjoy them.
  • Another popular way is adding it in your milk as it becomes a famous way for people who want to lose weight
  • It might also take some effort but an exciting way to prepare dates is by taking out its seeds and put some pieces of walnuts and almonds or any other dry fruit of your choice in them.
  • An easier method is by simply putting them in yogurt.

Keep in mind that you must limit your dates intake to 4 -6 pieces in a day. If not, you might increase your blood sugar levels as it is very much rich in fructose as well.

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